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Choosing the right name for a child has always been a meaningful endeavor for parents. This well-liked compilation of Popular Sikh Boys Names Starting with R is here to assist you in discovering the ideal name for your newborn. This list of Sikh names for boys comprises charming, modern, distinct, and lovely options. We have confidence that you’ll discover the perfect name among these suggestions.

List of Sikh Boys Names Starting with R

RaamraiPrince of omniscient God7
RaamratanJewel of Lord Rama6
RaamrattanAttentive to God8
RachanbirBrave and creative11
RachanjeetVictory of creation4
RachanjotLight of creation9
RachanpreetLove for creation1
RachneetAbsorbed in creation11
RachpinderjeetTrusted in faith1
RaghubansRelating to the Raghu family1
RaghujeetThe victory of the Raghu family5
RaghupreetLove for the Raghu family11
RahuldeepLight of Rahul9
RahuljitVictory for Rahul9
RahulpreetLove of Rahul7
RajanbirBrave king1
RajandeepIt means princess11
RajanjeetKings victory3
RajanmeetFriendly king6
RajanpalProtector of the king1
RajanpreetKings Love9
RajanwantComplete king3
RajdeepBest of kings5
RajdevinderBrave king11
RajenderLord of kings; Emperor3
RajindarDominion over a region; The illuminated kingdom3
RajinderbirThe emperor; King of kings9
RajinderdevA variant of Rajendra, King Indra11
RajindermeetDust; Dominion of God5
RajinderpremWarrior of the king5
RajkanwalLord of the king; Friendly king1
RajkiranKing of sunrays1
RajkirpalDominion of a singer; A Lotus6
RajmandarDominion of a singer or a Lotus; Light of king8
RajmeetKind king9
RajpalKing like an incarnation of God in heaven22
RajparamDuty Towards Life6
RajpratapKing like an incarnation of God in heaven11
RajprateekThe protector king6
RajpreetDominion of majesty3
RajratanDominion of majesty11
RajroopRule on silence3
RajsharanKing of Love9
RajsukhKingdom of gems7
RajveerBrave King, The hero of the land; Kingdom warriors4
RajvinderBrave king11
RajvirBrave King, The hero of the land; Kingdom warriors6
RakhbirBrave king4
RakhnaamOne whose protector is Naam4
RakhwantBrave king6
RakhwinderBrave protector3
RamanbirOne whose protector is naam4
RamandeepAbsorbed in the light of Lord's Love5
RamangunAbsorbed in the light of lord's Love8
RamanjitVictory of beloved5
RamanjotOne absorbed in virtues11
RamanpreetThe victory of beloved; Light of beloved3
RamanroopFriendly beloved3
RamansukhLove of beloved; Love of merriment7
RamanveerLover of comfort; Lover of God7
RambirAn embodiment of the beloved; Peaceful beloved7
RamchetRemembering the Lord5
RamchetanWarrior of God11
RamdasDevotee; A servant of Lord Rama2
RamdeepOne who is aware of the Lord; Remembering the Lord8
RamdharamServant of God; Slave of God5
RameenajitThe lamp of all pervanding God6
RameshbirReligion of righteousness3
RameshdeepVictory of beloved4
RameshmeetBrave as the Lord8
RameshpalLords lamp3
RameshpreetLord of lords11
RamgeetProtector of Lord; Lord's friend6
RamgiaanLove for Lord1
RamindarSong of the all-pervading God; One having all- pervading knowledge6
RaminderbirAbsorbed in the Lord3
RaminderjeetGod; Beloved5
RaminderjotDominion of the God of heaven1
RaminderpalBrave God3
RaminderpreetThe victory of the beloved God11
RamjeetProtector of the dominion of God; Light of the beloved God9
RamjeevanLove for the beloved God8
RamjotThe winner of Love of God; Lord's life5
RamleenThe light of God; Union with God5
RamneetPleasing moment4
RampiariOne who is beloved to Lord Rama4
RampraksahOne who abides in Lord's name7
RampreetGod; Ram's love which is Sita; Protected by God6
RamrangLight of God9
RamrasanIn Love with God4
RamroopIn Love with God6
RamsukhImbued with Love of God1
RamvichaarImbued with Love of God4
RanbirThe winner in war; The brave warrior8
RandeepThe hero of the battle9
RangaatamThe lamp hero of the battle4
RangeetThe region of battle; Handsome; Well colored7
RangeevanFirm in battle; A widow6
