Different Names of Lord Ram

Different Names of Lord Ram

Name MeaningNumerology
AdipurushaPrimordial being1
AhalyashapashamanaRemitter of Ahalya's curse6
AnantagunaFull of virtues4
BrahmanyaSupreme godhead11
DantaCalm; A name of Lord Hanuman4
DasharathiLord RamaSon of Dasharatha8
DayasaraEmbodiment of kindness7
DhanurdharaOne with a bow in hand8
DhanvineLord Shiva; A name of Lord Rama5
DooshanatrishirohantreSlayer of Dooshanatrishira7
HanumadakshitaDepends and trusts Lord Hanuman to fulfil his task5
HarakodhandaramaArmed with the curved Kodhanda bow11
HariThe Sun; Man; GreenLightMoon; Another name for IndraBrahma Vishnu and Shiva9
HariramLord Rama5
JagadguruveSpiritual teacher of the universe of Dharma, Artha and Karma9
JaitraLord Vishnu; Leading to victory5
JanakinathLord Rama, Consort of Janaki8
JanakivallabhaJanakis consort6
JanardanaLord Krishna; One who helps people; Liberator from the cycle of birth and death1
JayantatranavaradaBoon provider to save Jayanta11
JitakrodhaConqueror of anger7
JitamitraVanquisher of foes11
JitavarashayeConqueror of the Ocean5
JitendraLord of conquerors; One who can conquer Lord Indra9
JitendriyaThe controller of the senses7
KausaleyaKausalya's son6
KharadhwamsineSlayer of demon Khara9
MahabhujaGiant armed; Broad chested Lord11
MahadevaAnother name of Lord Shiva, Greatest God1
Mahadevadi PujitaWorshipped by Lord Shiva and other divine Lords1
MahapurushaGreat being1
MahayogineSupreme meditator8
MahodaraGenerous and kind7
MayamanushyacharitraThe incarnation of the human form to establish Dharma4
MayamareechahantreSlayer of demon Tataka's son Mariachi7
MitabhashiniReticent and mellifluous speaker5
MrutavanarajeevanaReviver of dead monkeys8
MunisansutasanstutaWorshipped by sages6
ParaBest; The Goddess who is above the five elements9
ParabrahmaneSupreme godhead8
ParagaUplifter of the poor8
ParamapurushaThe supreme Man1
ParamatmaneThe supreme soul4
ParasmaidhamneLord of vaikuntta6
ParasmaijyotisheMost radiant9
ParasmeMost superior; Lord Rama1
ParatparaGreatest of the greats11
PareshaThe highest Lord; Another name of Brahma, Lord RamaSupreme spirit; Lord of the Lords5
PeetavasaneWearing yellow attire signifying purity and wisdom1
PitrabhaktaDevoted to his father8
PunyodayaProvider of immortality5
PuranapurushottamaSupreme being of the Puranas1
PurvabhashineOne who knows the future and speaks of events to come9
RaaghavLord Rama; A descendant of Raghu; A patronymic of Ramachandra4
RaghavLord Rama; A descendant of Raghu; A surname of Ramachandra3
RaghavaLord of God, Lord Ram, Ragavender God4
RaghavendraLord RamaChief or Lord of the Raghavan9
RaghubirLord RamaBrave descendant of Raghu3
RaghukumaraLord Rama, a Prince, belonging to the Raghu clan3
RaghunandanLord Rama; A name to the ultimately formless (Advaita); An incarnation of Lord Vishnu4
RaghunathLord Rama, Lord of the Raghavan8
RaghupatiLord Rama, Master of the Raghavan11
RaghupungavaScion of Raghakula race11
RaghuveerLord RamaBrave descendant of Raghu6
RaghuvirLord RamaBrave descendant of Raghu5
RaghvendraLord RamaChief or Lord of the Raghavas8
RagunathanLord Rama, Lord of the Raghu clan6
RajeevalochanaLotus eyed; Lord Rama8
RajivalochanaLotus eyed; Lord Rama7
RamLord Rama; God; Supreme spirit5
RamaGoddess Lakshmi; A wife; The Goddess of fortune; Good luck; Riches; Splendor; VermilLion; Red Earth; Name of An Apsara; Epithet of Mahalakshmi; A woman6
RamabhadraThe most auspicious one4
RamachandraAs gentle as the Moon1
RamadeepLord Rama; One who is absorbed in the light of Lords Love9
RamaiahLord Ram6
RamaswamyLord RamaRama - pleasing; Name of an incarnation of the God Vishnu; Wvami Lord6
RamavatarReincarnation of Lord Rama5
