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Choosing the right name for a child has always been a meaningful endeavor for parents. This well-liked compilation of Popular Sikh Boys Names Starting with J is here to assist you in discovering the ideal name for your newborn. This list of Sikh names for boys comprises charming, modern, distinct, and lovely options. We have confidence that you’ll discover the perfect name among these suggestions.

List of Sikh Boys Names Starting with J

JabarjangBrave on the battlefield1
JagThe universe; The Earth; World9
JaganUniverse; World6
JaganbirWarrior of the world8
JagandeepThe lamp of the world9
JaganinderKing of the world11
JagatjeetVictorious of the world7
JagatjeevWorldly life9
JagatjotLight of the world3
JagatmeetA friend of the world1
JagatmohanWorlds attraction9
JagatpremLove of the world1
JagatroopAn embodiment of the world4
JagdeepLight of the world3
JagdeesKing of the universe; Lord of the world or the creation; The Lord provider of the world6
JagdeshKing of the universe; Lord of the world or the creation; The Lord provider of the world4
JagdishwarLord; Provider of the world1
JaghrEnlightenment; Awaken; Derived from Jagna8
JaginderGod of heaven and earth5
JaginderpalPreserver of the world7
JagjeetWinner of the world22
JagjeevWorlds living6
JagjeevanWorldly life3
JagjinderGod of Heaven and Earth6
JagjitWinner of the world3
JagjotLight of the world9
JagmeetA friend of the world7
JagmeharThe kindness of the world9
JagpalWorld protector2
JagpatKing of the world1
JagpreetLove of the world1
JagpremLove of the world7
JagraajWorlds kingdom3
JagratanGem of the world9
JagreetWorlds way3
JagroopImage of world, Embodiment of the world1
JagroshanLight in the world3
JagrupImage of the world; Embodiement of the world1
JagtarOne who ferries people across the world-ocean3
JagtaranEmancipator of the world9
JagtekshwarLord of the world6
JagveerWarrior of the world; World winner5
JagvinderThe glory of the creation9
JagvirWarrior of the world; World winner4
JaibirStronger than strongest4
JaideepVictory of light5
JaikaarGlorious victory6
JaikiranRay of victory1
JaimalGarland of victory; Glory with the union of God1
JaipalKing; Lord Vishnu; Lord Brahma22
JaiprajLord of victory11
JaipratanJewel of victory9
JaipreetThe victory of Love; Lord of Uganda3
JaisangatThe victory of the holy person1
JaisukhbirVictorious; Happy brave9
JaitegVictory with sword7
JalenderLord of the water6
JalindraLord of the water6
JamailGlory with the union of God1
JanakpreetFathers Love11
JanalGod is gracious11
JanbaajWarrior of the world3
JaneeshLord of men leader; Master of men8
JangbahadurBrave on the battlefield6
JangbirBrave on the battlefield7
JangjeetOne who conquers the battlefield of the mind9
JangpartapValorous warrior5
JanjeetThe victory of the people2
JanjotLight of the people7
JanpalFosterer of the people9
JanpreetOne who loves people8
JanpremOne who loves people5
JanrajA brave one who remembers God9
JapbirA brave one who remembers God11
JapdharamRemembering righteous path9
JapdheerSteadfast by remembering God4
JapinderIn appreciation of God, Praise of God5
JapjeetVictory of adoration22
JapjotOne awakening in the light of meditation9
JapmanMeditative mind1
JapmantMeditation on Lords word; Remembering God's friend3
JapnaamOne who meditates on God2
JapneetAbsorbed in adoration8
JapnirantarCeaselessly meditation5
JapnoorChanting; Illumination; Worshipper of Eternal Light8
JapujiThe word of God22
JarnailThe commanding officer11
JasandeepLights of happiness3
JasanjeetRenowned victory22
JasanjotRenowned light9
JasanmeetA friend of the renowned7
JasanpalProtector of the renowned2
JasanpreetRenowned love; Love of one who will go1
