Different Names of Lord Vishnu

Different Names of Lord Vishnu

AchyutImperishable; A name of Lord Vishnu; Indestructible6
AdinathThe first Lord; Lord Vishnu3
AdiseshLord Vishnu; The divine serpent11
AjiteshLord Vishnu; Lord of the unconquerable9
AkshajLord Vishnu; A diamond; A thunderbolt; A name of Vishnu5
AkshobhyaLord Vishnu; Immovable one9
AmeyaatmaaManifests in infinite varieties; Lord Vishnu9
AmeyatmaManifests in infinite varieties; Lord Vishnu7
AmoghahEver useful; Magnificent8
AmritayaThe immortal; Lord Vishnu7
AnantajeetThe victor of infinity; Lord Vishnu; Ever victorious Lord1
BadriLord Vishnu;7
BalajiAnother name of the Hindu Lord Venkata Chalapathi (Tirupathi), A name of Lord Vishnu8
BaliA mighty warriorBravePowerful; Strength; Offering6
BhudhavLord Vishnu; Bhu - Earth, Dhav - Lord3
BhuvaneshThe Lord of the world; Lord Vishnu1
ChakradevLord Vishnu, Lord of Chakra, i.e. discus, Name of Vishnu1
ChakradharLord Vishnu, The one who bears the Chakra1
ChakrapaniName of Lord Vishnu1
ChakreshName of Lord Vishnu1
ChaturbhujOne who has four arms, Lord Ganesh4
ChhatrabhujLord Vishnu, One who has four arms1
EeshvarahHe who can do anything without any help; The ultimate God6
EhaLord Vishnu; In this place; Here; Now; At this time5
EkaMatchless; Alone; Unique; Goddess Durga; The bestChiefExcellentFirst; One8
EkanaLord Vishnu5
EvyavanLord Vishnu; An epithet of Vishnu; Going quickly; Granting desire on one object9
GadhadharName of Lord Vishnu7
HariThe Sun; Man; GreenLightMoon; Another name for IndraBrahma Vishnu and Shiva9
HarinarayanLord Vishnu, Nar means person, Narayan then is the primal person + Hari is God in action both through creating and destroying11
HarinathaMaha Vishnu8
HariomLord Vishnu; Name of Brahman1
HemangOne with shining body3
HiranyaGoldGolden; Wealth4
HrishikeshOne who controls senses6
IdaspatiGod of rain (Lord Vishnu)7
IjayLord Vishnu9
IndivarBlue lotus5
Ineshstrong king1
IshGod; Lord VishnuDivine; Master of the universe; Ruler; Virile; Pious; Compelling virile; Fast; Avestan wish9
JagannathLord of the world4
JaipalKing; Lord Vishnu; Lord Brahma22
JaithraLord Vishnu; Leading to victory4
JanamejayLord VishnuVictorious from birth8
JanardanLord Krishna; One who helps people; Liberator from the cycle of birth and death9
JanardhanaLord Krishna; One who helps people; Liberator from the cycle of birth and death9
JayantaLord VishnuVictorious in the end; The Moon; Name of a son of Indra and Shachee; One of the Adityas; Another name for VishnuShiva & Skand9
JayapalKing; Lord Vishnu; Lord Brahma3
JinaTo live; Lord Vishnu7
JyesthaStar name; Eldest daughter; A Nakshatra; The eldest; Lord Vishnu7
KamalakarLord Vishnu; A lake where Lotus grows6
KamalapatiLord Vishnu, Consort of Kamala (Kamala - Lakshmi)4
KamalkantLord Vishnu, Consort of Kamala3
KamalnathLord Vishnu, Lord of Kamala9
KeshavName of Lord Krishna; Lord Venkateswara; Lord Vishnu; Long Haired; Slayer of Keshi demon3
KeshavaName of Lord Krishna; Lord Venkateswara; Lord Vishnu; Long Haired; Slayer of Keshi demon22
KumudLotusJoy of the EarthWater lily; Another name for Vishnu7
KundaMusk; Jasmine6
LakshmidharLord Vishnu, Possessor of Lakshmi, Name for Vishnu5
LakshmipatiLord Vishnu, Consort of Goddess Lakshmi11
LiladharLord Vishnu; One who indulges in play; Pastime; An epithet of Krishna; Epithet of Vishnu11
