16 Feb 2023, IELTS Exam Answers and Review

16 Feb 2023, IELTS Exam Answers and Review – IDP


  • Easy to Moderate

Listening Answers – 16 Feb 2023 – Evening Shift

  • Travel
  • 2. 9.15/9.50
  • 3.Teaching
  • 4. Guide
  • 5. Coach
  • 9. Friends
  • 10. Supermarket
  • Garden
  • Farm
  • Necklace
  • Ingredients
  • Wood
  • Hunting
  • Microorganisms
  • Coach
  • Boat
  • 17. B
  • 18. D
  • 19. A
  • 20. D
  • MCQs Answers
  • 21. B
  • 22. C
  • 23. A
  • 24. A
  • 25. C
  • Advertisement
  • 9
  • Noise
  • Guitar
  • Safety
  • Friends
  • 30. B
  • 31. Triangle
  • 32. Fat
  • 33. Horses
  • 35. Straw
  • 36. Code
  • 37. Boat
  • 40. Wood



Reading Passage Names –

1st- The Origin of Paper

2nd – The reconstruction of community in Talbot Park

3rd – The Analysis of Fear

IELTS Exam Answers

Reading Answers – 16 Feb 2023 – Evening shift

  • The Origin of Paper
  • 1. False
  • 2. NG
  • 3. False
  • 4. True
  • 5. True
  • 6. Not Given
  • 7. False
  • Steel
  • Sheep
  • Strip
  • Stretched
  • China
  • Stones
  • Talbot Park Passage
  • VI
  • VIII
  • V
  • III
  • IX
  • VII
  • II
  • 21. E
  • 22. F
  • 23. C
  • 24. Density
  • 25. Architects
  • 26. Budget
  • Analysis of Fear
  • MCQs
  • B
  • C
  • A
  • C
  • Fill ups
  • 2 Weeks Old
  • Ability
  • Mature
  • Monkeys
  • Scientist
  • Experiments
  • Randomly
  • Human Beings

Writing Task 1

The Table gives information about the minimum and maximum average income by different sectors of employment in Australia in 2006.

IELTS exam answers – 16 Feb 2023

Sample Answer

In the engineering field, the top yearly salary was approximately $145,080, which exceeded that of the information technology and telecommunications sector by $45,000. The minimum annual salaries for these two sectors were nearly identical, at $38,000 Australian dollars. Sales had the most significant difference between the highest and lowest salaries, with the highest salary among all sectors reaching up to $216,100 Australian dollars, and the lowest being only $27,000, the lowest among all other sectors.

The smallest variations (around $35,000 Australian dollars) were in the Education and Travel sectors. Employees in both fields earned an average minimum and maximum annual payment of $32,500 and $68,000 Australian dollars, respectively. These two sectors had the lowest average annual income, which did not exceed $50,000 Australian dollars.

In conclusion, not only did Education and Travel sector workers receive relatively lower salaries in terms of maximum and minimum earnings, but they also had the lowest average annual income.

Writing Task 2

Some children nowadays take sports seriously while others play sports in their free time . Is this a positive or negative development. Give your own opinion with examples.

Sample Answer

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of children taking sports more seriously. While this can have many benefits, such as improving physical fitness and developing teamwork skills, it can also have some negative consequences. In this essay, I will explore the positive and negative aspects of this development and provide my own opinion on the matter.

On the one hand, taking sports seriously can have many positive benefits for children. Regular participation in sports can help to improve physical fitness, coordination, and overall health. Moreover, playing sports can teach important life skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership. This can be especially important for children who struggle with these skills in other areas of their lives. In addition, taking sports seriously can provide children with a sense of purpose and passion, which can be highly motivating and inspiring.

On the other hand, there are some negative consequences of children taking sports too seriously. One potential issue is the risk of burnout or overuse injuries, which can occur when children participate in sports at a highly competitive level. In addition, if children become too focused on winning or achieving success in sports, they may develop an unhealthy level of competitiveness that can negatively affect their relationships with others. Furthermore, if children are pushed too hard by parents or coaches to succeed in sports, they may begin to resent the activity and lose their enjoyment of it.

In my opinion, the key to ensuring that children benefit from sports is to strike a balance between taking sports seriously and playing sports for fun. While it’s important to encourage children to participate in physical activity and develop important life skills, it’s equally important to let them enjoy the activity and avoid pushing them too hard. As an example, children who play soccer in their free time may not become professional soccer players, but they can still enjoy the sport and develop valuable skills and relationships in the process.

In conclusion, while the trend of children taking sports more seriously can have both positive and negative consequences, it’s important to strike a balance between taking sports seriously and playing sports for fun. By doing so, we can help children to enjoy the benefits of physical activity and develop important life skills without pushing them too hard or risking negative consequences.

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