IELTS Evaluation Criteria

Refers to how well the candidate has addressed the task and fulfilled the requirements of the question.

Task Response

Refers to how well the candidate has organized their ideas and how logical the progression of those ideas is.


Refers to how well the candidate has used cohesive devices such as linking words and phrases to connect ideas and sentences.


Refers to the candidate's use of vocabulary, including the range and accuracy of words used.

Lexical Resource

Refers to the candidate's ability to use a variety of grammatical structures, including complex sentences.

Grammatical Range

Refers to how accurately the candidate has used grammar, including the use of punctuation and verb tenses.

Grammatical Accuracy

These elements are considered by the IELTS examiner when evaluating a candidate's writing and speaking performance and are used to assign the final band score.

 A high-score candidate will be able to provide clear and well-organized answers, using a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical structures, with high accuracy and fluency.

A low-score candidate will lack coherence, cohesiveness, and have limited vocabulary and grammar, with many errors.

The writing and speaking tasks are evaluated based on these elements and assigned a band score between 0-9, with 9 being the highest level of proficiency.