Some people say that a child can develop on its own, others say that teachers and parents have crucial role. Discuss both views and give your opinion – 3 Feb 2024

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic – Some people say that a child can develop on its own

Some people say that a child can develop on its own


The question of how children develop has been a subject of debate, with some asserting that children can naturally grow independently, while others stress the vital roles played by teachers and parents. This essay will examine both perspectives, considering the potential of self-driven development and the significant influence of educators and parents. After discussing both sides, I will present my own viewpoint on this matter.

Body Paragraph 1 – Supporting Independent Development:

On one side of the argument, there is a belief that children are inherently equipped to develop autonomously. Proponents of this view argue that a child’s natural curiosity and resilience are powerful motivators for self-learning. In a conducive environment, they contend that children can explore, experiment, and adapt, fostering the development of essential skills without constant intervention from adults. Successful individuals who attribute their achievements to self-directed learning during their formative years often serve as examples supporting this perspective.

Body Paragraph 2 – Emphasizing the Role of Teachers and Parents:

Conversely, a widely supported perspective emphasizes the indispensable roles of teachers and parents in shaping a child’s growth. Teachers are seen as instrumental in intellectual and academic development, while parents provide crucial emotional and social guidance. This viewpoint argues that a child, without the structured support and guidance of educators and caregivers, might miss out on valuable learning experiences and struggle to navigate the complexities of life.


In conclusion, while children may possess an innate ability to learn independently, the complementary roles of teachers and parents cannot be overlooked. A harmonious blend of self-exploration and guided support is crucial for well-rounded development. Personally, I believe that an integrated approach, where children are encouraged to explore on their own while benefiting from the wisdom and guidance of educators and parents, is essential for fostering holistic growth and preparing them for the challenges of the future.

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