RangjogOne imbued by the blissful soul9
RangjotSongs of the battlefield; Life imbued with the Love of God4
RangnaamOne color in the union of God6
RangprabhuImbued in the Lord's absorption7
RangpreetImbued in the Lord's absorption; One inspired by Naam5
RangramanOne imbued with the Love of God6
RangrattiThe lover of Love of God9
RangroopThe lover of Love of God5
RangteerathImbued in colour of Love of God9
RanjitVictor in wars; Victorious9
RanjodhImbued with the Love of Soul7
RanjotLight of gurus lotus feet6
RanpaulVictor; Warrior in battle11
RanpreetThe light of the battlefield7
RanpremThe light of the battlefield4
RansherBattlefields protector11
RanveerHero of the battle; Winner11
RanvirHero of the battle; Winner1
RapinderThe brave warrior4
RasamritHeroic in battle9
RasanandThe brave; Winner9
RasanbirLord of beauty1
RasanjeetOne having the highest elixir3
RasanjotEnjoying the elixir of bliss8
RasanmeetElixir of courage6
RasanpreetVictory with Lord's elixir; One who delights in the elixir of virtues9
RasbhagatElixir of lord's light5
RasbirFriendly elixir of the Lord4
RascheetLove for the Lord's elixir; Drinking the potion of courage7
RaschetanOne who delights in devotion to God8
RaschitLove for the Lord's elixir; Drinking the potion of courage6
RasdeepOne who cherishes the elixir of naam5
RasdharamOne aware of the elixir of naam11
RasdheerajDrinking the elixir of consciousness8
RasgurOne who delights in the elixir of virtues3
RashpalAll Loving; Purity; Love sweet moment3
RasjeevanDefender of God5
RasjogOne whose life is full of the elixir of naam; Defender; Protector7
RasjotOne whose life is full of the elixir of naam2
RasleenOne who has union with the elixir of naam11
RasnamOne absorbed in the elixir of naam3
RasnivaasGod's elixir5
RasparamOne who drinks the elixir of Lord's name6
RaspreetOne who drinks the elixir of naam3
RaspremOne who resides in the elixir of Lord's name9
RasramanHighest elixir4
RasteerathElixir of Love7
RasuttamElixir of Love5
RaswantCharming; Full of nectar6
RatanaatamOne having the highest elixir9
RatanbirGreat elixir; lord's elixir11
RatanchetanGem of soul6
RatanchitThe priceless brave one4
RatandeepThe priceless brave one; Gem of awareness3
RatangeetRemembering the gem of the soul1
RatangiaanPrecious like God's lamp5
RatanjeetSong of Diamond; Soul4
RatanjeevanSong of diamond soul3
RatanjotOne with divine knowledge; Victory of the gem9
RatankaramDiamond like life8
RatanmeetThe diamond of God's light7
RatanprakashThe diamond of God's light11
RatanpreetOne whose actions are gem-like; Friendly gem1
RatanvantLight of gem3
RattandeepLove for the gem5
RattanjotOne who is in love of the diamond holy word11
RaushanbirA person full of excellences3
RaushandeepThe lamp of a gem4
RaushanjeetFlame of a gem5
RaushanpalBrave and famous3
RaushanpreetFamous lamp11
RaushanpremFamous victory8
RavideepLove for fame8
RavijeetLove for fame9
RavindarThe God of the Sun; Knowledge6
RavinderThe God of the Sun; Knowledge1
RavinderbirThe Sun3
RavinderdeepLord Sun4
RavinderjotRay of God's light1
RavindermeetBrave as the Lord Sun8
RavinderpreetThe lamp of the Lord Sun11
RavindharThe God of the Sun; Knowledge5
RavirajThe Sun7
RavjotA friend of the Lord Sun5
ReetinderLight of Moon; Victor over the enemy8
ReetpaulImmersed in God; Tradition8
RegenderSource of light4
RickwinderLord of traditions6
RijakEarning; Tradition; Way22
RimandeepLord of protection4
RipanjotThe first light at the horizon4
RipjotLight of beloved7
RitinderLight of Moon; Victor over the enemy7
RitinderpalLord Rishi9
RobinderLord of traditions4
RompreetProtector of traditions11
RoopbirProtector of traditions3
RoopdeepSupreme Lord4
RoopdevWho lives in the heart5
RoopindarGod of beauty8
RoopkanwalVictory of beauty9
RooppreetBeauteous light11
RoopwantBeautiful face; Lord of beauty5
RoshandeepThe lamp of a gem6
RupinderLord of beauty6
RupwantBeautiful face; Lord of beauty5

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