8 Common Mistakes in IELTS Writing – Careful


Here are the 8 common Mistakes in IELTS writing.

Mistake no. 1

Not enough Paragraphs

8 common mistakes in IELTS writing

This is a very common mistake by IELTS candidates. You must be familiar with one of the band descriptor that is Coherence and cohesion. It indicates why paragraphing is important.

You must keep in mind the following things in your mind when responding to Writing Task 2

  • Do not use single-sentence paragraphs
  • Leave a space between each paragraph
  • Use paragraphs for each idea.

The essay becomes easier to follow and understand when we use paragraphs with a clear and central topic.

Mistake no. 2

8 common mistakes in IELTS writing

Incorrect format

You should avoid using bullet points, headings, sub-headings ad numbers while writing your essay. A good structured essay should include following pattern

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion

Mistake no. 3

8 common mistakes in IELTS writing

Addressing question partially

You must be take time to read the question carefully and take decision how many parts are there in the question. You must be familiar with different types of question asked in IELTS exam. If you fail to answer all sections of question asked, your essay will be incomplete.

Keep in mind the following points while answering the question

  • Read the question statement carefully and decide how many parts are there in the question.
  • You must answer all sections of question
  • Watch attentively – like plurals asked in question – for example, ‘Causes– more than one cause must be presented.
  • Watch for ‘and’ – for example, the individual and society
  • Do not present only one view, when you have been asked to mention both

Mistake no. 4

8 common mistakes in IELTS writing

Unclear Position while writing essay

You will lose marks if you present unclear position while writing your essay. You must decide on your opinion and make it present clearly. If you change your opinion during your essay, you will lose marks for that.

Mistake no. 5

8 common mistakes in IELTS writing

Spelling and Grammar errors

Spellings play pivotal role in written communication, so you must be careful about the spell check. For practice you must turn off the ‘spell-check’ on your smart device and then turn it on again to check your essay for misspell words. Also you must be very much aware of the basic grammar rules of the English language.

Mistake no. 6

8 common mistakes in IELTS writing

Using Memorized language

The examiners are very smart. They keep looking for memorized words, phrases and language. It is easy to identify, so use your own words while attempting IELTS writing. Students usually memorize templates having difficult words and language to impress the examiner, in a view of getting good band score in writing. In the end, student get low band score in their IELTS writing.

Mistake no. 7

8 common mistakes in IELTS writing

Do not use Surveys and research to support opinion.

While writing essay, there are the points when you need to cite examples. Mostly students gave examples of unknown surveys and research to support their opinion. These false surveys and researches seriously lead to lose band score in your IELTS exam. Always use real examples and evidence from your own experience of life while supporting your opinion.

Mistake no. 8

8 common mistakes in IELTS writing

Do not use Contraction

IELTS do not allow you to use contractions in your writing. If you use words like ‘don’t, can’t, didn’t, etc, you will be given a penalty for doing so. Use complete words like do not, cannot, did not, etcetera instead.

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