7 Steps to apply for Canada Work Permit ( Full Guide)

Canada Work permit

What is Canadian Temporary Working visa (TWV) or Canada work Permit?

Here is a complete guide for Canadian Temporary Working Visa along with application process, its requirements and other relevant details.

As we all know, Canada is a favourite place to both visit and work, Canada fetches huge quantity of visitors and workers all around the world. To facilitate this, the Canadian Government has launched different types of work and visitor visas.

Out of these work visas, the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), is the best to choose for those who want to work for a short time span in Canada. In this article, you will find that the TFWP is and how to apply this visa.

What is Canada Work Permit (TFWP)?

The TFWP is a temporary Canadian Work visa by Canadian Government to help foreign workers who want to work in Canada for a short period of time (6 Months) with higher possibilities of extensions.

Foreign worker holding this work visa is only permitted to work for one employer and must follow the Canadian laws. Before the expiry date of work visa, worker can submit application for extension or can leave Canada and return to their home country.

What are the basic requirements for TFWP?

However, Canadian government protects the jobs of their citizens and PR (permanent Residents) card holders that is why it requires solid proof that the foreign worker is strongly required by the Canadian company or organisation.

  1. For this, to get a TWFP visa, one of the important requirements is to have LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment).

LMIA is a legal document which a provided by the Canadian government to the Canadian employer. This document certifies that the Canadian employer has tried to find an Canadian or PR holder employee in Canada but failed to do so because of unavailability, unqualified or unwillingness nature of employee. Getting LMIA is little time consuming process which takes few months, therefore, the process must begin as early as possible.

  • Valid job offer in Canada.
  • You must satisfy visa officer that you will leave Canada after your work permit expires
  • You must have sufficient funds for your stay and your family’s stay ( Bank Statements)
  • No criminal record ( Require Police Clearance Certificate)
  • You must prove that you are not a threat to the national security of Canada.
  • Be in Good health ( Medical certificate)

These requirements are must in order to get your TFWP application accepted.

How to apply for TFWP?

You will go through series of steps to apply for TFWP

1st Step

Job offer in Canada

The very first step for TWFP is to get job offer from Canadian company or organisation before you apply for work permit. You can search jobs on Canadian Job portals like Job Bank. After getting job offer from Canadian employer you can proceed to next step.

2nd Step


Canadian employer must apply to get LMIA via (ESDC) Employment and Social Development Canada. On successful approval of LMIA, you can proceed for next step. If LMIA is denied, employer can try again or you must search another job.

3rd Step

Apply for TFWP visa and permit

Having LMIA in hand, you can apply for work permit through online (website), or in-person to the consulate office in your country.

These forms are mandatory for your application

  • IMM 1295 – Application for Work Permit Made Outside of Canada;
  • Schedule 1 – Application for Temporary Resident Visa;
  • IMM 5645 – Family Information Form;
  • IMM 5409 – Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (if applicable);
  • IMM 5476 – Use of Representative Form (if applicable);
  • IMM 5475 – Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual (if applicable);

Other supporting documents required to apply for TFWP

  • Your Passport must have more than 6 months of validity.
  • Employment letter (job offer) from your employer.
  • Biometrics
  • Photos according to photo requirements.
  • PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)
  • CV
  • Experience letter from current employer.
  • Marriage certificate copy (if applicable)
  • Children’s Birth certificate copy (if applicable)
  • Residence or nationality proof of Current country (Adhar Card)
  • if you will be working in Quebec, you need a Certificate d’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ);

4th Step

Biometrics & Application Number

On successfully submission of your application, you will get an email for Biometrics. You can take an online appointment for biometrics. On successful submission of biometrics (at VFS global), you will be notified via an email and text message. You will also be provided with temporary or permanent application number (UCI number) along with biometrics.

5th Step

Medical Examination Or ADR

In Next step, you will get an email for Medical exam to be conducted at any licensed doctor clinic or hospital. Doctor will sign the documents for necessary tests. This medical exam will prove that you are in a good health. Medical exam results get updated in your application profile in 10-15 days after submission. If they require any further information from you they will send you Additional Document Request (ADR).

6th Step

Visa interview

A visa officer may conduct an interview to determine that you will leave Canada once work permit expires and that you are a valid candidate for work visa. You must prepare for an interview and gather all the information related to your application applied like your job profile, employer details, etc. You must attend the interview and answers questions asked. If you failed to respond questions asked in interview, there are high chances of your visa to be rejected. Never submit false documents while applying for visa, as this will lead you to Ban for at least 3 years by the Canadian immigration.

Processing by Immigration Dept.

On submission of all the required documents, you will wait for your application to be processed, which will take couple of weeks, mostly 3 to 27 weeks. You can check the status of your file on official website. If visa officer satisfy with your file, he/she will approve your application. If not, either they will send you ADR or can deny your application.

If they deny your application, you can apply for detailed reasons and improve your application for the next time you apply.

Final Step

Travel to Canada

The final step is to travel to Canada. You must make travel and accommodation arrangements beforehand. The Port of Entry (PoE) officers will check your documents and ask questions for your purpose of visit and duration of your stay. You must give valid answers to all the questions; otherwise they will not let you to enter into the country if they suspect you are not being truthful.

What are the Fees for the Canadian TFWP ?

  • Application Fee – CAD$155
  • Biometrics – CAD$ 85

What is the duration of TFWP?

  • 6 Months

However, the Government of Canada has allowed filing for extensions, which could be up to maximum of 4 years.  

Are Dependents allowed along with main applicant or not?

Yes, TFWP rules allows for the holder to bring dependents like spouse or common-law partner and minor children. While submitting your application, you must include the details of your dependents like spouse or Common-law-partner, minor children while applying for your application.

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