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Selecting the perfect name for a child has always held significant importance for parents. This popular collection Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with B is here to aid you in finding the ideal name for your new arrival. This compilation of Sikh names for girls includes a variety of charming, contemporary, unique, and delightful choices. We are confident that you will find the ideal name among these recommendations.

List of Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with B

BalbirBrave and strong6
BaldeepLamp of strength7
BaldeepkaurLamp of strength, Princess1
BaljeetMighty and victorious7
BaljeetkaurMighty and victorious, Princess3
BaljinderpalProtector of mighty conqueror5
BaljotLight of strength1
BalmeetFriendly strength2
BalmeetkaurFriendly strength, Princess2
BalmeetpreetLove for friendly strength2
BalpreetLove for strength1
BalpreetkaurLove for strength, Princess1
BalrajThe king of strength2
BalrajdeepkaurPrincess of the king of strength9
BalrajkaurPrincess of strength8
BalrajpreetLove for the king of strength7
BalroopjeetVictorious embodiment of beauty1
BalveerBrave and courageous3
BalvinderjitTriumph of mighty God3
BalvirpalProtector of brave5
BalwinderMighty God5
BalwinderjeetVictorious mighty God9
BalwinderpalProtector of mighty God7
BhagwanpreetLove for God7
BhagwantFull of blessings5
BhagwantpreetLove for God's blessings6
BhagwinderGod's blessings6
BhagwinderjitTriumph of God's blessings7
BhagwinderpreetLove for God's blessings7
BhavikdeepkaurLamp of sentiments, Princess2
BhavikpreetLove for sentiments5
BhavjeetkaurVictorious sentiment, Princess6
BhavjotLight of sentiments7
BhavjotkaurLight of sentiments, Princess1
BhavjotpreetLove for the light of sentiments3
BhavkiranpreetLove for the ray of sentiment6
BhavleenEngrossed in sentiments1
BhavleenjitTriumph of sentiments7
BhavleenpreetLove for the engrossed4
BhavmeetkaurPrincess of friendly strength5
BhavneetAbsorbed in feelings8
BhavneetkaurPrincess absorbed in feelings9
BhavpreetkaurLove for sentiments, Princess8
BhavreetkaurPrincess absorbed in love3
BhavroopjeetVictorious embodiment of sentiment8
BhavyarajpreetLove for the magnificent king6
BhupindarjeetkaurVictorious Princess of the earth2
BhupinderThe king of the earth9
BhupinderdeepkaurPrincess of the earth's light4
BhupinderjitTriumph of the king of the earth8
BhupreetLove for the earth9
BhupreetjeetkaurVictorious Princess of the earth7
BhupreetkaurLove for the earth, Princess5
BhuvankaurPrincess of the universe2
BhuvneshLord of the universe8
BhuvneshkaurPrincess of the universe8
BikramdeepLamp of valor9
BikramdeepjeetVictorious lamp of valor4
BikramdeepkaurLamp of valor, Princess9
BikramjeetVictorious valor4
BikramjitVictorious valor9
BikramjotkaurLight of valor, Princess3
BikramjotpreetLove for the light of valor6
BikramleenpreetLove for the valiant one1
BimaljeetPure and victorious5
BimalpreetPure love4
BimalpreetkaurPure love, Princess4
BinodhinipreetJoyful love5
BirendarjeetVictorious Lord of warriors7
BirenderLord of warriors4
BirenderjitVictorious Lord of warriors5
BirindarLord of warriors4
BirinderVictorious in God's praise4
BirkamalLotus of warriors5
BirpalProtector of the brave7
BirsaroopEmbodiment of bravery6
BirsaroopjeetVictorious embodiment of bravery6
BirsaroopkaurEmbodiment of bravery, Princess6

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