Benefits of Computer delivered IELTS exam.

1. Immediate Results:

Computer-delivered IELTS tests provide immediate results for the Listening and Reading sections.

2. Flexibility:

It can be taken on any day of the week, providing more flexibility for test takers to schedule their test.

3. Consistency:

It allows for more consistent test administration, ensuring that every test taker receives the same test questions and instructions.

4. Customized Testing:

This format allows for customized testing, with test takers able to choose their preferred test date, test location and test type.

5. Speed and Efficiency:

Allows for faster and more efficient testing, with test takers able to complete the Listening and Reading sections in one sitting.

6. Security

The computer-delivered format provides enhanced security measures to prevent cheating or test-taking misconduct.

7. Accessibility

The computer-delivered format provides test takers with the option of using assistive technology such as screen readers,

making the test more accessible for test takers with disabilities.