Top 5 tips for your UK visa application

Top 5 tips for UK visa Application: Although the UK visa process has become a lot easier, just one mistake or misplacement of documents and you will find yourself waiting in line.

To ensure your UK visa is not refused, here is a list of mistakes to avoid:

Tip Number 1

Top 5 tips for UK visa Application

Avoid booking tickets before getting your visa

air ticket

Due to delays in visa processing, it is best to purchase tickets only after you have received your visa. Unlike the Schengen visa, you do not need to provide proof of ticket, flight or itinerary details to apply for a UK visa.

Tip Number 2

Top 5 tips for UK visa Application

OPTION for “Keep my passport”

The service has an additional cost of Rs.3,500. Once your application has been accepted, VFS will notify you by email or one phone call to drop your passport. The visa is then printed and delivered to you the same day.

Tip Number 3

Top 5 tips for UK visa Application

Send documents online to save time

Many people are still shipping a bunch of documents to VFS to be scanned. If the scanned copy or print needs correction, the Embassy will resend the request.

it’s a waste of time and paperwork, and can lead to serious delays in your visa application

Tip Number 4

Top 5 tips for UK visa Application

Have enough money but not at the last minute

Have at least 100 Euros (Rs 9,284) in your bank account for every day you visit the country. Your bank statement must not be older than one year. If you are applying for a business visa, make sure your statement is not overdrawn.

Tip Number 5

Top 5 tips for UK visa Application

Try to get another visa stamp first

Top 5 tips for UK visa Application

Travel agents say that without a travel history, your visa has a high chance of being refused. Those who have held a UK visa in the past may also experience faster visa processing than other applicants.

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