Northrop Grumman - B21

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All new B-21 Raider nuclear Stealth uncovered by US Air Force

B-21 Raider was unveiled at manufacturer Northrop Grumman's facility in California during ceremony.

credit :-Northrop Grumman

It could cost approximately $700m each. It is capable of carriying nuclear and conventional weapons

Cost- $700m 

Flight Path

US defence Secretary Lloyd Austin said it was " a testament to America's enduring advantages in ingenuity and innovation".

credit:- wikpedia

"Even the most sophisticated air defense systems will struggle to detect the B-21 in the sky" - Mr. Austin

credit:- gettyimages

Plane was designed with an "open system architecture", permits for amalgamation of "new weapons that havn't even been invented yet".

open system architecture

Flight Path

First flight of B-21 Raider will be expected to take place next year.

credit:- U.S. Air Force

In production, there are 6 planes. The US Air Force is pplanning to get minimum of 100 of the aircraft.

6 planes in production

Flight Path

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