5 tips to write perfect SOP ‘Statement of Purpose’

How to write a perfect ‘Statement of Purpose’ SOP in 5 steps for Canada Study visa?

Canadian universities require a Statement of Purpose (SOP) from student who is going to apply for a student visa in Canada. Usually students in India, leave this work on educational consultants. Consultants do have variety of templates for this purpose. They just add your basic details like name, qualification etc in these templates and submit (SOP) it along with your file. In most cases, it has been seen that the students get refusal due to weak, wrong or unjustified SOP.

In this blog, you will learn how to write an effective and perfect SOP in just easy steps. You well also learn the importance of well written SOP. Read on.

What is a ‘Statement of Purpose’ or SOP?

Statement of Purpose of SOP is a detailed and elaborate document which contains information about your intention and purpose to study in a particular country for example Canada or Australia. It delves into the candidate’s life, core interests, and prominence.

Why is the importance of ‘statement of Purpose’?

5 tips to write perfect SOP ‘Statement of Purpose’

To secure your position as admission in a Canadian college or University, this piece of paper plays a vital role.

  • It highlights the best attributes of the student who is applying for student visa.
  • It highlights the abilities, goals and career choices
  • It helps to select individuals who are determined and focused.
  • Cambridge University in 2008, selected a student for scholarship for best SOP of the intake.

Basic structure followed to write an SOP ‘Statement of Purpose’

5 tips to write perfect SOP ‘Statement of Purpose’


Opening statement of an SOP should be attractive like first impression is your last impression. You can start your opening statement with famous author quote, about your future plan or your course theme. Keep in mind; it should be short, crisp and engaging.

Academic Background

In a table, add your academic details, like marks, outstanding achievements and different academic performances from high school to your undergraduate degree levels.

If you have any gap during your education, remember to mention reason in a separate section after academic background.

Why you are going to choose this course?

5 tips to write perfect SOP ‘Statement of Purpose’

Describe your interest in choosing this particular course, your course objectives and your plans on gaining from it.

Both short and long term Career Goals

Short-term goals:-

Mention the thesis project you would like to undertake and the resources available to you. Provide an overview of past projects you have worked on and any print publications you may have. Talk about the e-journals where you want to publish your master’s thesis and the scope of your research in the industry.

Long-term goals:-

Talk about your aspirations to be an xyz expert and how you plan to achieve that dream. Mention your chosen field and career path prospects. For example, if your ultimate goal is to become a supply chain manager, talk about the evolution of the industry over the past decade and how you see the vast scope of this career path within the industry’ Upcoming.

Why you took decision to choose this university?

This is where you need to praise or give credit to your research on choosing the university. Mention why you always eager to study in a Canadian university because of never ending opportunities there.

And sum up by saying,

“While searching for a university in Canada, I came across an article about the University of Toronto. The article mentions that students always feel at home and do not miss a day without contact with reality. At the end of the reading I knew that this was where I wanted to study and I was determined to be chosen”

Hobbies or extra-Curricular Activities

Just before closing paragraph, talk about your hobbies like book reading, gardening, stamp collecting, playing on guitar or anything that you love to do in your leisure time.

Closing Paragraph

Express your gratitude to the Head of Admissions for the opportunity to pursue your studies at the University of abc in Canada and assure them that you will be successful in achieving your goals and leave a mark. The mark in the alumni community is “Go-getter”.

Also follow these tips while writing your statement of purpose for Canadian universities.

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5 tips to write perfect statement of purpose
Sample of Statement of Purpose
5 tips to write perfect statement of purpose
5 tips to write perfect statement of purpose
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