Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with A


Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with A

List of Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with A

Modern Hindu baby boy names starting with the letter “A” are diverse and meaningful. These names, featured on websites like, offer parents a wide range of options rooted in tradition and contemporary culture. Whether it’s names like Aarav, Aryan, Advait, or Arjun, each holds its unique significance, reflecting the rich heritage and evolving preferences of Hindu families today.

AadavanThe Sun5
AadeshCommand, Message2
AadhiBeginning, First1
AadiFirst, Beginning9
AadidevGod of the Sun7
AaditPeak, Lord of the Sun6
AadivDelicate, Pleasant4
AaduAngel, Guardian2
AahanDawn, Morning6
AakashSky, Open Air2
AakeshLord of the Sky7
AakilIntelligent, Smart5
AakritShape, Form8
AalapMusical Prelude1
AalokLight, Divine Light2
AanPride, Respect2
AanavHumane, Gentle5
AapuPrecious, Valuable6
AaravPeaceful, Calm6
AarinMountain Strength1
AarivPeaceful, Calm5
AarizRespectable Man8
AaronExalted, Enlightened7
AarshBright, Ray of Light4
AarulBrilliant, Clever9
AarushFirst Ray of Sunlight1
AaryaNoble, Respectable8
AaryanNoble, Respectable5
AatishExplosive, Dynamic7
AatreyaName of Sage Dattatreya3
AayanGod's Gift2
AayanshPart of Parents8
AayashDelight, Joy6
AayatBlessing, Prayer9
AayodhInvincible, Powerful5
AayogOrganization, Structure8
AayushLong Life, Age1
AbashHumble, Modest7
AbhajInnocent, Pure1
AbhayFearless, Brave1
AbhiFearless, Brave8
AbhijeetVictory over Fear5
AbhijitVictory, Success4
AbhileshLord of Fearlessness4
AbhinavNew, Innovative8
AbhinayExpression, Dance1
AbhiniveshDesire, Aspiration1
AbhirajFearless King1
AbhiramPleasing, Delightful9
AbhirupHandsome, Beautiful5
AbhisarCompanion, Friend6
AbhishekRitual Bath for Deities5
AbhiyukthCourageous, Fearless8
AbhramShining, Glowing5
AbhyanshPart of Parents4
AbirFragrance, Scent6
AbnishLord of Wonders1
AbodhInnocent, Ignorant5
AchalSteady, Unshaken7
AchalaUnshaken, Immovable3
AchintyaInconceivable, Unthinkable2
AchyutaInfallible, Immutable7
AdarshIdeal, Role Model8
AdbhutahWonderful, Amazing6
AdharvSacred Text, Name of Lord Shiva4
AdheemRare, Exceptional2
AdhirRestless, Impatient6
AdhirajKing of Kings9
AdhirathFather of Karn, Charioteer of Karna3
AdhritSupporter, Protector1
AdhyanMeditation, Study9
AdhyudhaWar, Battle7
AdhyutResplendent, Bright6
AdiFirst, Beginning1
AdidevGod of the Gods6
AdiptLuminous, Radiant5
AdithyaSun, Lord of the Sun2
AdityaSun, Son of Aditi1
AdityanSun God7
AdvaitNon-Dual, Unique8
AdvikUnique, Unusual6
AdvitUnique, Focused7
AdwanBird, Peaceful2
AdwayUnique, Focused6
AgastyaName of a Sage3
AghatDestroyer of Sins5
AgnavSon of the Fire God Agni2
AgrimLeader, Pioneer1
AgyeyaBeyond Comprehension2
AhaanMorning, Dawn6
AhanSun, Morning1
AhilanKnowledgeable, Resourceful4
AhilyaMaiden, Pure7
AhsanMercy, Compassion6
AidenLittle Fire6
AishBlessing, Good Fortune2
AjaUnborn, Eternal4
AjanmaOne Who Is Eternal7
AjayInvincible, Unconquerable4
AjayaInvincible, Unconquerable1
AjeetInvincible, Unconquerable5
AjendraKing of Kings9
AjishGod's Blessing4
