Top 5 tips for your  UK visa application


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No need for  Advance Air Ticket Booking 

Unlike the Schengen visa, you do not need to provide proof of ticket, flight or itinerary details to apply for a UK visa.

Choose  "Keep my passport"  option

Get your visa printed and delivered on the same day by just paying Rs 3500, once your application has been accepted

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Submit  Application Online only

By submitting Application,  you can avoid serious delays. Paper  based application sometimes need scanned copies correction and embassy will resend the request. 

Sufficient Bank Balance in your Account

Maintain at least 100 Euros in your Bank  account for everyday you visit the country. Your account statement should not be older than a year.

Without travel history, you could have high chances of visa to get refused. Try to get another visa stamped first.

Travel History

a very important Part

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