Short Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with K

Discover a wealth of short Indian baby boy names commencing with “K” at Unveil a collection that seamlessly combines tradition and contemporary appeal, featuring names like Krish and Kabir. offers a hassle-free platform to select a name reflecting cultural roots and personal resonance for your little one.

List of Short Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with K

Name MeaningNumerology
KalbiAn authority on genealogy and the Quran8
KalkiWhite horse8
KalpThe MoonThought; Appropriate; Competent; Rule; Healthy; Perfect; A day in the life of Brahma; Another name for Shiva4
KalpaAble; Fit5
KanchTo shine; Brilliant; Glass1
KanhaYoung; Lord Krishna8
KanhuOne of the childhood name of Lord Krishna1
KanjLord Brahma; Born in water9
KanjiAnother name of Lord Krishna9
KankThe scent of the Lotus; Heron; Fragrance of the Lotus1
KansaVessel of Bell-metal7
KantHusband; Adored; PreciousPleasantSpringBeloved by the Moon; The pleasant Moon1
KanthHusband; Adored; PreciousPleasantSpringBeloved by the Moon; The pleasant Moon9
KanthiBeautyDesire; Splendour; Ornament; Another name for Goddess Lakshmi; Luster; Loveliness9
KanuLord Krishna; Kanu means handsome11
KanvName of a saint; Skilful; Intelligent; Admired3
KapiMonkey; The Sun1
KariAbbreviation of Katherine. Pure.; Finnish form of Makarios; Joyful songPurePure of HeartStrong and masculine; Tremendous.3
KarmDeed; Action; Destiny; Code; Duty7
KarmaDeed; Action; Destiny; Code; Duty8
KarnThe ear8
KarushDry; Hard6
KashfiTo reveal9
KasiDevotional place; Pilgrimage spot; Varanasi; The holy city4
KaushSilken; Talent6
Kaviwise man; Poet; Talented; A physician; Another name for Brahma; A singer talented; Knowledgeable7
Kavywise man; Poet; Talented; A physician; Another name for Brahma; A singer talented; Knowledgeable5
KaziJudge; Justice2
KeerthiFame; Good name; Reputation; Happiness4
KeshtoLord Hanuman6
KeshuLord Krishna1
KesuLord Krishna, Sort form of Keshav11
KetuLord Shiva; The node; Form; Banner; Leader; Brightness; A ray of light; Ensign; Any eminent person; IntellectKnowledge; A descending node considered the 9th planet in astronomy; Epithet of Shiva3
KeyaanCrown; King; A form of Keon3
KhairiCharitable; Beneficent11
KhairyCharitable; Beneficent9
KhakSand; Dirt; Used to denote4
KhanLeader; Ruler; Ameer7
Khar(Brother of Ravana and Shurpanakha)2
KhashiPious; Devout11
KhawliDeer; Name Of A Sahabi1
KhayriCharitable; Beneficent9
KhwajaMaster; Owner9
KiaKingProtector; Defender3
KianshModern Name of Lord Shiva; A person having all qualities; God's Gift8
KinshuAnother name of Shri Lord Krishna1
KinzaHidden treasure7
KishnaLord KrishnaBlack; Dark-skinned8
KishuLight; Luster5
KramFate; Order; Method; Custom7
KranthiLight; Revolution9
KratuName of a sage8
KripBeautiful apperance; Splendor; Generosity; Grace; Gentleness; Compassion; Mercy; Lustre9
KrisNickname of names beginning with - Kris; Short form of Lord Krishna3
KrishNickname of names beginning with - Kris; Short form of Lord Krishna11
KrishnaiahName of a God8
KriviLord Shiva6
KrrishNickname of names beginning with - Kris; Short form of Lord Krishna11
KrtiLord of music22
KruthnOwner of books11
KshemHappiness; Safety; Peace; Salvation2
Kujtree; Name of the planet Mars; The son of the Earth6
KumbhName of a Rashi1
KunjaTrees and creepers are overgrown; Arbour; Living in greenery3
KunshShining; Articulate1
KuruAncient king and founder of the Kuru dynasty8
KushSacred grass; A son of the God Ram5
KvanhMelodious sounds2
KyraThe Sun1

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