AjitUnconquerable, Victorious5
AjjuYounger Brother7
AkashSky, Open Air2
AkeshLord of Hair6
AkhilComplete, Whole4
AkhileshLord of the Universe7
AkhtarStar, Good Luck3
AkshajLord Vishnu4
AkshanEye, Perception8
AkshanshPart of the Eye4
AksharImperishable, Eternal9
AksharaLetter, Alphabet8
AkshatUninjured, Unharmed3
AkshayImmortal, Indestructible4
AkshitPermanent, Imperishable1
AkshuLord Shiva7
AkulUnending, Eternal2
AlaganHandsome, Beautiful6
AlankarOrnament, Decoration7
AlekhIncomparable, Unique6
AlibanHandsome, Beautiful6
AlokLight, Brilliance2
AlokeLight, Brightness7
AlokeshLord of Light6
AlpeshSmall, Tiny1
AmaanPeace, Safety6
AmaeyFull Moon, Precious7
AmalPure, Spotless7
AmalenduPure Moon, Full Moon9
AmaleshPure, Spotless9
AmarImmortal, Everlasting5
AmarendraKing of the Gods7
AmartyaImmortal, Divine7
AmaruUnfading, Eternal3
AmayBoundless, Infinite7
AmbarSky, Heaven9
AmbarishKing of the Sky, Lord Indra5
AmbikanathLord of the Sky, Lord Indra6
AmeyaBoundless, Immeasurable5
AmikFriend, Companion7
AmilInvaluable, Priceless6
AmishHonest, Virtuous6
AmitInfinite, Boundless1
AmitabhLimitless, Immortal2
AmiteshInfinite God6
AmitojInfinite Light7
AmoghUnerring, Flawless5
AmoghavarshaUnerring Rule, Flawless Ruler9
AmolPriceless, Invaluable9
AmolikPrecious, Priceless3
AmreshImmortal Lord8
AmrishLord Indra5
AmritanshPart of Immortality6
AmrutImmortal, Nectar2
AmshulRadiant, Brilliant9
AnaadihEternal, Beginningless6
AnadiEternal, Beginningless1
AnaghSinless, Pure6
AnandJoy, Bliss7
AnandamayFull of Joy, Blissful8
AnandsagarOcean of Joy, Blissful Ocean9
AnanganHandsome, Beautiful4
AnantInfinite, Endless2
AnantaInfinite, Eternal8
AnantajitEver Victorious7
AnanthEternal, Unending1
AnavyaCaring, Compassionate9
AnayCaring, Compassionate7
AnayaCompassion, Caring1
AnayuCaring, Compassionate3
AndeepLight of the Heart7
AneeshSupreme, Lord Vishnu7
AneeshwarSupreme Lord, God9
AngeloMessenger of God2
AnikeshLord of the World6
AniketLord of the World5
AnilWind, Air9
AnimeshOpen-Eyed, Awake5
AnirbanEternal, Immortal1
AniruddhaUnobstructed, Invincible6
AnirudhUnstoppable, Invincible3
AnirvanUndying, Eternal6
AnishLord Vishnu, Supreme4
AnjaneyaSon of Anjana, Lord Hanuman8
AnkitMarked, Stamped7
AnkurBlossom, Sprout5
AnkushControl, Restraint7
AnmayFull of Life, Active8
AnmolPriceless, Invaluable2
AnmolpreetPriceless Love, Precious Love5
AnnuLord Shiva5
AnoopIncomparable, Unique7
AnshPortion, Part1
AnshuSunbeam, Ray of Light4
AnshukRadiant, Bright3
AnshulRadiant, Bright7
AnsulRadiant, Bright1
AnsumanSun, First Ray of the Sun6
AntarikshSpace, Universe8
AnthonyPriceless, Invaluable7
AnubhavExperience, Knowledge3
AnugrahBlessing, Grace4
AnujYounger Brother9
AnujeetWinner, Victorious7
AnumBlessing, Kindness4
AnumeshKnowledge, Wisdom5
AnupIncomparable, Unique6
AnupamIncomparable, Unique9
AnuragLove, Affection7
AnuttamBest, Supreme2
AnveshSearch, Exploration6
AnvitKnowledgeable, Wise3
AparMatchless, Unique5
AparajeetUnconquerable, Victorious3
AparajitUnconquerable, Invincible1
ApekshitDesired, Aspired6
ApoorvUnprecedented, Unique5
AppuPrecious, Valuable9
ApuPrecious, Valuable2
ApurvaUnique, Unprecedented1
