Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, recently announced New CEO of Twitter.

His pet dog, Floki, is the new CEO of the platform.

Floki was pictured sitting in the CEO's chair, wearing a Twitter-branded T-shirt, and surrounded by documents and a laptop.

Musk believes that Floki is a better CEO than "the other guy", which may refer to either himself 

or the former CEO, Parag Aggarwal.

The announcement has generated mixed reactions from the Twitter community, with some finding it funny and others criticizing Musk's eccentric behavior.

he has previously teased the idea of hiring YouTuber MrBeast for the role.

Despite appointing Floki as the new CEO, Musk still retains his position as the owner of Twitter.

The announcement of Floki's appointment as CEO has sparked a range of memes and jokes on social media.