500 Modern and Latest Telugu Baby Girl Names – 2023

We have compiled a list of Modern and Latest Telugu Baby Girl names with meanings. you can choose name for your BABY girl from the list below.

List of Modern and Latest Telugu Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Harini – Deer

Avya – Auspicious

Thanashvi – A beautiful and modest girl

Chetna – Consciousness or awareness

Sahsra – A thousand

Vedanshi – Part of the Vedas or knowledge

Chikky – Sweet or cute

Aarvi – Peaceful or calm

Ramya – Beautiful or delightful

Nishika – Night or midnight

Charanvi – Divine or celestial

Kushmitha – Fragrant flower or jasmine

Siya – Sita, the wife of Lord Rama

Jasvini – Full of grace or elegance

Pranavi – Goddess Parvati or the first note of the musical scale

Sahya – Mountain or a name of the Sahyadri mountain range

Gnanika – Knowledgeable or wise

Lekhya – Writable or capable of writing

Devanshi – Divine or heavenly

Hethika – A person with a big heart or generous

Sanvi – Goddess Lakshmi or auspicious

Jincy – Good-natured or gentle

Nomika – Soft or tender

Artha – Meaning or purpose

Hemanshi – Golden or made of gold

Baanvi – Beautiful like a forest or garden

Charanya – Auspicious or blessed

Rihu – Flowing or moving

Veeksha – Vision or sight

Mahasri – Great or noble beauty

Chaitra – First month of the Hindu calendar or a name of the goddess Parvati

Khusi – Happiness or joy

Ara – Ornament or decoration

Sadvi – Virtuous or righteous

Chanvita – Enthusiastic or lively

Lithiksha – Intelligent or sharp-minded

Charitha – Good character or conduct

Thanu – Thin or slender

Srija – Created or born out of prosperity

Vincy – Conqueror or victorious

Yaanvi – Holy or divine

Charvi – Beautiful or charming

Sri – Wealth or prosperity

Hashvi – Full of happiness or joyous

Rihansi – Delightful or pleasing

Shanvi – Goddess Parvati or peaceful

Sivaangi – One who embodies the qualities of Lord Shiva

Havya – Offered in the sacrificial fire or pleasing

Hasika – Laughing or cheerful

Joshitha – Enthusiastic or passionate

Namasvi – Bowing or paying respects

Ajju – Sweet or beloved

Kruti – Creation or artistic work

Jeswika – Victorious or successful

Damini – Lightning or illuminating

Ammu – Precious or beloved

Rishu – Graceful or elegant

Hansika – Swan or graceful

Ruthvika – Melody or musical

Adhya – Primeval or the first power

Tara – Star or celestial

Thaanvi – Pious or righteous

Dhanvitha – Wealthy or prosperous

Yaswika – One who achieves glory or fame

Chaitrika – Born in the month of Chaitra or energetic

Bhavya – Grand or magnificent

Kaira – Peaceful or unique

Aadya – First or initial

Bhasvika – Bright or radiant

Shanvika – Auspicious or fortunate

Aanvi – Kind or compassionate

Chandvi – Moonlight or illuminated by the moon

Dhanavi – Possessor of wealth or rich

Chandni – Moonlight or moonlit

Asvi – Swift or quick

Aadvika – Unique or exceptional

Kushi – Happiness or joy

Yashvi – Fame or glory

Ria – Singer or beautiful

Rutvika – Season or period

Laswitha – Luminous or radiant

Navisha – New or fresh

Bhuvi – Earth or land

Ranvika – Queen or princess

Daanvi – Generous or charitable

Anha – Grace or brilliance

Dharvi – Firm or resolute

Deetya – Worship or devotion

Nehanvi – Love or affectionate

Maanvi – Humanity or humane

Vedvika – Heavenly knowledge or learning

Sanvika – Soft or gentle

Danavi – Divine or celestial

Aadhya – Beginning or primordial

Harika – Melodious or musical

Jahnavi – Daughter of the river Ganges or river-like

Hasini – Happy or joyful

Janvi – River or daughter of Janu

Hainika – Queen or ruler

Mona – Silent or noble

Srinidhi – Treasure or wealth

Manansvi – Intelligent or wise

Bindu – Drop or point

Araha – Worthy or deserving

Purvika – Elder or previous

Hanika – Swan or graceful

Ganansri – Divine beauty or splendor

Thanusri – Beautiful or delightful

Adya – Primeval or the first power

Yasika – Famous or renowned

Nihansvi – Delighting or pleasing

Ruthiksha – Compassionate or merciful

Manasa – Mind or intellect

Mahagna – Sacred fire or sacrificial fire

Monvi – Silent or noble

Jhanu – Bowstring or arched

Jaanvi – River or daughter of Janu

Hethvika – Full of love or affectionate

Liya – Beautiful or captivating

Gamya – Attainable or reachable

Kundana – Adorned or decorated

Ahna – Day or dawn

Loukya – Worldly or materialistic

Eshika – Arrow or dart

Jishwika – Victorious or successful

Sharvi – Radiant or shining

Manvika – Attractive or charming

Jessi – Wealthy or rich

Charu – Beautiful or graceful

Hridya – Heartfelt or sincere

Adhvi – Lightning or illuminating

Niya – Graceful or elegant

Hithika – Well-wisher or benefactor

Ditya – Radiant or luminous

Yahvi – Heaven or celestial

Lakshya – Aim or goal

Riya – Singer or graceful

Tanisi – Jewel or gem

Joshika – Enthusiastic or energetic

Gunanachaitra – Virtuous or auspicious

Aira – Beloved or adored

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Modern and Latest Telugu Baby Girl Names