AqilWise, Sensible5
AramishCalm, Peaceful6
AravPeaceful, Calm9
AravindLotus, Lord Vishnu7
ArchanWorship, Prayer1
ArchitWorshiped, Respected6
AreebWise, Sensible2
AreeshSoft, Gentle9
AreezRespectable, Worthy3
ArenEagle, Lord Vishnu5
ArgabhFilled with Light8
ArhaabOne Who Is Loved4
ArhaanRuler, King5
ArhanRuler, King1
ArhantSaint, Noble Being9
ArihantDestroyer of Enemies8
ArijitConqueror of Enemies6
ArinMountain Strength1
ArindamDestroyer of Enemies4
ArinjayVictory Over Enemies7
ArishRighteous, Pious1
ArishtRighteous, Pious3
ArivIntelligent, Wise2
ArjaanObedient, Submissive5
ArjitEarned, Achieved7
ArjunBright, White1
ArkSun, Light1
ArkishLord of the Sky5
ArmaanDesire, Longing4
ArmanWish, Desire8
ArnavOcean, Sea1
ArnavatLord of the Ocean9
ArnaviOcean, Sea2
ArneshLord of the Sea8
ArnikName of Lord Vishnu9
ArnitDivine, Worshiped7
ArohanAscent, Rising1
ArokyaHealthy, Wholesome5
ArpanOffering, Devotion2
ArpitDedicated, Offering6
ArshDominion, Kingdom6
ArshadPious, Righteous9
ArshiyanParadise, Heaven5
ArshpreetLove for Dominion, Love for Kingdom1
ArthMeaning, Significance9
ArudhAscended, Elevated5
ArunDawn, Reddish Glow4
AruneshLord of the Dawn6
ArushFirst Ray of Sunlight9
ArvindLotus, Lord Vishnu5
ArvindakshanLotus-Eyed, Lord Vishnu7
AryaNoble, Honorable4
AryabNoble, Respectable3
AryamanNoble, Honorable2
AryashNoble, Honest9
AryavNoble, Respected7
AryavirNoble, Courageous1
AsadLion, Courageous7
AsfaqCompassionate, Kind5
AshishBlessing, Bestower of Blessings6
AshleshEmbrace, Loving7
AshmayuSun, Brightness7
AshmitPride, Ever-Smiling6
AshneerPious, Holy2
AshokWithout Sorrow, Happy6
AshritSheltered, Protected8
AshrulBrave, Courageous3
AshuQuick, Swift9
AshutoshOne Who Is Easily Pleased4
AshvitLord of Wealth4
AshwathSacred Fig Tree, Peepal Tree2
AshwinikumarSon of Lord Ashwini Kumar5
AsitLimitless, Infinite3
AsmayuRadiant, Brilliant2
AsmitPride, Self-Esteem9
AstitvaExistence, Reality5
AsvinLight, Bright4
AswadBlack, Dark5
AswinLight, Bright3
AtharvKnowledge, Name of a Veda7
AtharvanName of a Sage, Fire Priest3
AthreyaName of Sage Athri2
AtikeshRespected, Honored1
AtikshWise, Intelligent5
AtishFire, Dynamic2
AtitPast, Beyond Time3
AtmajSon, Born of the Soul2
AtmanSoul, Self9
AtulIncomparable, Unique2
AtulitIncomparable, Unique9
AtulyaIncomparable, Unsurpassed3
AvaneeshLord of the Earth7
AviThe Sun4
AvibitShining, Radiant6
AvijitInvincible, Victorious9
AvikarUnchanging, Immutable3
AvinashIndestructible, Immortal7
AvirajKing of Kings7
AviralContinuous, Uninterrupted4
AvishGift, Present3
AvishkaarInvention, Creativity7
AvishkarInvention, Discovery2
AvitKnowledge, Wisdom7
AvivYoung, Spring6
AviyuktClear, Separated5
AvnishLord of the Earth1
AvyaanLord Krishna, One Who Is Invincible7
AvyanshPart of the Universe6
AvyuktClear, Manifest2
AvyuktaClear, Manifest1
AwadheshKing of Ayodhya, Lord Rama5
AyaanGift of God, Nature6
AyanSpeed, Brightness9
AydinEnlightened, Illuminated3
AymanLucky, Fortunate8
AyushLong Life, Age5
AyushmanHealthy, Long Life4
AyusmanFull of Life, Energetic3
AyyapanLord Ayyappa1
AzadFree, Independent4

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