Popular Sikh Boys Names Starting with S


Sikh Boy Names

Choosing the right name for a child has always been a meaningful endeavor for parents. This well-liked compilation of Popular Sikh Boys Names Starting with S is here to assist you in discovering the ideal name for your newborn. This list of Sikh names for boys comprises charming, modern, distinct, and lovely options. We have confidence that you’ll discover the perfect name among these suggestions.

List of Sikh Boys Names Starting with S

SabarNectar; Distinguished5
SabhajitThe essence of LoveFavourFortune of Love of God7
SabjeetThe essence of Love; Favor; Fortune of Love of God8
SabooreeWinner of every thing8
SabrinapreetOne having all treasure; Contented11
SachbhagatLove for patience7
SachdeepLight of truth7
Sachdevtrue devotee of God; Light of truth8
SachdhianLight of truth4
SachgianA truly godly person; Rainbow; Absorbed in the true one8
SachjogAbsorbed in the true one9
SachkeeratOne with the knowledge of the truth; Lord Brahma1
SachmanSinging the praises of God; Union with the true one5
SachpalOne absorbed in truth6
SachpradhanThe one absorbed in truth, In God3
SachpreetProtector of truthTrue at heart5
SachpremOne in whom truth is predominant11
SachroopLord IndraLove for the truth5
SachsevThe real Love; The Love of God5
SachsevakLove for the truth8
SachtekServant of truth22
SachuttamOne who attains true peace7
SachveerOne who attains true peace; Taking the support of the truth9
SadanaamFriend; Bravely upholding the truthTrue and the best one9
SadeepakBravely upholding the truth; Achiever8
SadhnahEternal Lord1
SadhpreetEverlasting true name6
SadhuEternal lampFlame8
SadipakBravely upholding the truth; Achiever7
SadsukhLoving devotion2
SagaljeetSaintly person8
SagaljotEternal lampFlame22
SagalpreetImmortal life5
SahibMaster; Gentleman; Companion3
SahildeepVictory for all7
SahilijeetLight for all8
SahilmeetLove for all11
SahilpreetDew; OceanSea5
SaihajCoastal victory3
SaihajadharFriendly coast8
SaihajanandDawn; Daybreak1
SaihajdeepPeaceful and equipoised person6
SaihajdharamOne founded in peace and bliss3
SaihajdhiaanImbued in nectar and equipoise4
SaihajdhunOne with blissful tranquillity5
SaihajleenThe religion of peace and bliss; Lamp of peace and bliss3
SaihajnivaasPeacefully absorbed in Naam6
SaihajpreetOne who hears the celestial music4
SaihajramanDivine knowledge attained naturally5
SaihajvicharNaturally loving person1
SaileshdeepCherishing peace and tranquillity4
SajinderOne in equipoise and tranquillity8
SajivLively; Alive7
SajjanBeloved; Good man; Noble; Respectable; Guard; From a good family1
SajjraEternal Lord5
SamarajitNew; Fresh11
SamarbirHero of battle; Trust; Companion9
SamardeepReside; Pervade1
SamargeetLord Vishnu; Songs of war8
SamarjeetWinner of the battle; Victorious in war or Lord Vishnu; One who has conquered lust11
SamarjitWinner of the battle; Victorious in war or Lord Vishnu; One who has conquered lust1
SamarjotLamp of war7
SamarpalSongs of war9
SamarpreetGod of war8
SamarvirHero of battle; Trust; Companion11
SamdeepVictorious in war; Lord Vishnu9
SamindipLight of war4
SamprasBlessed; Power; PeaceCalm6
SampuranLove for war; Fostered in war4
SamranHero of battle; Lamp of equality3
SamreetFighter of love and truth9
SamsherComplete; Perfection11
SanantanBrave lion3
