116 Pure Tamil Baby Boy Names: A Rich Heritage

Tamil culture is renowned for its deep-rooted traditions and rich history. One aspect of this cultural tapestry is the treasure trove of names that have been passed down through generations. In this article, we’ll delve into a list of old Tamil baby boy names, each carrying a unique meaning and often steeped in historical significance.

List of Pure Tamil Baby Boy Names

1. Akavan (அகவன்) – Singer: This name signifies someone with a musical inclination, reflecting the vibrant artistic heritage of Tamil culture.

2. Andiran (அண்டிரன்) – Noble Vallal: Andiran, one of the seven great Vallals, was known for his nobility and generosity. Vallals were philanthropists and benefactors in ancient Tamil society.

3. Athikan (அதிகன்) – Sangam Tamil Name: This name has roots in Sangam literature, representing the ancient Tamil literary tradition.

4. Athiyan (அதியன்) – Sangam Tamil Name: Another name hailing from Sangam literature, Athiyan carries a sense of cultural and historical depth.

5. Anthuvan (அந்துவன்): The exact meaning may vary, but it exudes a sense of uniqueness and individuality.

6. Amar (அமர்) – Tranquil, Desire, Strife: Amar is a versatile name with meanings ranging from tranquility to desire and even strife, showcasing the nuanced nature of Tamil names.

7. Amal (அமல்) – Fullness: A name associated with fullness and completeness, reflecting positive attributes.

8. Aruman (அருமன்) – Leader: Mentioned in a Natrinai poem, Aruman denotes leadership and strength.

9. Arul (அருள்) – Grace: A name that encapsulates the concept of divine grace, reflecting a spiritual dimension.

10. Arulmozhi (அருள்மொழி): Combining “arul” (grace) and “mozhi” (language), this name signifies the eloquence and gracefulness of speech.

11. Aviyan (அவியன்) – Small Region King: This name is associated with royalty, representing the historical governance structures in ancient Tamil regions.

12. Azhakan (அழகன்) – Beautiful: A name celebrating beauty, highlighting the aesthetic sensibilities of Tamil culture.

13. Azhisi (அழிசி): Though the exact meaning might vary, Azhisi carries a sense of uniqueness and distinctiveness.

14. Arivan (அறிவன்) – Knowledgeable: Arivan signifies someone who is knowledgeable, emphasizing the value placed on wisdom in Tamil culture.

15. Anpan (அன்பன்) – Full of Love: An endearing name, Anpan denotes a person full of love and compassion.

16. Anbu (அன்பு) – Love: A simple and timeless name, Anbu simply means love, embodying a positive and universal sentiment.

17. Athan (ஆதன்) – Name for Chera Kings: Found in Ainkurunuru, Athan is a name historically associated with Chera kings.

18. Iniyan (இனியன்) – Sweet Natured: Reflecting a sweet and pleasant nature, Iniyan is a name that exudes positivity.

19. Irungo (இருங்கோ): The exact meaning may vary, but Irungo carries a sense of strength and endurance.

20. Ilanchenni (இளஞ்சென்னி): This name signifies youthful charm and beauty, celebrating the vibrancy of youth.

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21. Ilan (இளன்) – Young, Youth: Ilan is a name celebrating youthfulness and vitality.

22. Ilankeeran (இளங்கீரன்): This name might denote a youthful or young leader, capturing both energy and leadership.

23. Ilango (இளங்கோ): A name associated with youthfulness and vibrancy, possibly derived from “Ilam” meaning young.

24. Ilangovan (இளங்கோவன்): Combining “Ilam” (young) and “Govan” (leader), this name signifies a young leader.

25. Ilampirai (இளம்பிறை): This name may carry the essence of freshness and beauty, with “Ilam” meaning young and “Pirai” meaning crescent.

26. Ilamvazhuthi (இளம்வழுதி): A name that might signify a young and righteous path, combining “Ilam” and “Vazhuthi” (path).

