24 December 2022 IELTS exam review and Answers – Evening Shift

Writing Task 1

The Chart below shows the amount of energy generated from wind in four countries from 1985 to 2000. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

24 December 2022 - IELTS  Review and Answers - Evening Shift
24 December 2022 – IELTS Review and Answers – Evening Shift

Writing Task 1 – Other locations

The Graph and chart below give information  about the number of new graduates and their employment in the UK from 1992 to 2002.

24 December 2022 – IELTS Review and Answers – Evening Shift
24 December 2022 – IELTS Review and Answers – Evening Shift

Writing Task 2

Some People think that it is good for country’s culture to import foreign movies and TV programs. Others think that it is better to produce these locally.

Writing Task 2 – Other Locations

Some people believe climate affects the person way of life while others say climate has greater impact on the economy of a region. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

Listening Level

– Easy to Moderate

1st section – 2 fill ups and rest was on MCQs

2nd section contained Map and form completion

3rd section included Fill ups and MCQs

4th section covered fill ups.

Listening Part 1 and 2 was slower and easier as compared to Part 3.

Part 3 was little faster and tricky too.

Listening Answers







8. walking

9. shopping

10. eating

40 minutes




21. photocopy

22. handout

26. selling







Reading Section

If we talk about reading section, it was difficult. Students found it hard to search for answers. Even they were having difficulty in topic vocabulary.

Reading Passage Name

  1. Elnino
  2. The New look for Talbot Park
  3. The New Zealand writer Margaret Murray.

Reading Answers

  1. true
  2. True
  3. not given
  4. false
  5. true
  6. false
  7. true
  8. famine
  9. crop
  10. global
  11. ocean temperature
  12. air pressure
  13. wind
  14. iii
  15. vi
  16. i
  17. iv
  18. ii
  19. v
  20. vii
  21. D
  22. A
  23. C
  24. density
  25. architect
  26. budget
  27. yes
  28. no
  29. not given
  30. no
  31. yes
  32. E
  33. I
  34. C
  35. J
  36. D
  37. C
  38. C
  39. D
  40. A

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