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If you’re in quest of Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with J along with their meanings, you’ve arrived at the ideal destination. Hindu male names starting with ‘J’ carry a rich cultural legacy and express profound meanings. Ranging from classical to modern, these names encompass diverse virtues, attributes, and symbols that reflect the core of Indian culture and spirituality.

List of Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with J

JaabirConsoler; Comforter; The person who have religious5
JaafarRivulet; River; Stream; Little creek1
JaagravAlert; Awake; Watchful; Sun, another name for Agni6
JaahRespect; Rank11
JaahnavHindu Rishi who kept Ganga on his legs3
JaapakMeditative; Muttering prayers4
JabaarGiant or almighty6
JabalMountain; Ibn Yazid8
JabanSoft hearted; Tenderness of1
JabarjangBrave on the battlefield1
JabbarCompeller; Comforter; Compelled7
JabezGod will increase your boundary8
JabirConsoler; Comforter22
JaboahDeepak; Light1
JabrCompulsion; Name of a companion4
JabrilArabic form of Gabriel; An Angel7
JadCurly; Frizzled6
Jad AllahGift of God22
JadabendraJadav + Lord Indra means Lord Krishna & Lord Indra6
JadadharLord Shiva, The one having matted hair11
JadhavA yadava1
JadwalBrook; Rivulet6
JafarRivulet; River; Stream; Little creek9
JaffarSacred water from the heavens6
JafriYellow flower8
JagThe universe; The Earth; World9
JagachandraMoon of the universe5
JagadUniverse; World5
JagadayuLifespring of the universe7
JagadbanduLord Krishna; Friend; Relative of the whole world11
JagadeepLight of the world4
JagadeeshGod of the world, Lord of the world6
JagadeshKing of the universe; Lord of the world or the creation1
JagadeshaGod, Master of the universe11
JagadevLord of the world5
JagadguruPreceptor of the universe9
JagadguruveSpiritual teacher of the universe of Dharma, Artha and Karma9
JagadhidhLord of the world7
JagadhishKing of the world4
JagadipLight of the world3
JagadishGod of the world, Lord of the world5
JagadishaMaster of the universe6
JagajeetConqueror of the World5
JagamohanOne who attracts everything in the world to him7
JaganUniverse; World6
Jagan MohanLord Vishnu; Charmer of the universe3
JaganbirWarrior of the world8
JagandeepThe lamp of the world9
JaganinderKing of the world11
JaganmaySpread over the universe9
JaganmohanLord Vishnu; Charmer of the universe3
JagannathLord of the world4
JagannathaKing of the universe5
JagannathanLord of the world1
JaganthLord of the universe7
JagapathiLord of universe1
JagatThe world; People; The Earth3
Jagat PrabhuGod of the world6
Jagat PrakashLight of the world5
JagatbehariWorld traveler Jagvihari1
JagatguruPreceptor of the world7
JagathWorld; People; The earth2
JagathpalOne who takes care of the universe4
JagatjeetVictorious of the world7
JagatjeevWorldly life9
JagatjotLight of the world3
JagatkishorWorld child11
JagatmeetA friend of the world1
JagatmohanWorlds attraction9
JagatpalOne who takes care of the universe5
JagatpremLove of the world1
JagatroopAn embodiment of the world4
JagatveerBravest in the world8
JagavBorn to the world5
JagbirWarrior of the world; World winner11
JagdeepLight of the world3
JagdeesKing of the universe; Lord of the world6
JagdeeshKing of the universe; Lord of the world5
JagdeshKing of the universe; Lord of the world4
JagdevLord of the world22
JagdishKing of the world4
JagdishwarLord; Provider of the world1
JageshLord of the world5
JaggerStrong; Loyal3
JaghrEnlightenment; Awaken; Derived from Jagna8
JaginderGod of heaven and earth5
JaginderpalPreserver of the world7
JagishLord of the universe9
JagjeetWinner of the world22
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