27. Ilamaran (இளமாறன்): Combining “Ilam” (young) and “Aran” (leader), Ilamaran signifies a young leader.

28. Usithan (உசிதன்): A name associated with sharpness and smartness, used for King Pandiyan Nedumaran.

29. Uthiyan (உதியன்): The name of a king, Uthiyan denotes strength and power.

30. Evvi (எவ்வி): A charitable small-region king, Evvi represents generosity and kindness.

31. Ori (ஓரி): A name with a unique and distinctive sound, Ori carries a sense of individuality.

32. Kadalan (கடலன்): Derived from the name of the Sangam poet Kadalanār, this name may signify poetic and artistic inclinations.

33. Kathiravan (கதிரவன்): Combining “Kathir” (light) and “Avaṉ” (man), Kathiravan denotes a radiant and illustrious individual.

34. Kathir (கதிர்): A standalone name that means light or brightness, reflecting positivity and illumination.

35. Kathirselvan (கதிர்ச்செல்வன்): Combining “Kathir” (light) and “Selvan” (prince), this name signifies a radiant and princely personality.

36. Kapilan (கபிலன்): A name that may have connections to sage Kapila, representing wisdom and enlightenment.

37. Kanthan (கந்தன்): This name is often associated with Lord Murugan, emphasizing divine and warrior-like qualities.

38. Kayilan (கயிலன்): Derived from the word “கயில்” meaning perfection, Kayilan may signify someone with high standards.

39. Kalin (கலின்): Derived from “கலி,” which means flourishing, this name represents growth and prosperity.

40. Kavin (கவின்): A name that might be associated with poetry and literature, reflecting artistic inclinations.

41. Kani (கனி): A name that could be associated with beauty and grace, celebrating aesthetic qualities.

42. Kari (காரி): While the exact meaning may vary, Kari could signify strength or nobility.

43. Killivalavan (கிள்ளிவளவன்): This unique name may carry a sense of valor or strength.

44. Keeran (கீரன்): A name that might be linked to leadership or power, capturing authoritative qualities.

45. Kodan (கோடன்): This name could represent someone of royal descent, emphasizing regal attributes.

46. Koman (கோமான்): A name associated with nobility and greatness, reflecting esteemed qualities.

47. Saaral (சாரல்): Meaning melodious, Saaral signifies musical and artistic inclinations.

48. Saal (சால்): Reflecting nobility, Saal denotes someone with a dignified and honorable character.

49. Salbu (சால்பு): This name, associated with wisdom, emphasizes intelligence and sagacity.

50. Saalan (சாலன்): Derived from “சால்” meaning nobility, Saalan signifies a person with honorable qualities.

51. Sukir (சுகிர்): This name, meaning to polish, might signify refinement and sophistication.

52. Senguttuvan (செங்குட்டுவன்): Combining “Senguttu” (reddish) and “Avaṉ” (man), this name may signify someone with a reddish complexion.

53. Senthan (சேந்தன்): The son of Azhisi, Senthan represents a familial connection and possibly royal lineage.

54. Senni (செந்நி): A name with a melodic sound, Senni may carry a sense of musicality or artistic flair.

55. Senthil (செந்தில): Often associated with Lord Murugan, Senthil represents the radiant and formidable aspects of divinity.

56. Chempiyan (செம்பியன்): A name associated with excellence and greatness, reflecting admirable qualities.

57. Chemmal (செம்மல்): This name signifies culture, leadership, and excellence, capturing a combination of positive attributes.

58. Chezhian (செழியன்): Reflecting the splendor of Tamil culture, Chezhian signifies someone adorned with cultural richness.

59. Selvan (செல்வன்): A name associated with prosperity and wealth, symbolizing affluence.

60. Chenthan (சேந்தன்): A name that might be linked to sentiment or emotion, capturing the essence of personal connections.

