DWP Cost of Living Payments: Bank Account Checks for 2024

In the realm of welfare benefits and financial regulations especially DWP Cost of Living Payments, staying updated is paramount. Here scoophit, we strive to keep you informed about the latest developments. Today, we bring you a significant announcement from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) concerning forthcoming changes to bank account verifications slated for implementation in 2024.

Introduction: Understanding the DWP’s Initiative

The DWP, in its bid to combat fraudulent benefit claims, has outlined two pivotal aspects they will scrutinize within bank accounts starting from 2024.

Examining Bank Balances

A primary focus for the DWP will be scrutinizing bank balances that surpass specified capital limits. Individuals whose savings and investments exceed £16,000 will find themselves ineligible to claim Universal Credit, as confirmed by DWP officials.

Monitoring Overseas Stays

In addition to assessing bank balances, the DWP will also monitor the duration of claimants’ stays overseas, ensuring compliance with existing regulations.

Banks Subject to Scrutiny

As these changes unfold, a multitude of banks, including but not limited to Bank of Scotland, Barclays Bank, Monzo Bank Limited, and Metro Bank, will find themselves subjected to these stringent checks. The list extends to other major banking institutions such as Lloyd’s Bank, HSBC, and National Westminster Bank (NatWest), among others.

Significance of the Changes

These impending changes mark a significant departure from previous practices. Banks and building societies will now bear the responsibility of monitoring individuals receiving benefits, underscoring a collaborative effort in combating fraudulent activities.

Addressing Concerns

However, amidst these developments, concerns have been voiced by civil liberties organizations such as Big Brother Watch. They argue that privacy should not be compromised without just cause, advocating for the preservation of the presumption of innocence irrespective of one’s benefit status.


As the landscape of welfare benefits undergoes transformation, staying informed is crucial. We remain dedicated to delivering timely updates on this evolving situation.