JasbeerVictorious hero; Powerful6
JasbhagatA devotee who sings God's praises6
JasbhoopKing with glory5
JasbinderLord of glory1
JasdayalGlory of kindness1
JasdeepThe lamp radiating God's glories; Lamp of glory6
JasgunJas mean famous, Gun mean quality9
JasgurkirtatPraise of God11
JashanpreetRenowned love; Love of one who will go9
JasjeevTo live with glory9
JasjeevanLove with Life6
JasjotGlorious light3
JaskaranFaithful; Person who Sings Praises of God; Praised by Everyone3
JaskeeratOne who sings praises of the Lord; Love; Pyar; Never shortage of money9
JaskiranLight of glory11
JaskiratOne who sings praises of the Lord; Love; Pyar; Never shortage of money8
JaskiritPraises of the Lord7
JaskirpalThe glory of the kind God7
JaskirtanSing hymns of praise4
JaslokGreat and glorious people5
JasmailGlory with the union of God2
JasmanvirRepresentative of Guru8
JasmineName of a flowering plant; Fragrant8
JasminjeetVictory of flower7
JasminpreetLove of flower4
JasmohanOne who praises God9
JasmohinderThe glory of the Lord8
JasnaadWorshiper of God5
JasnamOne singing the glories of naam4
JasneetGood intentions rewarded with God's grace2
JaspalPraise of the glorious protector; Lord Krishna; Guarded by fame1
JaspaulGlorious protector8
JaspremLove of glory1
JasrajpreetLove with kingdom and praise6
JasroopEmbodiment of glory4
JastaranFloating in glory3
JasveerGet victory; Hero of fame; Famous personality8
JasvinderLord of glory3
JasvirGet victory; Hero of fame; Famous personality7
JaswinderLords glory4
JatinderOne who has conquered the five evils; One who can conquer Lord Indra or Lord of the conqueror9
JatinderbirBrave as the Lord11
JatinderdeepThe pure lamp of the Lord3
JatinderjeetA pure victory of the Lord4
JatinderjotLight of the Lord9
JatindermeetA good friend of the Lord7
JazzdeepsinghDeep rocking6
JeevanLife; Life-giving; Bringer of life3
JeevanbirLife of brave5
JeevanjeetVictorious in life7
JeevanjotLight of life3
JespalPraise of the glorious protector9
JhaganCross over water; Ford worldly cares5
JhagarPass through worldly cares9
JhamakTwinkle; Shimmer8
JitenderOne who has conquered the five evils; One who can conquer Lord Indra or Lord of the conqueror4
JivanLife; Life-giving; Bringer of life2
JivandeepThe lamp of life7
JiwanpalFosterer of life5
JiwanpreetLove of life4
JobanEnjoys cleanliness6
JobandeepYoung Ray of hope9
JobanroopEmbodiment of beauty7
JobanveerBrave and charming11
JobanwantFull of charm1
JodhpalBrave protector3
JogdhiaanAttain union with God6
JogenderRuler of yogis6
JogindarEstablishing union with God; Lord Shiva9
JoginderEstablishing a union with God1
JoginderbirBrave; Who is master of Yoga3
JogindermeetFriendly with a master of Yoga8
JoginderpalPreserver of Yoga3
JoginderpreetLove for the master of Yoga11
JogishwarMaster of Yoga11
JogprakashUnion with the light7
JogvichaarReflections to attain union with God4
JorawarStrong and powerful5
JotipalFosterer of light11
JotipreetLove of light1
JotniranjanImmaculate light9
JotnivaasOne who resides in a light3
JotprakashRadiating the divine light11
JotsaroopAn embodiment of beauteous light3
JugaadOne who is there since ages8
JuginderLord of the age7
JugrajPatient; Meticulous Person22
JujharOne who struggles5
JupinderReciting the name of God7
JupinderbirBrave who recites the name of God9
JupinderdeepLight with the recitation of God's name1
JupinderjitVictory with the name of God1
JupinderjotLight with the recitation of God's Name7
JupindermeetA friend who recites the name of God; Love for the recitation of God's name5
JusdeepLamp of glory8
JusmailGlorious union with God22
JuspaulProtector of glory1
JusveerFamous and brave1
JyotdeepLamps light1

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