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Discover the latest Hindu baby boy names along with their meanings. If you are searching for a unique and adorable name for your newborn baby boy, we have the perfect Indian Hindu boy names list for you. We have curated multiple resources to assist you in finding the ideal baby name.

Alphabetical list of baby names Click on the above alphabets to explore Hindu baby boy names specific to each alphabet.

Baby boy names by Rashi (Moon Sign) If you prefer to choose a name based on the Rashi (Moon Sign) of your baby, check out our Baby Names by Birth Rashi, which provides a comprehensive list of names for all 12 Rashis along with details.

Baby boy names by Nakshatra (Birth Star) Did you know you can name your baby based on the Nakshatra or Birth Star? Explore our Baby Names by Birth Rashi for a detailed list of names for all 27 Nakshatras specifically for Hindu boys.

Baby boy names by numerology number If you are seeking a lucky baby name based on numerology, we offer an extensive collection of Hindu numerology names. Check out our Hindu boy names as per numerology for names associated with various numerology numbers.

Top Hindu boy names list To simplify your name selection process, we have hand-picked some of the top boy names. Browse through our Top 100 Hindu boy names list for adorable and unique name options.

Now, go ahead and explore! We are confident that you will find a suitable baby name for your little one.