Popular Sikh Boys Names Starting with P

Sikh Boys Name

Sikh Girls Names

Choosing the right name for a child has always been a meaningful endeavor for parents. This well-liked compilation of Popular Sikh Boys Names Starting with P is here to assist you in discovering the ideal name for your newborn. This list of Sikh names for boys comprises charming, modern, distinct, and lovely options. We have confidence that you’ll discover the perfect name among these suggestions.

List of Sikh Boys Names Starting with P

PaawanjeetThe victory of the pure6
PadamdeepThousand billions; Of regions; Of Lotus petaled lamps11
PadamjeetThe victory of the lotus3
PadamjotLight of the lotus8
PadampalProtector of the Lotus1
PadampreetLove for the lotus9
PadampremLove for the lotus6
PalbinderMoments spent with Lord9
PalwinderjeetThe victory of the moments spent with Lord7
PalwinderjotLight of Lord's moments3
PalwinderpalProtector of Lord's moments5
PankajLotus flower; Another name for Brahma8
PankajdeepLight of lotus11
PankajeetEagle Garuda11
PankajpreetLove of lotus9
ParamaadharTaking the highest support1
ParamajeetVictory of supreme9
ParamarathA spiritual person7
ParamatamSupreme soul3
ParambirThe greatest warrior; The supreme hero6
ParambodhGreatest gnostic6
ParamdayaMost compassionate one8
ParamdeepThe lamp of the divine7
ParamdeshThe highest God4
ParamdevA godly person8
ParamdharamSuperior religion4
ParamdheerHaving the greatest patience8
ParamgatLiberation from all bonds5
ParamgeetThe highest song of bliss5
ParamhansSadguru (Holy teacher)1
ParamhetOf supreme Love of God1
ParaminderSupreme God of Heaven8
ParamjaapMeditation of supreme God5
ParamjasPraises of God7
ParamjeetHighest success; Supremely victorious; The perfect winner; Ultimate victorious8
ParamjeevanLiving the most exalted life7
ParamjitHighest success; Supremely victorious; The perfect winner; Ultimate victorious6
ParamjodhGreatest warrior5
ParamjogOne uniting with the highest9
ParamjotThe highest light; God's light; Flame of the supreme4
ParamjugatUnion with God9
ParamkamalSupreme lotus flower6
ParamkeeratOne who sings God's glories1
ParamnaamSupreme name6
ParamnekHaving the highest virtue7
ParamnidhanPossessing the highest treasure9
ParamnihalHaving the supreme happiness3
ParamniranjanMost immaculate one4
ParamnirmalPurest one8
ParamnivasA resident of the highest abode6
ParampalHighest success; God; The caretaker6
ParamprakashSupreme light6
ParampreetOne who loves the Lord5
ParampremSupreme Love11
ParamrangImbued with the Love of Lord8
ParamrasHighest elixir6
ParamratanHighest gem4
ParamroopSupremely beauteous5
ParamsaihajSupreme bliss7
ParamsangatCompany of the highest3
ParamsevServing the highest5
ParamsevakOne who serves the highest8
ParamshaantHaving the highest peace4
ParamtatKnowing the truth of spirit9
ParamtekSupreme support4
ParamthakarSupreme Lord9
ParamveerThe greatest warrior; The supreme hero8
ParamvicharReflecting on the Lord11
ParamvirThe greatest warrior; The supreme hero7
ParamwantHighly supreme8
ParamyogSupreme union6
ParbeenCapable; Skilful; Efficient7
PargatOne who blossoms forth into fame9
PargatjeetThe revelation of the victory4
PargatjotThe revelation of the divine light9
ParidarshanPanoramic view1
ParmaadIntoxicated by Lord's Love9
ParminderThe God8
ParminderpalPreserver of supreme God1
ParmitWisdom; Friend of the supreme5
ParphullatHappy; Content8
ParsanOne who is happy and delightful6
ParsanjitDelighted victory9
ParshotamBest person; a Great human being3
PartapGlory; Vigour; Strength9
PartapiMajestic; Courageous9
ParwahSupremely wonderful4
ParwanAcceptable; Full Moon1
PasohraOf pishawar6
PatveerThe respected brave one6
PatwantRespectable; Honourable; Elite5
PavandeepFirmament illuminated; Lamp of heavens3
PavenpreetLover of wind; Air5
PavitarA pure individual; Pure; Holy person6
PavitpalProtector of the holy person7
PawandeepFirmament illuminated; Lamp of heavens4
PawanjeevLife in air7
PawanjitVictory of air4
PawanjotLight of air1
PawanpreetLove of air11
PawanveerBrave as air6
PhakirAlt spelling Farid9
PhulwantFull of flower fragrance7
PiaarLove; Attachment9
PooranbirPerfect and brave9
PooranjitThe victory of the perfect1
PooranjotPerfect light7
