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Selecting the perfect name for a child has always held significant importance for parents. This popular collection Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with G is here to aid you in finding the ideal name for your new arrival. This compilation of Sikh names for girls includes a variety of charming, contemporary, unique, and delightful choices. We are confident that you will find the ideal name among these recommendations.

List of Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with G

Gargotbeautiful flower5
GatleenMerged in freedom1
GatsimarLiberation through meditation7
GauravpreetLove for glory8
GeetleenAbsorbed in the songs of bliss1
GiaanpreetOne who loves the divine knowledge6
GianpreetOne who loves the divine knowledge5
GulbaghRose gardenParadise4
GunAttribute; Excellence; Merit; Quality; Virtue6
GundeepLamp of virtues8
GuneetpreetLove for excellence1
GunjeetVictory of virtue1
GunjotMelody of virtues2
GunjunTo humm6
GunmeetA friend of qualities4
GunpreetLove for virtues1
GunreetPeople with this name tend to be very inspired, intuitive, and creative, they strive to see the big picture and achieve their dreams9
GuramritGuru ka Amrit, Holy Amrit8
GuranshPart of the Guru7
GurbaniSikh scriptures2
GurbaniSikhs religious prayer9
GurbhagatDevotee of the Guru4
GurbhajanMeditation on the Guru5
GurbirBrave Guru4
GurcharanLotus feet of the Guru3
GurdeepLamp of the Guru1
GurditaGift of Guru9
GurdittaOne born with gurus blessing1
GureetOf the Guru4
GurgianKnowing guru’s word5
GurhimmatCourage from Guru's guidance11
GurishaWish of Guru11
GurjeetVictory of the GuruTriumph of the Guru5
GurjeevanLife devoted to the Guru1
GurjotLight of the Guru5
GurkaBelonging to Guru22
GurkiranRay of the Guru's light6
GurkiranLight from the Guru9
GurkiratSinging the Guru's praises8
GurleenAbsorbed in the Guru's love9
GurleenIn serve of teacher1
GurmailGurus friend9
GurmanderGurus temple3
GurmeetFriend of the Guru3
GurmeharKind-hearted Guru3
GurnamaskarObeisance to Guru7
GurneeshGurus grace7
GurneetGurus moral9
GurnoorLight of the Guru6
GurnoorPleasant face of God9
GurparveenGoddess of the stars1
GurpinderGuru of kings4
GurpreetLove of the Guru7
GurpreetLove of GuruGuruLove11
GurrishmaGur is related to gurus, and Rishma is the first rays of the Moon6
GursevakDevotee of the Guru2
GurshabadDivine word of the Guru2
GurshaktiPower of Guru6
GursharanSheltered by the Guru2
GursheelModesty Given by Guru5
GursheenGurus pride7
GursimanRemembering the Guru3
GursimranRemembering the Guru5
GursimratRemembering the Guru's virtues7
GursukhPeace in the Guru's wisdom4
GursukhOne who is blissful through Guru6
GurukaBelonging to the enlightener7
GurupreetLove of the enlightener5
GurveenCharming Guru1
GurveerWarrior of the Guru6
GyanleenOne absorbed in divine light and knowledge11

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