Modern Hindu Baby Girls Names Starting with F

Modern Hindu Boys Name

Modern Hindu Girls Names

Contemporary Hindu baby girl names beginning with “F” artfully blend tradition and modernity. Websites like provide a wealth of options, from names like Falak, meaning “heaven,” to Farida, symbolizing “unique.” These names maintain a connection to Hindu heritage while accommodating the evolving preferences of today’s parents, making them both meaningful and relevant choices.

List of Modern Hindu Baby Girls Names Starting with F

FaiqaExcellent, Superior1
FaizaVictorious, Successful1
FalguniBorn in the month of Falgun (February-March)6
FarhanaHappy, Joyful9
FatimaCaptivating, One Who Weans2
FawhaBreeze, Fragrance6
FayraBrilliant, Luminous8
FeshikaAn Atom1
FilzaLight, Pure5
FizaBreeze, Nature7
FreyaGoddess of Love, Beauty, and Fertility7
FyraIntelligent, Wise1

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