Describe a time when you experienced Bad Weather – Top 10 IELTS Speaking Cue Cards – 2023

Describe a time when you experienced bad weather.

You should say:

– what sort of bad weather it was
– when it happened
– where you were when it happened
and explain how it affected you and what you did.

Part 2

Describe a time when you experienced bad weather

I’m going to share my recent experience of getting trapped in heavy snowfall because I recently experienced it. Last year, I traveled to Manali with some friends. We specifically visited this place in the month of December because we had never experienced the snowfall in our lives. We arrived in Manali by six in the evening and were eagerly anticipating the snow to fall, but unfortunately, it didn’t. 

The next day we were also supposed to leave Manali later in the evening. One of my friends shouted as it had already started to snow. Since it was too late, we couldn’t get out of the hotel room. We decided to enjoy it in the morning but when we got up, we learned from the hotel reception that the weather had turned extremely bad. It’s been snowing heavily since last evening.

The weather was so severe that even a power guard was put in place, and we were shivering in a hotel room for the three days. We were stranded in our hotel room and covered in blankets due to this heavy snowfall. You won’t believe that we could do nothing but watch the snow falling from our hotel window. The snowfall continued for the next two days, and there were kinds of snow walls all around. There was about four to five feet of snowfall everywhere. Even the cars were no longer visible.

The significant snowfall completely derailed our vacation plans. When the snow finally stopped, the roads became clear, and since we had already been delayed by two days, we immediately returned to our hometown.

Overall, I would say that it was the worst weather-related experience I have ever had.

Part 3

(Describe a time when you experienced bad weather)

Follow ups

  • What kind of weather would you specifically wish to avoid?
    The heat and humidity outside are things I absolutely dislike. I feel as like I am not able to breathe, and my clothing is stuck to me. Oh my, this is the worst! The weather makes it difficult to accomplish anything. It’s impossible to continually be in air conditioning, which is the only way to stay cool. I just wish there would be a beautiful wind to make it more tolerable.
  • Have you ever experienced a severe thunderstorm?
    Yes, I have experienced a few severe storms. Hurricane Irma last year was the most recent. Although it was a terrifying event, thankfully my family and I were unharmed. We experienced minor property damage but nothing too serious over the few days we were without power.
  • Can you give an example of a weather-related outdoor event disaster?
    I once attended an outdoor concert that was intended to be incredibly enjoyable, but the weather made it a complete failure. Everyone was soaking, chilly, and unpleasant because it rained the entire time. I really left early and didn’t even remain for the headlining performance since it was so horrible. I was extremely careful after that to always check the forecast before going to any outdoor event.

Vocabulary :- Bad weather

Here are some English vocabulary words related to bad weather:

  1. Stormy: Characterized by strong winds and heavy rain or snow.
  2. Tempestuous: Marked by strong winds and heavy rain or snow; turbulent.
  3. Inclement: (of weather) unpleasantly cold or wet.
  4. Squally: characterized by sudden and severe gusts of wind.
  5. Gusty: characterized by sudden, strong bursts of wind.
  6. Blustery: (of the wind) strong and gusty.
  7. Drizzly: characterized by light rain; misty.
  8. Damp: slightly wet; humid.
  9. Hazy: characterized by haze; misty.
  10. Overcast: (of the sky) covered with clouds.
  11. Cloudy: characterized by clouds; overcast.
  12. Foggy: characterized by fog; misty.
  13. Stormy: characterized by storms; tempestuous.
  14. Gale: a very strong wind.
  15. Deluge: a heavy rain; a flood.
  16. Monsoon: a seasonal prevailing wind in the region of South and Southeast Asia, which brings heavy rainfall.
  17. Tempest: a violent storm, typically with strong winds and thunder and lightning.
  18. Cyclone: a large scale air mass that rotates around a strong center of low atmospheric pressure.

More Follow ups

Questions and answers related to experience of bad weather

  1. Have you ever experienced a severe storm or hurricane?
  • Yes, I experienced a severe storm last year that caused significant damage in my neighborhood.
  1. How did you prepare for a bad weather event?
  • I made sure to have enough non-perishable food and water, flashlights and batteries, and a portable charger for my phone. I also secured any loose items in my yard and made sure my windows and doors were properly shut.
  1. Have you ever been caught in a blizzard or extreme cold?
  • Yes, I have been caught in a blizzard before while on a winter vacation. It was very cold and windy, and visibility was poor.
  1. How have you been affected by flooding or heavy rain?
  • I have had to deal with some flooded streets and basements, but thankfully my home hasn’t been affected.
  1. Have you ever been in a situation where you had to evacuate due to bad weather?
  • No, I haven’t had to evacuate due to bad weather, but I have a plan in place in case it ever happens.
  1. Have you ever been without power or other essential services during a bad weather event?
  • Yes, I have been without power for a couple of days during a severe storm. It was difficult to stay warm and cook food, but we managed with the help of a generator.
  1. Have you ever had to travel during bad weather?
  • Yes, I have had to travel during bad weather a few times. It was not pleasant, but I made sure to give myself extra time and drive carefully.
  1. Can you describe a particularly memorable experience with bad weather?
  • One particularly memorable experience was a tornado that touched down in my city. It was scary to see the destruction it caused, but thankfully no one was hurt.
  1. How do you stay informed and updated about bad weather in your area?
  • I stay informed by checking the local weather forecast, listening to the radio, and following local news updates on television and social media.
  1. Have you ever had to help or assist others during a bad weather event?
  • Yes, I have helped my neighbors during a power outage by sharing generator power and giving them a warm place to stay.
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