Top 100 Sikh Names

If you’re searching for the Top 100 Sikh names, you’ve come to the right place. Sikh names are rich in cultural significance and carry deep meaning.

Click on the respective alphabets above to explore all the easy-to-pronounce Sikh baby boy and baby girl names specific to each alphabet.

Here are some of the top Sikh baby names that are beloved and widely used:

For Boys:

  1. Ajeet: Invincible, unbeatable
  2. Harjot: Light of God
  3. Jasdeep: Lamp of fame
  4. Gurpreet: Love of the Guru
  5. Manveer: Brave-hearted
  6. Navdeep: New light
  7. Ranjit: Victorious
  8. Harman: Beloved, God’s grace
  9. Gurjot: Light of the Guru
  10. Arjan: Noble, courageous

For Girls:

  1. Harleen: Absorbed in God’s love
  2. Simran: Remembrance of God
  3. Kaur: Princess, symbol of equality
  4. Amrit: Nectar, divine elixir
  5. Jasleen: Absorbed in singing God’s praises
  6. Navneet: One who is ever fresh and new
  7. Ravneet: Pleasing to God
  8. Gurleen: One absorbed in the Guru’s love
  9. Kiran: Ray of light
  10. Harpreet: One who loves God

These names are not only popular within the Sikh community but are also cherished by parents seeking meaningful names for their babies. Each name carries its own unique essence and connects to the Sikh faith.