Indian Baby Boy Names

Latest Indian Baby Boy Names

Explore Latest Indian Baby boy names along with their meanings. Finding the perfect and unique Indian name for your newborn baby has never been easier! We have curated a fantastic collection of baby names to simplify the name selection process based on your preferences and criteria.

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List of Latest Indian Baby Boy Names

AaravBoyPeaceful; Sound; Shout
AhaanBoyDawn, Sunrise, Morning glory, First ray of light; One who is of the nature of time itself
ArinBoyFull of joy; Mountain strength; Ireland; Peace; Sunray
AviBoyThe Sun and air
DarshilBoySomething that looks good and sober; Perfection
DiyanBoyBright light
HrihanBoyGods have chosen one; Lord Vishnu; Destroyer of enemies
IvaanBoyGod’s gracious and glorious gift; The Sun; Ruler; Royal
KrishavBoyLord Krishna and Lord Shiva
ManavBoyMan; Youth; Relating to Manu; Humankind; Human being; Pearl; Treasure human being
ParamBoyThe best; Pre-eminent
PriyanshBoyLovable part of someone
RonitBoyEmbellishment; To be charming; Song; Tune
SajalBoyClouds; Moist; Tearful; Containing water
ShubhamBoyGood; Auspicious
TilakBoyA spot of vermilion; Sandal wood paste on the forehead, auspicious ritualistic mark applied on the forehead; A flowering tree
VaidikBoyRelated to Veda
VedanshBoyPart of Veda
AdvaitBoyUnique; One-of-a-kind
AryanBoyNoble; Civilized; Of high birth
DevBoyDivine; God-like
HarshBoyHappiness; Joy
IshaanBoySun; The Lord
KunalBoyLotus; Of gold
MohanBoyCharming; Enchanting
NaveenBoyNew; Fresh
OmBoySacred syllable in Hinduism
RahulBoyEfficient; Conqueror; Able; Capable
SamirBoyBreeze; Entertainer
VarunBoyGod of water; Lord of the sea
YashBoyFame; Success
ZaynBoyBeauty; Grace; Ornament