Popular Sikh Boys Names Starting with M


Sikh Boy Names

Choosing the right name for a child has always been a meaningful endeavor for parents. This well-liked compilation of Popular Sikh Boys Names Starting with M is here to assist you in discovering the ideal name for your newborn. This list of Sikh names for boys comprises charming, modern, distinct, and lovely options. We have confidence that you’ll discover the perfect name among these suggestions.

List of Sikh Boys Names Starting with M

MadanbirBrave and lovable8
MadankirpalKing of Public1
MadanpalCupid; God of Love8
MadhupreetLove for Honey; Sweet3
MadhurbainSweet words1
MadhuwantSweet like Honey6
MahabirMost courageous among men7
MahanbhagatExalted devotee4
MahanbirA mighty and brave warrior3
MahandeepThe lamp of exalted light4
MahandevThe highest God5
MahandharamGreat religion1
MahangeetGreat songs11
MahanjeetGlorious victory5
MahanjeevanThe exalted way of life4
MahanleenDeeply absorbed in devotion1
MahanpalGreat protector3
MahanpremTrue Love of God8
MahanteerathGreatest holy place6
MahantekTalking support of God1
MahantripatFully contented4
MahanveerThe mighty and brave warrior6
MahatamGlory; Greatness3
MahekpreetFragrance of Love3
MahendraThe great God Indra (the God of the Sky), Lord Indra, Lord of the Sky1
MaherbaniWord of the headman8
MaheshinderLord Shiva; Maha - greatPowerfulSupreme + Ish = God + Inder - supreme God5
MahindarGod of Gods5
MahinderGod of all Gods9
MahinderjeetGod's victory4
MahinderjotGod's light9
MahinderpalProtector of the Lord of the Earth11
MahinderpreetLove of God1
MahipalA king6
MahtaabMoonlight; Adored; The Moon1
MahtabMoonlight; Adored; The Moon9
MajaalWorthy one11
ManasdeepLight of human being6
ManasjeetThe victory of a human being7
ManaspreetLove for humanity4
ManaspremLove for humanity1
ManasroopEmbodiment of humanity4
ManaswantFamous human being7
ManavdeepLight of humanity9
ManavinderLord of humanity11
ManavjeetVictory of humanity1
ManavjotLight of humanity6
ManavmeetFriend of humanity4
ManavpreetLove of humanity7
ManbirBrave heart3
ManchetOne who remembers God1
MandeepLight of the mindLight of sages4
MandevGod of mind5
MandipLight of the mindLight of sages3
ManeetOne who wins the heart; Highly respected; Highly regarded; Celebrated; Understood22
MangalAuspicious; Welfare; Joy; Another name for Agni and Mars3
MangaljeetAuspicious victory7
MangaljotLight of bliss3
MangalpreetAuspicious Love4
MangalpremAuspicious Love1
MangjitAsked from God11
ManinderLord of the mind6
ManinderbirBrave Lord of mind8
ManinderdeepLight of the Lord of mind9
ManinderjitOne who conquers Lord of mind9
ManinderjotLight of Lord of Mind6
ManinderpalSoul protected by God of heaven8
ManinderpreetLove for Lord of Mind7
ManinderpremLove for Lord of mind4
ManipalGreat speech3
ManjaapMind of voice2
ManjeevTo live like truthful mind7
ManjinderpalProtector of Lord of mind9
ManjitConqueror of the mindConqueror of knowledge22
ManjotLight of your heart1
MankaranStrong-willed & self sufficient1
ManmeetFriend of mind8
ManmohanPleasing; Lord Krishna7
ManoharOne who wins over mind; Loveable; Charming; Another name for Lord Krishna7
ManohardeepCharming lamp1
ManoharjeetVictory of charm11
ManoharjotCharming light7
ManoharpalProtector of the charming9
ManojpreetLove for truthful heart9
ManpaulProtector of heart6
ManpreetPrettyEye catching11
ManrajRuler of the heart3
ManshaantOne with a peaceful heart1
MansukhPleasure of mind6
MantejGlorious soul9
MantekOptimistic on Man1
ManvirBrave heart5
ManwantStrong at heart5
ManwantbirWarrior with a strong heart7
ManwantpalProtector of the strong heart7
Markandeyadevotee to Lord Shiva; A sage who wrote Devi Mahatmyam3
MaskeenHumble; Meek; Obedient5
MastaanIntoxicated with the elixir of God; The guy who always have fun6
MastakForehead; Pinnacle; Another name for Shiva11
MastpremAbsorbed in the Love of God6
MastroopAn embodiment of absorption in God9
MastveerCarfree and brave4
MatinderLord of wisdom3
MeetpalProtector of friends9
MeetraajKingdom of friends1
MeharbaanMerciful and kind9
MeharbanMerciful and kind8
MeharbhagatKind devotee3
MeharbhoopMerciful king11
MehardharamKindness of God9
MeharjeetOne winning the mercy of God4
Meharmeetmerciful and kind friend7
MeharpalProtected by kindness11
MeharpreetKind Love1
MeharpremKind Love7
MehartekTaking support of God's grace9
MeherbaniMasters word3
Mehpreetmind filled with love1
MehranshGod gifted5
MithalFriendly; Friendship; Sweet9
MohanbirBeauteous and brave8
MohandeepCharming lamp9
MohanjeetThe victory.aspx'>victory of charm; Enticing victor1
MohanjitThe victory.aspx'>victory of charm; Enticing victor9
MohanjotBeauteous light6
MohanleenAbsorbed in the charm of God6
MohanmeetCharming friend4
MohanpalProtector of the charming8
MohanpreetLove of charm7
MohantekCharming support6
MohanveerBeauteous and brave11
MohanwantVery attractive1
MohenpalEnticing protector3
MohenpreetEnticing lover11
MohinderThe great Lord Indra; God of the Sky5
Mohinderjeetvictory of the charming king9
MohinderpalGuarding Lord Indra7
MohinderpratapKing of Country5
MohinderpreetLove of the charming king6
MontekOptimistic on Man6
MriginderLion king7
MuktbirEmancipated warrior4
MukundaName of Lord VishnuFreedom giver; Gem; Liberator22
MukundbirBrave Lord5
MukundjeetA victory of the Lord7
MukundpalProtected by the Lord5
MukundpreetLove for the Lord4
MukundpremLove for the Lord1
MundeepLight of mind6
MunleneAbsorbed in devotion3
MustakArdent; Longing; Forehead4

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