Easily Pronounceable Indian Baby Names

Welcome to Scoophit.com’s collection of easily pronounceable Indian baby names.

Choosing a baby name is never an easy task, especially when considering factors like uniqueness, modernity, meaning, and most importantly, ease of pronunciation. Often, names may sound fancy and contemporary, but they can be difficult to understand and pronounce.

Many traditional Indian names can be a bit challenging for the average person, leading to slight disinterest or a lack of curiosity. A name holds immense importance in one’s life, so it should be impactful and meet all the criteria.

Here at Scoophit.com, we present you with a diverse collection of Indian baby names that are not only meaningful but also easy to pronounce.

Simply click on the desired alphabet above to explore all the easily pronounceable Indian baby names for that particular letter.

Easily Pronounceable Indian Baby Names

Name Meaning Gender
Aarav Peaceful Boy
Aaradhya Worshipped Girl
Advait Unique Boy
Aisha Alive Girl
Akshay Immortal Boy
Anaya Caring Girl
Aniket Lord of the world Boy
Anaya Caring Girl
Anvi Goddess of earth Girl
Arjun Bright, shining Boy
Aryan Noble Boy
Avani Earth Girl
Avi Sun and air Unisex
Chahat Love Girl
Daksh Precious Boy
Devansh Part of God Boy
Diya Light Girl
Ekansh Whole Boy
Esha Desire Girl
Ishaan Sun Boy
Ishita Goddess Girl
Kiara Dark-haired Girl
Krish Lord Krishna Boy
Kunal Lotus Boy
Mahika Dew drops Girl
Meera Prosperous Girl
Naina Eyes Girl
Nakul Mongoose Boy
Navya New Girl
Nirav Quiet Boy
Om Sacred syllable Boy
Prisha Beloved Girl
Rajat Silver Boy
Riaan Little king Boy
Riddhi Prosperity Girl
Rohan Ascending Boy
Roshni Light Girl
Ruhi Soul Girl
Sahil Guide Boy
Samaira Enchanting Girl
Samayra Enchanting Girl
Shaurya Bravery Boy
Shruti Musical notes Girl
Siddharth One who has attained truth Boy
Tanishq Jewel Boy
Tara Star Girl
Tia Aunt Girl
Unnati Progress Girl
Urvi Earth Girl
Vedant Knowledge Boy
Vihaan Dawn Boy
Vivaan Full of life Boy
Yash Success Boy
Aditi Boundless Girl
Advik Unique Boy
Anika Grace Girl
Aria Air Girl
Arya Noble Unisex
Avishi Earth Girl
Divya Divine Girl
Ishan Lord Shiva Boy
Kavya Poetry Girl
Mira Admirable Girl
Neel Blue Boy
Pranav Sacred syllable Boy
Reeva River Girl
Rohit Red Boy
Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Shaan Pride Boy
Siya Goddess Sita Girl
Tanvi Delicate Girl
Vedika Consciousness Girl
Vihaan Morning Boy
Aditya Sun Boy
Ahaan Morning glory Boy
Aria Air Girl


Noble Unisex
Avisha Gift of God Girl
Darsh Sight Boy
Devika Goddess Girl
Eesha Goddess Parvati Girl
Hridyansh Part of heart Boy
Ishita Goddess Girl
Kiara Dark-haired Girl
Laasya Dance Girl
Naksh Moon Boy
Nisha Night Girl
Rian Kingly Boy
Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Vihaan Dawn Boy

Please note that the popularity of names can vary over time and by region, so it’s always a good idea to check the most recent data and consult with family members before finalizing a name for your baby.