SandeepA lighted lampBrilliant; Ablaze1
SangatjeetGoddess Laxmi; Victory of good company3
SangatpreetA lighted lamp; Always there for you9
SangatpremA lamp6
SangatrasThe victory of good company1
SangatroopLove for good company9
SangjaapMusical, Music6
SanjeetWho is always victoriousWinner from 4 directions; Perfectly victorious2
SanjitWho is always victoriousWinner from 4 directions; Perfectly victorious1
SanmeetSymmetry; Harmony5
SanpreetHappy friend8
SansarpreetAbiding by the Guru's word1
SantbirWarrior of peace11
SantjeetSaintHoly person; Tranquility22
SantjotHeroic holy one9
SantkirinVictory for saints7
SantnaamDivine light2
SantokhRay of holy light; Saint's name7
SantokhbirPeaceful; Patient; Satisfaction; Contentment9
SantokhdeepContented; Peaceful and patient1
SantokhjitBrave and contented1
SantokhjotLamp of satisfaction7
SantokhpalVictory of satisfaction9
SantokhpreetLight of contentment8
SantprakashPreserver of satisfaction11
SantpreetLove for peaceLoving contentment1
SantpremSaints Love7
SanyasiMeditation in congregation7
SapandeepPerfectly illuminating lamp9
SarabdamanPerfectly illuminating lamp11
SarabdayalDestroyer of all3
SarabdeepAll pervading lightLamp that gives view to all8
SarabdevGod of Gods; Omnipresent; All pervading God9
SarabdharamOne who always acts rightly5
SarabdheerOne who is always patient9
SarabdhiaanContemplation of all6
SarabgiaanOmniscient; All-knowing1
SarabjotAll-pervading light5
SarabmeharKindness for all5
SarabnamThe always present name of God6
SarabnidhanOne who has all treasures1
SarabnivasPervading in all7
SarabprakashOne giving light to all7
SarabpreetOne who loves all6
SarabpremOne who loves all3
SarabrajGreat kingdom7
SarabroopEmbodiment of all6
SarabsarangCompletely colorful and musical11
SarabshaantFully satisfied and peaceful5
SarabuttamBest of all8
SaralbirBrave and simple8
SaraljeetVictory of simplicity1
SaralpreetLove for simplicity7
SarandayalKind protection6
SarandeepProtected lamp11
SaranjeetOne who attains the guru's shelter; Refuge of the victorProtected3
SaranjotProtection by light8
SaranpreetLove for protection9
SarbjeetAll victorious8
SarblohEntirely iron3
SardarChiefNoble Man7
SardaraHead; Chief8
SarminderGod of war11
SarnagatRefuge; Shelter9
SaroopBeautiful; Shapely3
SarpreetFavour or fortune of Love of God; Reservoir of Love; Mysterious secrets of Love; Essence of Love3
SarpritFavour or fortune of Love of God; Reservoir of Love; Mysterious secrets of Love; Essence of Love11
SarvanWorthy; Affectionate; Generous7
SarvottamThe best3
SatamritTrue immortalising nectar11
SatbachanThe one abiding by the holy word6
SatbirThe true warrior6
SatchetTells the truth22
SatgunOf true merits1
SatinderThe king of truth9
SatinderjeetVictory for the God of truth4
SatinderpalProtection of the true; God of heaven11
SatindraLord Vishnu; Lord of truth5
SatjeevanThe one living the truthful life7
SatjitConqueror of hundreds; True victory7
SatjotLight of truth4
SatkaramOf true deeds3
SatkeeratOne who praises the true one; Truthful service1
SatkiranRay of truth3
SatkiratOne who praises the true one; Truthful service9
SatkirtanSinging truth5
SatmandirTemple of truth9
SatmeetTrue friend2
SatminderTemple of the true God of heaven4
SatmohinderTrue Lord9
SatmooratAn embodiment of truth and beauty5
SatmukhGodly face3
SatnadarA gracious glance of the true one6