Hasita – Happy or smiling

Jaanu – Soul or life

Chervi – Bright or radiant

Chinmayi – Full of knowledge or consciousness

Ganika – Song or melody

Chaanvi – Lovely or beautiful

Ganvi – Singer or melodious

Banvika – Forest or garden

Latika – Small creeper or vine

Kushrita – Skilled or talented

Jashvi – Famous or glorious

Anvika – Powerful or strong

Gohitha – Protected or sheltered

Ganasri – Beautiful like a song or melody

Heshvitha – Happiness or joy

Bhavika – Emotional or expressive

Arohi – Ascending or rising

Yokshita – Desired or sought-after

Nithya – Eternal or everlasting

Hanvitha – Full of grace or elegance

Gnansri – Knowledgeable or wise

Manvitha – Intelligent or scholarly

Parinika – Knowledge or wisdom

Chanvitha – Enthusiastic or lively

Daksa – Skillful or competent

Hethwika – Full of love or affectionate

Ritika – Of brass or copper

Gnanashika – Knowledge or wisdom

Monal – Bird or melodious

Reya – Queen or goddess

Vibha – Radiant or bright

Hetwika – Loving or affectionate

Hetvika – Clever or intelligent

Saanvi – Goddess Lakshmi or beautiful

Janvika – Daughter of Janu or river-like

Harvika – Protector or preserver

Thaniska – Beautiful or attractive

Varsha – Rain or shower

Shasra – Splendid or glorious

Vanisha – Goddess of forests or queen

Ruhika – Ascending or growing

Hemasri – Golden beauty or radiance

Yasvi – Fame or glory

Tanvi – Slender or delicate

Aarna – Goddess Lakshmi or ocean

Gananya – Worshipped or revered

Nainika – Pupil of the eye or beautiful-eyed

Ananya – Unique or incomparable

Thanvika – Beautiful or attractive

Avika – Earth or dust

Thiya – Gift or blessing

Kyra – Lord or ruler

Akira – Bright or clear

Yoshvika – Energetic or enthusiastic

Chethasvi – Intelligent or wise

Lisha – Soft or gentle

Chaithra – Spring or new beginning

Sana – Radiant or brilliant

Ganishka – Lord Ganesha or elephant-headed deity

Reha – Star or light

Bhumi – Earth or land

Thanishka – Beautiful or graceful

Arwi – Fresh or pure

Datri – Nurturer or caregiver

Hanvikha – Full of grace or elegance

Punarvika – Renewed or reborn

Mansi – Intellect or mind

Dhanusri – Beautiful like a bow

Vamika – Beautiful or enchanting

Bhanvi – Radiant or brilliant

Kavya – Poem or poetry

Vedha – Knowledge or understanding

Bavya – Auspicious or fortunate

Divya – Divine or heavenly

Sweety – Sweet or adorable

Chasvika – Active or lively

Joveda – Joyful or happy

Dhanvi – Archer or skilled with a bow

Thanvikha – Beautiful or attractive

Saadvi – Virtuous or noble

Sara – Princess or noblewoman

Dimpi – Delicate or tender

Srihitha – Well-being or prosperity

Eshita – Desired or cherished

Chaitvika – Consciousness or awareness

Saanvika – Goddess Lakshmi or auspicious

Hemansi – Golden or beautiful-minded

Yaksha – Celestial being or nature spirit

Yadya – Worthy of worship or offering

Mohita – Attracted or fascinated

Roshika – Bright or radiant

Monisha – Intellectual or wise

Parvya – Divine or heavenly

Anvi – One who follows or follows orders

Mahi – Great or powerful

Charunya – Graceful or charming

Poo – Flower or blossom

Yasvita – Successful or accomplished

Dhanwika – Wealthy or prosperous

Darsha – Seen or observed

Hemansri – Golden beauty or radiance

Nidhi – Treasure or wealth

Havishya – Future or destiny

Gnanvi – Knowledgeable or wise

Chanvee – Moonlight or moonbeam

Punarnavi – Reborn or rejuvenated

Punaarvedha – Renewed or refreshed

Kushita – Happy or contented

Hananya – Gift of God or divine grace

Isha – Goddess or ruler

Josya – Desirable or worthy

Savya – Skilled or talented

Nisvika – Silent or tranquil

Gnanavi – Intelligent or wise

Dhitya – Luminous or radiant

Nehancy – Graceful or elegant

Jishwitha – Victorious or successful

