Gift – Describe a time when you received money as a gift – Top 10 IELTS Speaking cue card

Describe a situation when you received money as a gift.

Questions are 

What was the occasion?

Who gave it to you?

What did you do with the money? 

We always start with a brief introduction then we Answer all the questions in sequence 


(Describe a situation when you received money as a gift.)

There has been a tremendous increase in gift giving over the past few years. Gifts express the love and affection of the giver towards the receiver.

What was the occasion?

Occasion was when my senior secondary exams (or it could be graduation results ) got declared and I got first position in my district.

It was an amazing moment because I won first place in the district and I can still see the entire episode.

In the beginning, I was apprehensive about my result since the results had not been announced yet. (apprehensive means I was a bit scared, afraid or penic). 

My initial reaction was apprehension because I have always been above average in my class, but when I found out the results, I felt delighted. (I felt extremely happy with this). 

Who gave it to you?

When I got to know the result I rushed straight away towards my grandmother and she felt on the seventh heaven on listening to this great news.( on the seventh heaven means again extremely happy ).

She hugged me and thanked God. She gifted me thousand rupees as a token of love and now my happiness knew new bounds because I was double happy. I got my result that was excellent and now I got 2000 rupees also.

What did I do with that money?

Actually, at that time I was saving money for a smart watch. I wanted to purchase a smart watch, since it was a little expensive so I didn’t have sufficient money for it but now after getting that amount of money I have enough money now. Next day, I went to the market and I purchased my favorite smart watch which makes my life richer.

In the end I would say that giving money is far better since the receivers can utilize the money to fulfil their needs. 

Follow Ups

Describe a situation when you received money as a gift.

Question 1 :- In your country, do parents give money to children for doing housework?

Answer :-Well, in my opinion, children offer helping hand to their parents in the household chores because it is like a duty for them. Actually parents just give them pocket money for their personal expenses.

Question 2: – Is it important for children to have a right attitude towards money?

Answer- Of course, it is crucial for offspring to have right attitude toward money, because if children want to attain triumph in their life they should become prudent buyers and use their money wisely not recklessly.

Question 3:- What do you think of the saying, love of money is the root of all evil?

Answer – It is apparently true because obsession of anything is the beginning of unhappy life. So, according to my perspective, a person should love money solely to cater his needs; not for greed.

Question 4:- Is it important to teach children, how to manage their pocket money?

Answer – Definitely, it is the pivotal thing to teach children because if they manage their pocket money in well manner way, then they would be able to deal with money at large scale business. So, it is the initial duty of parents to teach their children about managing money.

Question 5:- What kind of occasion require people to send money as a gift?

Answer:- Well, there are not any particular events which require individuals to send money as present. But, in Indian culture, people mostly love to offer money on every special occasion like birthday, wedding, anniversaries and many more.

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