LohitakshLord Vishnu; Red-eyed4
LohitakshaLord Vishnu; Red-eyed5
LoknathLord of the world9
MadhavaAnother name of Lord KrishnaSweet like honey5
MadhubanLord VishnuFlower garden1
MahakramLord Vishnu; He provides easy step-by-step access to the elevation of his devotees3
MahatruLord Vishnu; Greatest of the great; Name of Shiva; To be honored1
MahendraThe great God Indra (the God of the Sky), Lord Indra, Lord of the Sky1
MantramHoly name; Lord Vishnu8
MukundName of Lord VishnuFreedom giver; Gem; Liberator3
NamishLord Vishnu; Courteous1
NarahariLord Vishnu; Man-Lion; Vishnu is the fourth incarnation7
NarasimhaAn incarnation of Lord VishnuLion among men3
NarayanLord Vishnu; Refuge of man11
NarayanaLord Vishnu; Refuge of man3
NarayananTitle of Lord Vishnu8
NarottamBest among men; Lord Vishnu3
NikeshSri Maha Vishnu3
NityantaLord Vishnu5
PadmakarJewel; Lord Vishnu11
PadmanaabhahHe from whose navel comes the lotus7
PadmanabhOne with Lotus in his navel; Lord Vishnu6
PadmanabhaOne with Lotus in his navel; Lord Vishnu7
PadmapatiLord Vishnu, Consort of Padma (Padma - Lakshmi)9
PadmeshLord Vishnu, Consort of Padma3
ParashuramThe sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu8
ParmeshLord Shiva; Lord Vishnu8
PhanindranathLord Vishnu; The Lord of the cosmic serpent Shesh11
PitambarLord Vishnu; Yellow robed8
PrajaapatihThe Lord of all creatures11
PramodanLord Vishnu; Excessive joy; One of the eight perfections in the Sankhya philosophy; Pleasure personified as a child of Brahma; A strong perfume; Name of an attendant of Skand; Name of a Nag1
PranshuTall; Lord VishnuHigh7
PurshottamLord VishnuBest among men7
RajatanabhiVery rich; Lord Vishnu4
RamLord Rama; God; Supreme spirit5
RamakantLord Vishnu, Consort of Rama7
RamakantaLord Vishnu, Consort of Rama8
RanganathLord VishnuChief of sports; Lord of paints; Lord of LoveVishnu on the Serpent3
RatannabhaLord Vishnu; With a Jewelled nave8
RatnabhuLord VishnuBeautiful navel4
RatnanidhiLord Vishnu; Ratna - Jewel + Nidhi - a treasure; Store; The ocean; A Man endowed with many good qualities; An epithet of Vishnu and Shiva; A divine treasure belonging to Kuber8
RishikeshOne who controls senses; Lord Vishnu7
SadabinduLord Vishnu; Sada- eternally + Bindu - particle3
SadruLord Vishnu9
SahishnuLord Vishnu; Who calmly endures duality9
SamarendraLord Vishnu; War God4
SamarenduLord VishnuWinner of a battle6
SamarjitWinner of the battle; Victorious in war or Lord Vishnu; One who has conquered lust1
SamavartLord Vishnu, One who expertly whirls the wheel of Samsara5
SamenduLord Vishnu; Like the Moon (Sama + Indu)5
SaprathasLord Vishnu; Effective or sounding or shining far and wide4
SarnginName of Lord Vishnu1
SarvagnyThe all knowing; Lord Vishnu8
SatanandLord Vishnu; Name of the sage Gautama; Name of the son of Gautama; Joy of truth2
SatindraLord Vishnu; Lord of truth5
SatkartarLord Vishnu; Doer; Walker of the truth1
SatveerLord Vishnu; Champion of truth9
SatyahThe truth; Only existence; Consciousness2
SavyaLord Vishnu; Left hand; Southern; Reverse; Name of an Aangirasa; An epithet of Vishnu5
ShaligramLord Vishnu; Refers to a fossilised shell7
ShankhapaniLord Vishnu, The one who bears the Shankh in his hand3
ShankhinLord Vishnu, The one who bears the Shankh3