Parnika – Leaf or small feather

Hanvika – Full of grace or elegance

Kirti – Fame or glory

Hanshu – Swan or graceful

Ana – Grace or charm

Thanvi – Beautiful or attractive

Chaswika – Cheerful or joyful

Sasi – Moon or moonlight

Hima – Snow or cold

Risha – Feather or ray of light

Hansni – Swan or graceful

Lithika – Intelligent or smart

Priyanshika – Beloved or dear one

Lasrika – Radiant or glowing

Aaruhi – Ascending or progressing

Chesmitha – Lovely or beautiful smile

Hetasvi – Happy or joyous

Vinya – Knowledge or learning

Chaturya – Cleverness or intelligence

Varnika – Colored or painted

Vedanshika – Part of knowledge or wisdom

Hetika – Calm or serene

Dhatri – Nurturer or caregiver

Mahira – Skilled or talented

Tanmai – Engrossed or absorbed

Vidya – Knowledge or wisdom

Yathika – Dedicated or focused

Nitya – Eternal or everlasting

Hema – Golden or golden complexion

Sriyansi – Prosperous or auspicious

Jashika – Victorious or successful

Gnanvika – Intelligent or wise

Gananvika – Knowledgeable or wise

Myra – Sweet or pleasant

Dhansika – Rich or wealthy

Janu – Soul or life

Mahanya – Great or noble

Jaswika – One who praises or extols

Nihanvi – Intelligent or clever

Heshasvi – Full of happiness or joy

Charisma – Compelling charm or attractiveness

Himanshi – Ice or snow-like

Yashika – Fame or success

Manvita – Honored or respected

Dhakshi – Skillful or talented

Suha – Brightness or radiance

Thara – Star or celestial body

Yashita – Successful or victorious

Manvi – Intelligent or wise

Naina – Beautiful eyes

Hadhya – Guided or directed

Hanwika – Full of grace or elegance

Yanvika – One who is eager or enthusiastic

Sanvee – Melodious or musical

Tanya – Fairy queen or princess

Rishika – Saintly or spiritual

Srinika – Divine or heavenly

Hayati – Life or vitality

Mohitha – Infatuated or enchanted

Srisha – Goddess Lakshmi or auspicious

Laasya – Graceful or expressive dance

Aarohi – Ascending or climbing

Vedita – Wise or knowledgeable

Nihaswo – Cheerful or smiling

Lahithya – Enthusiastic or lively

Kundhana – Attractive or charming

Navya – New or fresh

Lahari – Wave or musical note

Advika – Unique or extraordinary

Dia – Divine or heavenly

Yoshitha – One who is revered or respected

Purvi – Eastern or early

Chersthita – Fulfilled or satisfied

Tanaya – Daughter or offspring

Avni – Earth or nature

Kanishka – Gold or golden

Sahaswi – Courageous or bold

Siri – Wealth or prosperity

Chinmay – Full of knowledge or consciousness

Vegmi – Energetic or dynamic

Chinnu – Little or small

Hanvi – Graceful or charming

Jasvika – Successful or victorious

Charani – Humble or obedient

Kushritha – Skilled or talented

Veksha – Growth or development

Gnapika – Wise or knowledgeable

Srikruti – Beautiful creation or art

Sahana – Patient or enduring

Retwika – Satisfied or contented

Moksha – Liberation or freedom

Vedasya – One who knows the Vedas

Dharshni – Vision or sight

Haasya – Humorous or funny

Tanvika – Delicate or slender

Lokya – Worldly or mundane

Yadvika – Noble or esteemed

Mansvi – Intelligent or wise

Vinni – Knowledge or learning

Jayasvi – Victorious or successful

Esha – Purity or innocence

Kushika – Sacred grass or herb

Kusumika – Flower-like or blossoming

Kanvi – Earth or land

Kushitha – Contented or satisfied

Eesha – Goddess or ruler

Vihanvi – Full of life or vitality

Thananya – Precious or beloved

Nandu – Joyful or blissful

Hamsika – Graceful or elegant

Manasri – Beautiful-minded or graceful

Danusri – Skilled with a bow or archery

Bavishya – Future or tomorrow

Netra – Eye or vision

Thikshitha – Active or energetic

Cheshvika – Bright or radiant

Kushalini – Skillful or proficient

Thishika – Sharp or keen

Hanu – Swan or graceful