61. Cheran (சேரன்): This name carries a sense of regality, possibly signifying someone with royal lineage.

62. Cheraman (சேரமான்): Combining “Chera” (region) and “Amaṉ” (king), Cheraman signifies a king from the Chera region.

63. Chozhan (சோழன்): A name associated with the Chola dynasty, representing historical and cultural significance.

64. Koman (கோமான்): Repeated from earlier, this name signifies nobility and greatness.

65. Thamizhan (தமிழன்): This name proudly represents someone as a true Tamil, emphasizing cultural identity.

66. Tamilselvan (தமிழ்செல்வன்): Combining “Tamil” and “Selvan,” this name signifies a Tamil prince, emphasizing cultural pride.

67. Thithan (தித்தன்): A name with an enigmatic sound, Thithan may carry a sense of mystery or uniqueness.

68. Thiraiyan (திரையன்): This name might be associated with theatrical or dramatic qualities, reflecting artistic inclinations.

69. Thennan (தென்னன்): Meaning “Southern King,” Thennan signifies a king from the southern region.

70. Nannan (நன்னன்): Repeated from earlier, Nannan represents a small region king.

71. Nikandan (நிகண்டன்): A name associated with a Sangam poet, Nikandan may signify poetic inclinations.

72. Nikaran (நிகரன்): Derived from “நிகர்,” which means light or fame, Nikaran represents luminosity and distinction.

73. Pehan (பேகன்): A name that might carry an air of mystery, Pehan exudes uniqueness.

74. Nakeeran (நக்கீரன்): This name might be associated with leadership or authoritative qualities.

75. Navir (நவிர்): Meaning top or peak, Navir represents someone who strives for excellence.

76. Navin (நவின்): Derived from “நவி,” which means to learn or desire, Navin signifies a continuous quest for knowledge.

77. Nalin (நளின்): Derived from “நளி,” Nalin represents qualities of being close, abundant, and proud.

78. Nalli (நல்லி): A name associated with a small region king, Nalli signifies goodness and positive attributes.

79. Nannan (நன்னன்): Repeated from earlier, Nannan represents a small region king.

80. Navil (நவில்): Meaning to declare, utter, or sing, Navil signifies someone with expressive qualities.

81. Navilan (நவிலன்): A name that might signify someone who declares or utters, Navilan reflects expressive qualities.

82. Nikaran (நிகரன்): Repeated from earlier, Nikaran signifies luminosity and distinction.

83. Nimiran (நிமிரன்): A name that might signify someone who stands firm or is resolute, reflecting strong character.

84. Nivan (நிவன்): Derived from “நிவை,” meaning elevated, Nivan signifies someone with a high stature.

85. Nethi (நெதி): A rare name associated with wealth, Nethi represents prosperity and affluence.

86. Pakalon (பகலோன்): This rare name is associated with the sun, emphasizing its precious and radiant nature.

87. Pathuman (பதுமன்): A name associated with poets who wrote in Kurunthokai, Pathuman signifies poetic inclinations.

88. Pannan (பண்ணன்): A small region king, Pannan represents someone with leadership qualities.

89. Pandiyan (பாண்டியன்): This name is associated with the illustrious Pandiyan dynasty, representing regality.

90. Panan (பாணன்): Signifying both a bard and a small region king, Panan represents artistic and regal qualities.

91. Paranan (பரணன்): A name that might be associated with strength and valor, reflecting heroic qualities.

92. Paruthi (பரிதி): Meaning the sun, Paruthi signifies brightness and radiance.

93. Pari (பாரி): A name that carries a sense of beauty and grace, reflecting aesthetic qualities.

94. Pittan (பிட்டன்): A small region king, Pittan represents nobility and greatness.

95. Pukazh (புகழ்): This name signifies praise and glory, capturing positive and admirable attributes.

96. Pukazhan (புகழன்): Repeated from earlier, Pukazhan represents someone who is praiseworthy.

97. Perunko (பெருங்கோ): This unique name signifies someone who is grand and substantial.

98. Pothan (போத்தன்): Associated with Sangam poet Pothanār, this name reflects poetic inclinations.

99. Makizhnan (மகிழ்நன்): A name that signifies someone who brings joy and happiness.

100. Mathiyan (மதியன்): This name might be associated with intelligence and wisdom, reflecting mental acuity.

101. Mani (மணி): A classic name meaning gem, Mani signifies preciousness and value.

102. Mannan (மன்னன்): Representing leadership and sovereignty, Mannan signifies someone with regal qualities.

103. Mallan (மள்ளன்): A name associated with strength and valor, Mallan represents heroic attributes.

104. Maran (மாறன்): A name that might signify someone who is victorious or triumphant, reflecting strength.

105. Murali (முரளி): An ancient Tamil word, Murali is associated with Lord Krishna’s divine flute, representing enchantment.