PooranpreetPerfect Love; Complete love8
PrabhaatamOne whose soul unites with God9
PrabhadhaarLords support6
PrabhanandOne who draws bliss from God7
PrabhbirGod's brave warrior11
PrabhbodhDivine knowledge11
PrabhcharanTaking shelter in God's feet9
PrabhcheetRemembering the Lord by heart; Absorbed in God5
PrabhchetAbsorbed in God; Remembering the Lord by heart9
PrabhchetanOne who is aware of God6
PrabhchitRemembering the Lord by heart; Absorbed in God4
PrabhdasSlave of God6
PrabhdayaOne for whom God is merciful4
PrabhdeepGod's light; Enlightened; God's dear one3
PrabhdhanOne for whom Love of God is a wealth9
PrabhdharamGod is the religion9
PrabhdheerSteadfast in Love of God4
PrabhdheerajOne who is patient for Love of God6
PrabhdhianOne who contemplates on God9
PrabhjasLords praises3
PrabhjeetLove of God; God victorious; God's triumph4
PrabhjeevanOne for whom remembrance of God is life3
PrabhjitLove of God; God victorious; God's triumph3
PrabhjodhGod's warrior1
PrabhjogWorthy of God5
PrabhjotGod's light9
PrabhjoteLight of God5
PrabhkamalFlower of God11
PrabhkeeratLords praise; Dedication to God through honest and hard work6
PrabhkiratLords praise; Dedication to God through honest and hard work5
PrabhkirpalGod's grace4
PrabhkirtanSinging God's praise1
PrabhmeetFriend of God7
PrabhmelUnion with God3
PrabhnaamAbsorbed in the name of God11
PrabhnamAbsorbed in the name of God1
PrabhnoorThe light of God8
PrabhparvaanOne who is accepted by God1
PrabhpreetOne who loves God1
PrabhramanOne absorbed in Love of God11
PrabhrangOne who is coloured by Lord's Love4
PrabhratanGem of God9
PrabhroopRabb da Roop; With an appearance of God; Embodiment of God1
PrabhrupRabb da Roop; With an appearance of God; Embodiment of God1
PrabhsaihajAttaining tranquillity through God3
PrabhsangatOne who loves being with God8
PrabhsharanOne who takes the shelter of God7
PrabhteerathOne for whom God is the holy place5
PrabhvicharOne reflecting on God7
PrabjotParmatama the jot1
PrabsharanIn God's grace8
PrafuldeepBlooming lamp5
PrafuljeetBlooming victory6
PrajitVictorious; Conquering; Defeating11
PrakashdeepLight of lamp; Lighthouse5
PrakashleenImbued in the light11
PraneetHumble boy; Likeable; Sanctified; Modest; Leader7
PrasharanbirBrave in the Lord's shelter8
PrathipaalThe nurturer; The one who looks after the world3
PreetamLover; Lovable6
PreetambirBrave beloved8
PreetamjeetThe victory of the beloved1
PreetamjotOne who longs for the divine light; Light of the beloved6
PreetkamalLove for the lotus3
PreetmohanAttractive and lovable7
PreetmohinderLovely and attractive Lord6
PreetumLonging for beloved8
PrembansBelonging to the family of holy ones7
PrembhagatLoving devotion to God1
PremdeepThe lamp of Love1
PremjeetOne who wins over others by love11
PremjeevLoving being4
PremjotThe light of Love7
PremnivaasOne whose abode is Love of God1
PrempalGod; The loving caretaker9
PremramanAbsorbed in the Love of God9
PremrangColoured in the Love of God11
PremrasImbued in the Lord's Love9
PremroopEmbodiment of Love8
PremsangatLover of holy company6
PremsukhAttaining peace through Lord's love3
PremtekSupport of Love of God7
PremuttamHaving highest Love for God1
PremveerPyar ko pasand karne wala3
PremwantFull of Love11
PritamhariLonging for beloved God5
PritamjitThe victory of the beloved8
PritamjotOne who longs for the divine light; Light of the beloved5
PritampalProtector of the beloved7
PrithipalBeloved cherisher; Protector1
PrithvinderLord of the earth8
PrithvipalBeloved cherisher; Protector5
PritpalGod; The loving caretaker; Earth; Pledge keeper; Beloved cherisher; Protector11
PunamjeetVictory in the full-moon night6
PuneetPure or holy9
PuneetinderSacred Lord5
PuneetpalFosterer of purity11
PupinderLords Love4
PupinderjeetVictory with Lord's Love8
PurajitLord Shiva; Conqueror of city Purumitra5
PurandarLord Indra; Fortress destroyer; Name of Indra; An epithet of Shiva, Krishna, Agni and Vishnu3
PurangianComplete knowledge11
PuranjeetPerfect victory11
PuranjotPerfect light7
PuranpreetPerfect Love; Complete love8
PuranpremComplete Love5
PurantekComplete support7
PurbhjeetVictory with the God6
PushpinderGod of flower4
PushpreetLove for flowers11

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