Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with Y

Explore the concise and user-friendly presentation of the meanings behind modern Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with Y on Embrace the arrival of your newborn with a curated selection of distinctive Islamic names tailored for your baby girl. These names are not only unique but also imbue your child with a strong sense of individuality, resonating with their cultural heritage.

Muslim Girl Names

Muslim Girl Names

Popular Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with Y

YaaniRipe, Scarletياني
Yaaqoo'Variant Of Yaqu': Hyacinth, Sapphire.یاقع
YaaqootRuby, a precious stone, a garnet.ياقوت
YaasmeenVariant Of Yasmin: Jasmine Flower.یاسمین
YaasminVariant Of Yasmin: Jasmine Flower.یاسمین
YadiraWorthy, Suitableیدیرا
YaferaTo Imageیافرہ
YafiahIn Muslim meaning is : Highیافہ
YaftaFound Thing, Saved Itemیافتہ
YakootahIn Muslim meaning is : Emeraldیکوتہ
YaktaUnique, incomparable.يقطع
YalaaExalted, high.يلا
YaldaName Of The Longest Night Of The Yearیلدہ
YalqootAn early woman who gave much in charityيلقط
YamamaWild doveیماما
YamamahValley in Arabiaيمامه
YameenahVariant Of Yaminah: Right And Proper.یامینہ
YamhaIn Muslim meaning is : Doveیمہا
YaminaSuitable, Proper.یامنہ
YaminahSuitable, Proper.یامینہ
YaminiIn Hindu meaning is : Nightیامینی
YamnaGood behaviorیمنہ
YamsheenLight spreadersیامشین
YaqaazahWatchful, Providantيقظه
YaqootA precious stoneیاقوت
YaquHyacinth, Sapphire.یاقوع
Yaqu'Hyacinth, Sapphire.یاقوع
YaraWhite Flowerیارا
YariqaBright, white, fairيرقى
YasalaCrown Of Flowersیسالہ
YasaminJasmine Flowerیاسمینہ
YasaratLordship, Wealth, Wealthiness, Richesیسارت
YasharahIntelligent, precious stone.يشرح
Yasharah BatoolWisdom, Sagacity, Maiden, Virginیشعرہ بتول
YasheeraSensible, Wise, Intelligentیعشیرہ
Yashfa NoorHe/she intercedes on behalf of someone, Radiantیشفہ نور
YashfeenShefa, Healthiness.يشفين
YashlaFresh And Mellow, Ripe And Freshیشلہ
YasiraRaees womanیاسرہ
YasirahIn Muslim meaning is : Lenientیاسرہ
YasmaJasmine Flowerیاسمہ
YasmeenJasmine,sym. friendliness ,Variant transcription of YASMIN From Persianیاسمین
YasmeenJasmine Flower.یاسمین
YasmeenaJasmine Flower.یاسمینہ
YasmenaJasmine Flower.یاسمینہ
YasmeneJasmine Flower.یاسمین
YasmiaJasmine Flower.یاسمیہ
YasminJasmine Flowerیاسمین
YasminaJasmine Flower.یاسمینہ
YasmineJasmine Flower.یاسمین
YasmoonJESSMINE flowerیاسمون
YasnaIt means white rose in arabicيثنى
YasoobaLeader, Female Guideیعسوبہ
YasparaWealth, Opulenceیسپارہ
YasraAffluent, rich, prosperous.يسرا
YasranaProsperity, Facility, Gentleness, Softnessیسرانہ
YassA Flower, Jasminیس
YassinHeart of the Quranیاسین
YazeedaGrowing In Wealthیزیدہ
YazminJasmine Flower.یاسمین
YeganehUnique, Singleیگانہ
YeghmanBattle wonیغمان
YehyaAlive, Living, Existing, Actualیحیا۔
YektaUnique, Singleیکتا
YeldaDark nightيلدا
YemaghanGift, Presentیرمغاں
YeminaSuitable, Proper.یامینہ
YesminJasmine Flowerیاسمین
YoanAllah grace.یوعان
YuhnnaGod's grace.یوحنا
YumnGood Fortune, Success.یُمن
YumnaGood Fortune, Successیمنہ
YurghaAttack, Assault, Invasion, Chargeیرغا
YusairahName of a Sahabiyyah (RA).يسيره
YusayrahEasy One of the first two swear allegiance bayah to the Prophet SAW among the Ansar but it is also said that she was among the Muhajirs Emigrantsيسيره
YusraEase, Comfort, Blessedness, Prosperousیسریٰ
YusraaIn Muslim meaning is : Proper name or Wealthیُسرا
YusriyahMost prosperousيسرية
Yusriyyaeasy, kind, smooth, sahabiaيسرية

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