RamayaLord RamaBlackbirdSmall Falcon; A bird; Able; Black birdSea bright; Anticipation; The radiantKing5
RamchandarLord Rama; Moon-like Ram; Name of Ram; The hero of Ramayana9
RamchandraLord Rama; Moon-like Ram; Name of Ram; The hero of Ramayana9
RamjiLord Rama, Ji denotes respect6
RamkishoreLord Rama; Adolescent Rama9
RamkumarLord RamaYoung Rama6
RammohanLord Rama and Lord Krishna11
RamnathLord Shiva; Rameshwaram; Lord Rama3
RamojiLord Rama; Another name for Lord Ram ji denoting respect3
RamprasadGift of Lord Rama1
RampratapLord RamaPowerful; Majestic; Strong;5
RamratanJewel of Lord Rama5
RamswaroopLord Rama, Like Sri Rama4
SaketharamanA name of Lord Rama4
SarvadevadidevaLord of all gods3
SarvadevastutaWorshipped by all divine beings3
SarvadevatmikaDwells in all gods3
SarvateerthamayaOne who turns the water of ocean sacred7
SarvayagyodhipaLord of all sacrificial offerings1
SarvopagunavarjitaDestroyer of all evil9
SathyavacheAlways truthful.aspx'>truthful; Lord Rama, Speaker of truth5
SatyavacheAlways truthful.aspx'>truthful; Lord Rama, Speaker of truth6
SatyavrataAlways truthful.aspx'>truthful, One who has taken vow of truth, Dedicated to truth11
SatyevikramaTruth makes him powerful1
SetukruteBuilder of the bridge over the ocean5
ShamanthUniversalWhole; Lord Rama3
ShashvataA name of Lord RamaEternal9
ShooraValiant; Bold; A name of Lord Hanuman; Mighty; BraveLionTiger4
Shree RamLord RamaPleasing; Rejoicing; Charming and beautiful6
ShrimateRevered; Lord Hanuman3
ShriramLord RamaPleasing; Rejoicing; Charming and beautiful5
ShyamangaDark skinned one8
SitakantaLord RamaBeloved of Sita6
SmitavaktraOne with a smiling face9
SmruthasarvardhanashanaDestroyer of devotees sins through their meditation and concentration7
SreeramLord RamaPleasing; Rejoicing; Charming and beautiful7
SriramLord RamaPleasing; Rejoicing; Charming and beautiful6
SukhakarLord Rama; Giving happiness; Name of Krishna9
TrilokarakshakaProtector of the three worlds3
TrilokatmaneLord of the three worlds4
TripurteThe manifestation of the Trinity - Brahma; Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva1
TrivikramaConqueor of the three worlds5
ValipramathanaSlayer of Vali11
VarapradaGranter of wishes and boons1
VatradharaPracticing penance; Lord Rama4
VedantasareaAn embodiment of philosophy of life3
VedatmaneSpirit of the Vedas4
VibheeshanaparitrateBefriended Vibbeeshana4
ViradhavadhaSlayer of the demon Viradha9
VishwamitrapriyaVishwamitra's loved one5
YajvanePerformer of yagnas6

Lord Rama, a central figure in Hinduism and the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, is known by various names and titles that reflect his divine attributes and roles. Some of the different names of Lord Rama include:

  1. Ramachandra: Signifying him as the moon-like, serene and charming personality.
  2. Maryada Purushottam: Celebrating him as the epitome of righteousness and moral values.
  3. Raghuveera: Emphasizing his valor as the hero of the Raghu dynasty.
  4. Sitapati: Recognizing him as the husband of Sita.
  5. Janardana: Highlighting his role as the protector of mankind.
  6. Dasharathi: Referring to him as the son of King Dasharatha.
  7. Kaushalesh: Indicating his connection to his birthplace, Ayodhya in the Kaushala region.
  8. Sharanya Karunakara: Acknowledging his compassion and benevolence.
  9. Shri Raghunatha: Signifying his lineage in the Raghu dynasty.
  10. Raghavendra: Associating him with the illustrious Raghu lineage.

These names and titles collectively portray Lord Rama as a symbol of virtue, dharma (righteousness), and divine grace in Hinduism, and they are commonly used in prayers, hymns, and devotional literature dedicated to him.

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