Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with G

Modern Hindu Boys Name

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Modern Hindu baby boy names commencing with “G” strike a balance between tradition and contemporary appeal. Portals like offer a plethora of options, such as Gaurav, which means “respect,” or Ganesha, symbolizing the revered deity. These names keep ties to Hindu heritage while embracing the evolving tastes of today’s parents, rendering them both meaningful and contemporary choices.

List of Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with G

GaganSky, Heaven3
GagneshLord of Songs1
GalavName of a Sage5
GannuLord Ganesh4
GarvPride, Honor1
GarvaPride, Dignity6
GatikFast, Speed2
GauravPride, Respect6
GaurikGoddess Parvati1
GeetSong, Melody5
GiriLord Shiva, Mountain9
GirikLord Shiva, Lord of the Mountain8
GirishLord Shiva, Lord of the Mountain7
GiritraLord of the Mountains9
GitanshPart of a Song, Musical1
GolaRound, Circular7
GoluA Nickname for Lord Krishna3
GopalLord Krishna2
GopalpriyaBeloved of Lord Krishna5
GopuA Nickname for Lord Krishna6
GoralBeautiful, Melodious3
GourishLord Shiva, Lord of the Mountain8
GovindLord Krishna9
GovindaLord Krishna7
GritikThe Moon3
GulshanGarden, Grove1
GulwantFull of Flowers6
GunitVirtuous, Capable7
GunjajEcho, Reverberation4
GunnuCharming, Attractive5
GyaanKnowledge, Wisdom6
GyaneshLord of Knowledge4
GyaneshwarGod of Knowledge, Lord Shiva5

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