SatnamOne accepting God being as true5
SatniranjanTrue and immaculate one4
SatparvanThe one accepted by God4
SatpaulThe one who abides by the truth9
SatprakashLight of truth6
SatpreetThe lover of the truth5
SatpremTrue Love11
SatrajDominion of truth6
SatrujeetVictory over enemies11
SatsangatGood company3
SatsantokhTrue content11
SatsarangTruly colourful and musical1
SatsaroopAn embodiment of truth and beauty7
SatvantRight; Faithful; PiousSacred7
SatveerLord Vishnu; Champion of truth9
SatvichaarOne who reflects on truth3
SatvinderTrue God of heaven; Lord of virtue4
SatvirThe true warrior8
SatwantRight; Faithful; PiousSacred8
SatwinderTrue God of heaven; Lord of virtue5
SatyabirSomeone who gets the victory with truthTruthful5
SatyajeetOne who conquers the truthVictory of truth7
SatyajitOne who conquers the truthVictory of truth6
SatyapalRuler of truth5
SatyapreetTrue Love4
SatyapremTrue Love1
SatyenderOne who follows the truth3
SavitinderThe Sun4
SavitojThe splendour of the Sun6
SavrajSelf-rule; Independence8
SawanpreetLove for the rainy season5
SawarajbirBrave who likes own rule3
SawarajdeepLight of self-rule4
SawarajpalProtector of own rule3
SawarajpreetLove for own rule11
SawarandeepGolden lamp8
SawaranjeetGold winner9
SawaranjotGolden light5
SawaranpreetGolden Love6
SawinderLucky; Beautiful God3
SeemantMargin; Limit; Light5
SeetalbirPeaceful and brave1
SeetaldeepLamp of peace11
SeetaljitPeaceful victory11
SeetaljotPeaceful light8
SeetalpreetOne who loves peace9
SehejbirEffortlessly heroic4
SetalHaving peaceCoolGentle; The wind; The Moon3
SevaapreetOne who loves to serve4
SewakaranDoing service3
SewakpreetOne who loves the service of God6
SewakpremOne who loves the service of God3
Shabad DeepLampLight of the holy word11
ShabadchetRemembering the Guru's word8
ShabaddeepLampLight of the holy word11
ShabadgiaanKnowledge of the Guru's word4
ShabadjogUnion with the holy word4
ShabadleenAbsorbed in the holy word8
ShabadprakashRadiating the light of the holy word1
ShabadpreetLove of the holy world9
ShabadramanOne who delights in the holy word1
ShabadrangImbued by the holy word3
ShabadrasEnjoying elixir of the holy word1
ShabadratanHaving the gem of the holy word8
ShabadsuratUnion with the Guru's word6
ShabadtekSupport of the holy word8
ShabarLord ShivaWater; The vital element for life; Name of Shiva22
ShailinderLord of the mountains9
ShaktiparwahPower of supreme wonder9
ShaminderpalGentle preserver3
ShamsherThe sword of honors; The leader Lion of the herd1
ShantbirWarrior of peace1
ShantchitOne whose inner self is at peace3
ShantdeepLamp of peace11
ShantleenAbsorbed in peace8
ShantnivasOne whose abode is peace1
ShantprakashLight of peace1
ShantpreetLove for peaceLoving contentment9
ShantsaihajOne in tranquillity11
ShantsaroopEmbodiment of peace11
SharanbirShelter of brave9
SharandeepProtected lamp1
SharanjitOne who attains the guru's shelter; Refuge of the victorProtected1
SharanjotProtection by light7
SharanmeetFriendly shelter5
SharanpalProtected by the shelter of God9
SharanpreetLove for protection8
ShashipreetLove for the Moon11
ShaymsundarBlack beauty8
SheelwantFull of modesty8
ShehbaazRoyal Falcon7
SherinderLion king1
SherpaulProtector of lion1
ShishupreetLove for babies4
ShivcharanFeet of Lord Shiva4
ShivdenderGod, Lord Shiva9
ShivrajpalProtected by the God king8
