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Sikh Boys Name

Sikh Girls Names

Choosing the right name for a child has always been a meaningful endeavor for parents. This well-liked compilation of Popular Sikh Boys Names Starting with N is here to assist you in discovering the ideal name for your newborn. This list of Sikh names for boys comprises charming, modern, distinct, and lovely options. We have confidence that you’ll discover the perfect name among these suggestions.

List of Sikh Boys Names Starting with N

NaamadharSupport of naam7
NaamadolUnwavering in naam7
NaamaharOne who is sustained by Naam3
NaamanandOne who finds bliss in naam9
NaambhagatA devotee of the Lord5
NaambirBrave who remembers the Lord4
NaamcheetRemembering the Lord's name7
NaamchetanAware of naam8
NaamdarshanVision of naam4
NaamdheerSteadfast in naam6
NaamdhianAbsorbed in naam11
NaamdhunMelody of naam4
NaamjeevanOne whose life is Naam alone5
NaamjodhWarrior absorbed in naam3
NaamjogUnion with naam7
NaamjotLight of name2
NaamnidhanTreasure of naam7
NaamniranjanOne as immaculate as naam11
NaamnivasDwelling in naam4
NaamprakashRadiating the light of Naam4
NaampreetLove for Naam; One who loves the Lords being3
NaamramanOne absorbed in naam4
NaamrangImbued in naam6
NaamsaihajTranquillity in naam5
NaamsangatOne who longs to be in naam1
NaamshantFinding peace through naam1
NaamsharanShelter of naam9
NaamteerathThe holy place of Naam7
NaamuttamExalted in naam5
NaamvicharReflection on consciousness9
NabdeepLight; The ever new light; New lamp;11
NaganderThe Sun1
NaginderLord of mountain9
NaginderbirBrave mountain11
NaindeepEyes full of light5
NaininderGod in the eyes7
NaintaarEyes full of light6
NaitarpalProtector of the eyes11
NamgeetOne whose life is the song of naam11
NamitpalHumble protector5
NamjeetA victory of Lord's name5
NamjeevOne who lives absorbed in naam; Poet; Saint7
NamleenAbsorbed in the Lord's essence1
NampalProtector of naam3
NampreetLove for Naam; One who loves the Lords being11
NampremLove for the name of God8
NamratanJewel of a name1
NamritabirHumble and brave6
NamritadeepHumble lamp7
NamritajeetVictory of politeness8
NamritajotLight of humbleness4
NamritameetModest friend11
NamritapreetLove for humbleness5
NanakdevOf God's family9
NandanbirBrave son5
NandanjeetA victory of the son7
NandanjotLight of the son3
NandanpreetLoving son4
NanveerLight of the mind7
NarainA godly person3
NaranjanSupreme being of pure light1
NardevA god-like person1
NarendraThe leader of all human beings; King of men; The king3
NareshbirBrave king4
NareshjeetVictorious king6
NareshpalProtector of king4
NarinderThe leader of all human beings; King of men; The king11
NarinderbirBrave king4
NarinderdeepKings lamp5
NarinderjotKings light11
NarinderpalProtector of a Man of the God of Heaven4
NaritpalProtector of king1
NarjeetWinner; Ruler of heart1
NarjodhGreat warrior7
NarleetImbued with king3
NarpreetLove for human being7
NarsevIn the service of humanity7
NarveerBrave person11
NarvinderBrave Lord6
NatherWarner; Eyes6
NavaljyotA new Ray of light3
NavbirThe new warrior3
NavdeepLight; The ever new light; New lamp;4
NaveenjeetNovel victory11
NaveenjotNovel light7
NavijeetEver-fresh victory5
NavinderBrave Lord6
NavjeetThe new victory5
NavjeevThe ever fresh life7
NavjeevanEverfresh life4
NavjinderEverfresh Lord7
NavjodhNovel warrior11
NavjotThe new light; Always bright1
NavkiranNew; The Sunrays of motivation9
NavkiranjeetNovel victory4
NavmeetNovel friend8
NavnihalThe youth9
NavpreetNew Love11
Navpreet Singh5
NavpremNoble Love8
NavrajTune; New rule3
NavreetFresh ritual; Angel4
NavroopNew generation11
NavtejNew light9
NayandeepLight of the eye4
NazarpreetLove for sight7
NeelamberBlue sky; God of Sky3
NeelambirSapphire warrior7
NeelamjeetVictory of sapphire9
NeelamjotLight of sapphire5
NeelampaulPreserver of Sapphire1
NeelampreetLove for sapphire6
NeerajpaulProtector of lotus4
NeetipalProtector of law1
NehchalbirImmovable warrior8
NehchaljotImmovable light6
NehchalpreetOne whose love is true7
NehchaltekOne whose faith in God is steadfast6
NekdeepNoble lamp6
NekinderDecent king8
NekjeetNoble victory7
NekjotNoble light3
NeknamGood conduct22
NekpaalProtector of nobility6
NekroopOf noble form4
NihchalbirFirm and brave3
NihchaljeetFirm victory5
NihchaljotFirm light1
NihchalmeetFirm friend8
NihchalpreetFirm Love11
NihchalpremFirm Love8
NihchaltekFirm support1
NimaiAdjusted; Ascetic1
NimmapreetLove for modesty6
NimmardeepModest lamp8
NinderOne who sleeps well1
NinderbirBrave with good sleep3
NinderjeetVictorious with good sleep5
NinderjotLight of good sleep1
NinderpaulPreserver of good sleep6
NirWater. one of the five elements of the world. it is the essence of life5
NirbhauWithout fear; Fearless1
NirmalbirHoly and brave6
NirmalcheetPure consciousness; One whose heart is holy9
NirmalchitPure consciousness; One whose heart is holy8
NirmaldeepHoly lamp7
NirmaldharamReligious holy virtues4
NirmaljasGod's holy praises7
NirmaljeetVictory of purity8
NirmaljeevHoly being1
NirmaljogUnion with the holy one9
NirmaljotImmaculate; Pure light4
NirmalkaramOne whose actions are holy3
NirmalpreetPure Love5
NirmalpremPure Love11
NirmalsevPerforming holy service5
NirmaltekSupport of holy one4
NirmolWithout price; Priceless; Invaluable9
NirvairOne who is without enmity; Hate1
NischaijeetSure victory4
NitnamCeaselessly remembers the Lord8
NoordeepA lamp of light11
NoordevDivine light3
NoorneetEternal divine light7
NoorpreetLove for divine light9
NoulakhOf nine hundred thousand1
NripinderLord of kings8
NripjotLight of king3

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