SharuLord Vishnu; An arrow; Dart; The thunderbolt of Indra; The weapon of the maruts; Passion; Epithet of Vishnu22
SharvasLord Vishnu; The auspicious7
ShesanandLord Vishnu; Delighting serpent Shesh; Another name of Vishnu4
ShipiristLord Vishnu1
ShreemaanHe who is always with Shree, Consort of Goddess Shree (Goddess Lakshmi); A respectable person3
ShreerangLord VishnuHoly color; Name of Vishnu; Name of Shiva; Name of a king who founded the city of Seringapatam; Name of a Vaishnava temple near Trichinopoly5
ShridharLord Vishnu, Consort of Goddess Lakshmi4
ShrihanLord VishnuHandsome5
ShrikantAn epithet of Lord Vishnu, God of wealth or Lord Vishnu or Consort of Goddess LakshmiBeautiful; Lord Shiva; Of glorious neck1
ShrikarGiving good fortune, Lord Vishnu3
ShrimatAuspicious; Lord Vishnu; Revered7
ShrinandLord Vishnu or Lord Krishna6
ShrinathLord Shrinathji; Lord Vishnu (consort of Goddess Lakshmi)7
ShriniketanLord Vishnu; Abode of beautyLotus flower; Abode of Lakshmi; Epithet of Vishnu11
ShrinivasLord Venkateshwara; Residence of Goddess of wealth; Abode of wealth11
ShripadLord VishnuDivine feet3
ShripalLord Krishna; Lord Vishnu11
ShripatiLord Vishnu, Consort of Shri (Shri - Lakshmi)1
ShriramLord RamaPleasing; Rejoicing; Charming and beautiful5
ShrirangaLord VishnuHoly colour; Name of Vishnu; Name of Shiva; Name of a king who founded the city of Seringapatam; Name of a Vaishnava temple near Trichinopoly5
ShriranjanLord Vishnu; Amusing Lakshmi; Epithet of Vishnu4
ShrishLord of wealth; Lord Vishnu9
ShrishaGoddess of wealth, Lord Vishnu, Lord of fortune1
ShrivarahLord Vishnu; Consort of Shri; The divine boar5
ShrivasLord Vishnu; Dwelling with Shree; Epithet of Vishnu; Epithet of Shiva; A Lotus6
ShrivatsaLord VishnuBeloved of Sri9
ShriyansFame giver and Lucky; Wealthy5
ShuchihHe who is spotlessly clean4
SomasindhuLord VishnuOcean of Soma; Epithet of Vishnu; Soma - a name of an Apsara; HeavenSky; As famous as the Moon6
SourishLord Vishnu; The Lord of the Suras or Devas, It can also mean the greatest of those who bestow good1
SreenikeshLord Vishnu, Sri Maha Vishnu5
SrivarLord Venkateswara; Lord Vishnu6
StavyaLord Vishnu; Who is being praised by everybody7
StotriLord Vishnu; Praising; Epithet of Vishnu11
SudhanvanLord Vishnu; He who has a splendid bow5
SuparnLord Vishnu; Who has beautiful wings8
SurajivLord VishnuDivine Rajiv1
SurbhupLord Vishnu; Tone6
SuseshWith good armies (Lord Vishnu)1
SuyamunLord Vishnu; Who is attended by the people dwelling on the banks of Yamuna6
SuyatiLord Vishnu, One who has controlled his passions, Epithet of Vishnu5
SvaminLord Vishnu; A Proprietor; A Lord; A King; A husband or lover; A spiritual preceptor; An ascetic; A learned man; A religious man of the highest order; Name of Kartikeya; Name of Vishnu; Name of Shiva; Name of the Muni Vaatsyaayana6
SvarLord Vishnu; The SunHeavenWorld of Gods; The Sky; The region of the planets and constellations; A mystical word pronounced after Om and before the Gayatri by every Brahman in commencing his daily prayers; Sound; Voice; Tone; Tune6
TapasranjanLord Vishnu; Tapas - penance, Ranjan - one who gives pleasure; Entertains; Exciting passion; Delighting; Befriending; Coloring7
TaranRaft; Heaven; Thunder; Earth; Another name for VishnuRose; Another name for Vishnu9
