Popular Sikh Boys Names Starting with T


Sikh Boy Names

Choosing the right name for a child has always been a meaningful endeavor for parents. This well-liked compilation of Popular Sikh Boys Names Starting with T is here to assist you in discovering the ideal name for your newborn. This list of Sikh names for boys comprises charming, modern, distinct, and lovely options. We have confidence that you’ll discover the perfect name among these suggestions.

List of Sikh Boys Names Starting with T

TadbirAn effort; From Zafarnama9
TajdaarSplendour; Crowned; Ruler; King1
TajinderbirBrave splendour of God11
TajinderdeepSplendid light of God3
Tajindermeetsplendid friend of God7
TajinderpalProtector of splendid God11
TajinderpreetLove for splendid God1
TajinderpremLove for splendid God7
TakdeerOf great fortune; Destiny; Fortune; Luck1
TakhatRoyal thorn; Master of empire7
TalibThe sender of truth; Student8
TalveenImbued in colour7
TandeepTan - body & Deep - lamp light, body with light11
TanmeetStrong; Loyal6
TanupreetExact Love3
TanveerEnlightened; Rays of light4
TanvirEnlightened; Rays of light3
TapanbirBrave and warm9
TapanjitVictory of warmth1
TapanjotLight of warmth7
TapanpalProtector of warmth9
TapanpreetLove for warmth8
TapinderGod of devotion6
TaranbirWarrior of redemption11
TarandeepThe lamp of redemption; Swim; Ferry across3
TaranjeetVictorious saviour7
TaranpalProtector of redemption11
TaranveerBrother of Heaven5
TaranvirWarrior of redemption4
TarlochanThree dimensions; Cross over worldy desires11
TarntaranSwim; Ferry across8
TarnveerHeroic saviour8
TarsemGot After a Long Desire22
TarunjeetThe victory of the youthfulness6
TarunpalProtector of youthfulness4
TarunpreetLove for youthfulness3
TaruthSeeker of Source7
TarvinderThe salvation of God in heaven7
TatbirDeliberate truth7
TatjogUnion with the real1
TatleenOne absorbed in the ultimate truth5
TatramanOne who cherishes truth7
TatratanGem of truth5
TatvicharOne who reflects the ultimate truth3
TawajjaKindness; Favor3
TeeranBrave; Wielder of the arrow3
TegbirBright; Heroic sword4
TeghThe wielder of the sword22
TeghbahadurCourageous sword5
TegvirBright; Heroic sword9
TeijinderGod of grandeur4
TejLightLustrous; Power; Brilliance; Glory; Security8
TejasvirGlorious hero5
TejbirThe glory of the brave one; Brave and splendour1
TejdeepThe lamp of glory; Reign of glory11
TejdharamGlory of righteousness8
TejenderSource of Energy9
TejendraThe Lord The Sun5
TejindarGod of grandeur; Splendor of God in heaven9
TejinderjitOne who wins God of grandeur7
TejinderpalGlorious protection of God in heaven6
TejmaanGreat glory and honour1
TejnaamThe glory of the Lord's being1
TejpalProtector of splendor; Quick1
TejpratapGlory and splendour8
TejpreetGlory of Love9
TejwantFull of splendour3
TekdeepThe lamp which gives support3
TekjeetOne who wins Lord's support22
TekjitOne who wins lords support3
TekmeetFriendly support7
TeknamOne who takes the support of the Lord's name1
TekpalOne who protects the support2
TekpreetSupporting Love1
TekraamLords support6
TekroopThe embodiment of gods support1
TelvinderAnointed of God in Heaven1
TersemPerfect saviour8
ThakurchetRemembering the Lord master7
ThakurjeetOne who has won the Lord masters Love11
ThakurjotLight of the Lord; Master7
ThakurmeetA friend of the Lord; Master5
ThakurnaamRemembering the Lord master's name9
ThakurpalPreserver of the Lord master9
ThakurtejThe glory of the Lord master6
ThakurtekOne whose support is the Lord master7
ThalbhoopMaster of the planet7
ThalbirHeroic fighter7
ThaldeepThe lamp of the world8
ThalraajKing; Master of the planet8
TheeranBrave; Wielder of the arrow8
ThirathReligious place3
ThirbirA steadfast and brave warrior3
ThirdhiaanMeditation on Lord unwaveringly11
ThirmaanOne of unwavering mind; One who finds rest in Naam3
ThirpremOne whose love is steadfast8
TirathSacred Place4
TirathraamA sacred place of the Lord1
TribhavanKing of the three worlds5
TribhawanKing of the three worlds6
TrilochanOne with three eyes; Lord Shiva1
TrimanWorshipped in three worlds3
TripalProtector of three worlds4
TripatPleasant; The Moon3
TrishanbirCraving for bravery1
TrishandeepCraving lamp11
TrishanjeetVictory for craving3
TrishanjotLight of craving8
TrishanpreetLove for craving9
TulvarBlessed support22
TuvijatLord Indra22

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