ShivroopAn embodiment of Lord Shiva5
Shoorveergreat warrior8
ShubhdeepAn auspicious lamp7
ShubhkaramGood fortuneVirtuous deeds3
ShubpreetAuspicious Love6
ShukarGratitude; Prayers7
ShukarianGratitude; Prayers3
SiddharthOne who has accomplished goal; Successful; A name of Lord Buddha; Achieved all wishes1
SikanderVictorious; Sikander is also the Persian and Hindustani version of the name Alexander; After Alexander the Great9
SimarGod's favorite6
SimardeepLamp of remembrance9
SimarjeetVictory in remembrance of God1
SimarjeevOne who lives with the remembrance of God3
SimarnaamOne who remembers God8
SimarpreetLove for remembrance of God7
SimranjeetVictorious in contemplation; Meditative in God; Remembrance; Prayer; To achieve; Translated upon interpretation9
SimranjitVictorious in contemplation; Meditative in God; Remembrance; Prayer; To achieve; Translated upon interpretation5
SimranpalProtected by remembrance4
SimranpreetLovingly remembering God; Love for meditation3
SimratdeepLight of Lord's remembrance11
SimratjeetVictory in remembrance of God3
SimratpreetLove for remembrance of God9
SiopareetInspires Love9
SiripritamThe supreme longing of beloved6
SiriraamSupreme omniscient God7
SirisevaSupreme selfless service3
SirisimranContemplation of the supreme3
SirivedyaSupreme understanding4
SobhapreetVirtuous Love1
SobhawantFull of glories4
SochaiBy thinking1
SohanbirBeautiful warrior5
SohandeepBeautiful lamp6
SohanjitVictory of beauty6
SohanpalProtector of beauty5
SohanpreetLove for beauty4
SohinderLord of beauty11
SohunNot found5
SomanpreetLove for the Moon9
Sonpreetcreates a quiet, practical nature and a clever, studious, inventive mind.4
SoorajThe Sun; Illuminating6
SubhdeepAn auspicious lamp8
SubhgeetHappy songs6
SubhkaramGood fortuneVirtuous deeds4
SubhpalAuspicious protector7
SubhpreetOf auspicious Love6
SubhpremOf auspicious Love3
SuchamPure goodness2
SuchbirWarrior of peaceHappy brave8
SuchdeepTrue lamp9
SuchdevPure deity1
SuchiaarExcellent and true7
SuchpreetTrue Love7
SuchreetTrue traditions9
SuddhmanPure of heartMind; And soul3
SudhakarMine of nectarMoon11
SudhbudhPure intellect6
SudhmanPure of heartMind; And soul11
SudhsuratOne with pure consciousness5
SugharElegant; Virtuous4
SuhejdeepLamp; Region of elegance; Ease3
SujanbirIntelligent and brave4
SujanpreetLove for intelligence3
SujanroopEmbodiment of intelligence3
SujansaroopBeauteous and wise5
SujanwantVery intelligent6
SujjanHonestIntelligentVirtuous; Respectable; Kind; Good3
SukhamanBlissful peace7
SukhanandPleasure; Bliss3
SukhbansHappy family5
SukhbinderGod who gives happinessPeaceful God of heaven3
SukhbirWarrior of peace; Champion of peace7
SukhbirpalProtector of a warrior of peace9
SukhbrinderHappy Lord3
SukhchainThe one who is peaceful and calm4
SukhcharanPeace attained through Guru's Lotus feet5
SukhchetThe delight of remembering God5
SukhchetanDelight of consciousness11
SukhdarshanViewing happiness7
SukhdayalBlessed with happiness3
SukhdeepThe lamp of peace; Region or island of peace; Lamp of happiness1
SukhdevGod of happiness9
SukhdharamThe bliss of justice; Righteousness5
SukhdipThe lamp of peace; Region or island of peace; Lamp of happiness7
SukhgiaanPeace giving divine knowledge1
SukhinderGod of happiness1
SukhindirGod of peace5
SukhitComplete happiness7
SukhjeevA peaceful person11