TirthankarA Jain saint; Lord Vishnu3
TrilokeshLord Shiva, Lord of the three worlds9
TrinabhLord Vishnu; One whose navel supports the three worlds9
TrivikramLord Vishnu; One whose three strides covered the whole world4
UchadevLord VishnuSuperior God; An epithet of Vishnu or Krishna1
UdarathiLord VishnuRising; An epithet of Vishnu1
UddiranLord Vishnu, The Lord who is higher than all beings8
UpendraAn element7
UtpalakshLord Vishnu; Utpal - open wide, Aksh - eyes1
VaikhanLord Vishnu; One whose consumption has a strange pattern as he devours the whole universe during pralaya3
VamanThe short; Fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu6
VaradarajAnother name of Lord Vishnu4
VaradrajLord Vishnu; Varada - conferring a boon, Raj - king3
VarishLord Vishnu; Sleeping on the ocean; Name of Vishnu5
VasudevFather of Lord Krishna; God of wealth22
VatsinAnother name of Lord Vishnu; Fertile; One with many children22
VedatmanLord VishnuSoul of the Veda; Another name for Vishnu8
VenkatLord Vishnu; Lord Krishna; Existing; Natural; Divine1
VenkateshName of Lord Vishnu6
VidhuLord VishnuIntelligent1
VikraminLord Vishnu; Valour7
ViksarThe anthor name for Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna; To flow out8
VikunthLord Vishnu, The one who resides in Vaikunt6
VirochanMoonFireBrilliant; Illuminating; Another name for Surya and Vishnu9
VishatanLord Vishnu; Setting free; Delivering; Name of Vishnu4
VishnahpuLord Vishnu, As pure as Vishnu1
VishnuLord Vishnu; Root; To pervade; The preserver of the Hindu Holy Trinity; Has ten incarnations including Ram, Krishna and Buddha3
VishodhanLord Vishnu; The act of purifying; Freeing from defect; One who finds own soul and self; Name of Vishnu1
VishvadharLord Vishnu, The one who bears the universe4
VishvahetuLord Vishnu; Cause of the universe9
VishvanabhLord Vishnu; Lord of the universe7
VishvayonihThe womb of the universe8
VithalaLord VishnuFortune giver1
VitthalLord VishnuFortune giver11
YajnadharLord Vishnu1
YajneshLord Vishnu; Lord of worship or sacrifice; Epithet of Vishnu; Epithet of Sun1
YamahilLord Vishnu6
YathavanLord Vishnu11

Lord Vishnu, one of the principal deities in Hinduism, is revered by a multitude of names and titles that reflect his various attributes and incarnations. Some of the different names of Lord Vishnu include:

  1. Narayana: Signifying his role as the refuge and abode of all beings.
  2. Hari: Emphasizing his role as the remover of sins and the one who bestows salvation.
  3. Krishna: Highlighting his dark complexion and his incarnation as Lord Krishna.
  4. Govinda: Referring to him as the protector of cows and the lord of the universe.
  5. Vasudeva: Recognizing him as the son of Vasudeva.
  6. Jagannath: Depicting him as the lord of the universe.
  7. Vishnu Deva: Acknowledging him as the god of gods.
  8. Janardana: Highlighting his role as the protector of mankind.
  9. Trivikrama: Representing his form as the cosmic dwarf Vamana during his incarnation.
  10. Ananta: Signifying his infinite and timeless nature as the eternal one.

These names and titles celebrate Lord Vishnu’s diverse attributes, roles, and incarnations in Hinduism, and they are invoked in prayers, chants, and devotional hymns by his devotees.

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