106. Mooriyan (மூரியன்): Derived from “மூரி” meaning pride or strength, Mooriyan represents someone with esteemed qualities.

107. Nannan (நன்னன்): Repeated from earlier, Nannan represents a small region king.

108. Nampi (நம்பி): A name that might signify trust or faith, Nampi represents positive qualities.

109. Naviran (நவிரன்): Repeated from earlier, Naviran signifies someone who strives for excellence.

110. Navir (நவிர்): Repeated from earlier, Navir represents someone who strives for excellence.

111. Nalankilli (நலங்கிள்ளி): This unique name may carry a sense of auspiciousness or goodness.

112. Navil (நவில்): Repeated from earlier, Navil signifies someone with expressive qualities.

113. Navilan (நவிலன்): Repeated from earlier, Navilan reflects expressive qualities.

114. Nikaran (நிகரன்): Repeated from earlier, Nikaran signifies luminosity and distinction.

115. Nedunchezhian (நெடுஞ்செழியன்): This name signifies someone with a broad and resplendent demeanor.

116. Nedumaran (நெடுமாறன்): This name might signify someone with a grand and expansive personality.

FAQs about Pure Tamil Baby Boy Names:

Q1: What are the characteristics of Pure Tamil baby boy names?

A1: Pure Tamil baby boy names often carry deep cultural and historical significance, reflecting the rich heritage of the Tamil civilization. These names can be associated with qualities such as nobility, strength, and positive virtues.

Q2: Are these names still popular today?

A2: While some of these names may have declined in popularity, many still resonate with people who appreciate the cultural and historical roots of Tamil society. Modern parents may choose these names to honor tradition and heritage.

Q3: What is the significance of Sangam Tamil names?

A3: Sangam Tamil names are derived from the Sangam literature, an ancient Tamil literary tradition. These names often carry poetic and cultural connotations, connecting individuals to the artistic and literary achievements of the past.

Q4: How are these names chosen in Tamil culture?

A4: Traditional Tamil names are often chosen based on their meanings, historical relevance, and cultural significance. Parents may select names that reflect positive qualities, family heritage, or connections to literature and historical figures.

Q5: Can these names be easily pronounced in English-speaking regions?

A5: While some names may have unique Tamil phonetics, many can be adapted for easy pronunciation in English-speaking regions. Parents may choose to maintain the authenticity of the name or use an anglicized version for convenience.

Q6: Are there specific names associated with royalty or leadership?

A6: Yes, several names on the list are associated with royalty and leadership. Names like “Vallavan,” “Nedunchezhian,” and “Pandiyan” signify qualities related to kingship and authority.

Q7: What is the cultural significance of these names?

A7: These names hold cultural significance by preserving the linguistic and historical heritage of Tamil civilization. They serve as a link to the past, reflecting the values, traditions, and achievements of ancient Tamil society.

Q8: Are there modern variations of these names?

A8: Some traditional names may have modern variations or adaptations to suit contemporary preferences. Parents may choose to modify the pronunciation or spelling while retaining the essence of the original name.

Q9: Can these names be used for baby girls as well?

A9: While some names on the list are gender-neutral, many are specifically associated with baby boys. However, parents have the flexibility to choose names based on personal preferences, and some names may be adapted for girls.

Q10: How can one learn more about the meanings of these names?

A10: Exploring Tamil literature, mythology, and historical texts can provide deeper insights into the meanings and cultural contexts of these names. Consulting with cultural experts or using online resources can also be helpful.