Top 100 Baby Girls Names that Start with G

Top 100 Baby Girls Names that Start with G

List of Top 100 Baby Girls Names that Start with G

1GabriellaGod is my strength
2GraceCharm, elegance, kindness
3GiannaGod is gracious
4GenesisBeginning, origin
5GenevieveWoman of the people
6GisellePledge, oath
7GemmaGem, precious stone
8GwendolynBlessed ring
10GloriaGlory, fame
11GabrielleGod is my strength
12GracieGrace, kindness
13GeneWell-born, noble
14GayleLively, high-spirited
17GuadalupeRiver of black stones
18GwynethFortunate, blessed
19GreerWatchful, alert
20GalaFestive occasion, party
21GiaGod is gracious
22GildaCovered with a thin layer of gold
23GiselaPledge, promise
24GabrielaGod is my strength
25GreyColor, shade of gray
26GwynnFair, white, blessed
27GwendaFair, blessed
29GwynWhite, blessed
30GalianaFestive, cheerful
31GildaServant of God
32GavrielaGod is my strength
33GinniferFair, white, smooth
34GeriSpear rule, ruler with the spear
35GenieNoble, well-born
36GavinaFrom Gabium, Italy
37GalileaRolling hills
38GelseyJasmine, flower
39GipsyFree spirit, wanderer
40GudrunGod’s secret, love
41GwennyFair, white, blessed
42GarimaWarmth, pride, dignity
43GwennFair, white, blessed
44GwyneiraWhite snow
45GisellaPledge, promise
46GiselePledge, oath
47GaynorWhite, fair
48GinnieVirgin, pure
50GertieSpear of strength
Baby Girls Names that Start with G

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52GwynethiaBlessed, happy
54GaliMy wave, my fountain
56GauriGoddess Parvati, fair
57GinniMaiden, virgin
58GizellePledge, oath
60GwendolenWhite ring, blessed
61GabrielliaGod is my strength
62GwendolineWhite ring, blessed
63GavriellaGod is my strength
64GracelynnGraceful, kind
65GabrielaGod is my strength
67GracenGraceful, kind
68GarimaWarmth, pride, dignity
69GaurikaLittle Goddess
70GracyGraceful, kind
71GalinaCalm, healer
72GiulianaYouthful, downy-bearded
73GwynnethFortunate, blessed
74GwynniferFair, white, smooth
75GurbaniWords from the Guru
76GraycenGraceful, kind
77GalianaFestive, cheerful
78GigiPledged to God
79GracieleeGraceful, kind
80GraziellaFavor, blessing
82GwendalynBlessed, white ring
83GwendalynnBlessed, white ring
84GrazielleFavor, blessing
85GabrieleGod is my strength
86GwendolineBlessed, white ring
87GalileahRolling hills
88GwendelynBlessed, white ring
90GraciannaGraceful, kind
91GracianaGraceful, kind
92GalyaWave, fountain
93GwynethaBlessed, happy
94GiaanKnowledge, wisdom
95GlynnisPure, holy
96GaurikaLittle Goddess
97GenaviveTribe woman
98GabriellynGod is my strength
99GwendelynBlessed, white ring
Baby Girls Names that Start with G

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