Chaarvi – Beautiful or lovely

Shanaya – First ray of sunlight or gentle

Daksha – Skillful or capable

Kushvika – Blossoming or flourishing

Himansi – Snowy or frosty

Monvee – Intelligent or wise

Paa – Goddess or divine

Vedika – Altar or sacred space

Rudvika – Bright or shining

Kushvitha – Intelligent or knowledgeable

Mokshita – Liberated or enlightened

Jiya – Heart or soul

Karunya – Compassionate or merciful

Lishita – Wise or learned

Tanvitha – Bright or radiant

Saesha – With great desire or longing

Anu – Atom or small

Dolly – Cute or pretty

Thaswika – Melodious or harmonious

Laswika – Luminous or shining

Hasya – Laughter or humor

Vedasri – Goddess of knowledge or wisdom

Thansika – Peaceful or tranquil

Heshika – Ray of sunlight or brilliance

Tharunika – Young or youthful

Jasrita – Adorned or decorated

Kusumanjali – Offering of flowers

Laksha – Aim or target

Hanya – Graceful or elegant

Himasri – Cool or snowy beauty

Rushika – Saintly or spiritual

Nansi – Graceful or charming

Taanya – Of the family or belonging to the family

Laya – Rhythm or melody

Chirasvi – Long-lived or eternal

Nyra – Beauty or grace

Moxika – Sweet or pleasing

Lasya – Graceful or expressive dance

Megha – Cloud or rain

Rashi – Zodiac sign or constellation

Anshu – Ray of light or sunshine

Charvika – Beautiful or lovely

Srihita – Well-wisher or benefactor

Sumahi – Wise or intelligent

Veditha – Known or understood

Saina – Princess or noble-born

Yasasvi – Famous or renowned

Yoshika – Young or youthful

Anusvi – Radiant or shining

Pujysrita – Revered or worshipped

Monasri – Beautiful mind or graceful

Srihansi – Auspicious or fortunate

Livya – Strong or powerful

Gunasri – Virtuous or excellent

Vaishu – Intelligent or bright

Anya – Gracious or merciful

Mancy – Seer or prophet

Punaaravika – Renewed or refreshed

Veekshika – Observer or spectator

Lavany – Beauty or attractiveness

Dhanvika – Archer or skilled with a bow

Venya – Lovable or dear

Danya – Gift or present

Aviksha – Unpredictable or mysterious

Raa – Radiant or shining

Gaanavi – Melodious or musical

Ganvika – Full of grace or charm

Charita – Virtuous or good-hearted

Koshika – Fortified or protected

Khanvika – Agile or nimble

Harshita – Joyful or delighted

Chinni – Sweet or small

Dhanya – Blessed or fortunate

Honey – Sweetness or endearment

Thanya – Encouragement or support

Sahasritha – Thousand-fold or abundant

Disha – Direction or guidance

Haasini – Smiling or cheerful

Heshrita – Desired or cherished

Driti – Determination or perseverance

Srihani – Auspicious or fortunate

Himanya – Snowy or frosty

Kushalika – Skilled or talented

Mokshika – Liberated or enlightened

Veekshita – Contemplated or observed

Rohitha – Red or radiant

Veda – Knowledge or wisdom

Dhanika – Wealthy or prosperous

Chakrika – Radiant or shining

Monisri – Intelligent or wise

Joshvika – Enthusiastic or energetic

Neehancy – Modest or humble

Aanya – Gracious or merciful

Vihana – Morning or dawn

Danvika – Giving or generous

Harni – Deer or graceful

Gananvi – Leader or chief

Rishita – Wise or knowledgeable

Dhara – Earth or nature

Eshitha – Desired or cherished

Chanvika – Moonlight or shining

Janani – Mother or nurturer

Jeswitha – Loved or adored

Diya – Lamp or light

Thanshi – Gentle or delicate

Jodha – Warrior or conqueror

Veeha – Sky or heaven

Mahati – Great or majestic

Shanvee – Auspicious or fortunate

Cherishma – Cherished or beloved

Puviksha – Blossoming or flourishing

Punarvi – Renewed or revived

Shaanvi – Respected or admired

Pragna – Wise or intelligent

Yanshi – Part of a whole or fragment

Gnanshika – Knowledgeable or wise

Yasawi – Radiant or shining

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