Baby Boy Names by Forest

List of Baby Boy Names by Forest

AaranyanJungle; Forest3
BanjeetLord of the forest3
BanjotLight of forest8
BanmeetFriend of forest6
BanpaulFosterer of forest22
BanshikKing of the forestLion1
BipinForest (Vipin); Glorious; Providing refuge5
BipinjotLighted forest5
Chitrakoot SamashrayaCreating Chitrakoot's beauty in the Panchvati forest1
DandakA forest8
Dandakaranya PunyakruteOne who ennobled the Dandaka forest4
KakshakLiving in the forest; Free; Forest dweller8
KunjarDwelling in the forest; Name of a mountain; Name of a region; Name of a serpentElephant; Living in greenery3
KunjitHidden in the forest22
QazafiOne who lives in the vast forest6
Van RajRuler of the forest, The lion3
VanadevLord of the forest6
VanajitLord of the forest5
VanjeetLord of the forest5
VanjulThe beauty of the forest; The Ashoka tree8
VidyaranyaForest of knowledge3
VipinForest (Vipin); Glorious; Providing refuge7
VipinbehariForest wanderer5
VitWide; Wood; ForestLifeProsperity; Known6