SukhjeevanPeaceful life8
SukhjiwanCalm and peaceful life8
SukhjodhLord of happinessWarrior of peace6
SukhjogEnjoying peace in union with Lord1
SukhjotLight of peace5
SukhleenAbsorbed in Joy of Love of God5
SukhlivAbsorbed in the Joy of Love of God3
SukhmanOne whose mind is at peacePeaceful heart mindSoul6
SukhmandirTemple of peace6
SukhmanpreetOne who loves the peace of mind7
SukhmeetThe peace-giving friend; Friend who gives happiness3
SukhmeharPeaceful through God's grace5
SukhmohinderLord of peace1
SukhnamBliss from naam6
SukhnandanHappy children of God8
SukhnidhanTreasure of peace1
SukhnivasBlissful abode7
SukhnoorThe God of peace4
SukhpalProtector of peace7
SukhpinderLord of peace8
Sukhpraanpeaceful and joyful life1
SukhpremLove for happiness3
SukhrajKing of peace7
SukhrajpreetKing of peace and love8
SukhramThe one in whom peace prevades1
SukhrangColoured in the Love of Lord9
SukhratanHaving the inner gem of peace5
SukhsangatDelightful association with holy one4
SukhsaroopEmbodiment of peace8
SukhshabadPeace through the holy word4
SukhshantThe one who is in bliss and peace4
SukhsharanPeace in taking shelter of Guru3
SukhsirjanWho creates happiness4
SukhteerathOne whose life is joy of holiness1
SukhveerWarrior of peace; Champion of peace1
SukhvinderGod who gives happinessPeaceful God of heaven5
SukhvirWarrior of peace; Champion of peace9
SukhwantFull of happinessPleasant9
SukhwinderGod who gives happinessPeaceful God of heaven6
SulakhanVirtuous; Meritorious6
SumanbirBrave and Happy7
SumanjeetAll victorious, Who wins the power of God3
SumanjotLight of happiness5
SumanpreetLove for flowers6
SumatbitIntellectually brave6
SumerpaulProtector of the gold mountain9
SumpuranPerfect one6
SundarbirAttractive and brave7
SundardeepBeautiful lamp8
SundarjeetOne who attains to beauteousness9
SundarjotLight of beauty5
SundarveerBeauteous and brave1
SundeepLight of the Sun; Which gives light3
SunderjeetVictory for beauty4
SuneetGood principles or prudent or righteousLove; A kind-hearted person; Well-mannered; Sensible3
SupinderBeauty of Lord7
SupreetLoving; Loved by everyone5
SupreethLoving; Loved by everyone4
SurThe SunGodlyWarriorBrave; A musical note4
SurendarIndra of a Music1
SurenderVoice of Lord Indra5
SurindarThe King of Gods; The chief of Gods5
SurinderThe King of Gods9
SurinderjeetTriumph of God; Lord Krishna; One who is victorious over the god4
SurinderjitTriumph of God; Lord Krishna; One who is victorious over the god3
SurinderjotLight of the god9
Surjanmeetfriend of the godly people9
SurjeetConqueror of the Suras; Victorious devotee8
SurjitConqueror of the Suras; Victorious devotee7
SurjotFight of God; Godly light22
SurpalProtected by God6
SurpatMaster of God5
SurpreetLove of God5
SurpremLove of God11
SurvjitAll victorious11
SushmeetaBeautiful smile; Good smile; Good smile, smiling.3
SushmjeetVictory of beauty3
SutantarGood charactered Man6
SuvachanNoble words8
SuvemberjitVictorious in competition9
SwarajpalProtector of own rule11
SwaranjeetGold winner8
SwaranlalSeen in a dream; Dreamy11
SwaranpalGold of God6
SwaranpreetLove for gold5
SwaranpremLove for gold11
SwaranroopEmbodiment of gold5
SwarndeepGold lamp6
SwimjitThe meaning of this name is very random but would mean that this person is successful in swimming4

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