Popular Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with N


Sikh Girl Names

Selecting the perfect name for a child has always held significant importance for parents. This popular collection Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with N is here to aid you in finding the ideal name for your new arrival. This compilation of Sikh names for girls includes a variety of charming, contemporary, unique, and delightful choices. We are confident that you will find the ideal name among these recommendations.

List of Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with N

NaamnirmalOne who is holy through Naam6
NaamroopOne who becomes the embodiment of naam name3
NaamseetalAttaining peace through Naam1
NaamsukhAttaining happiness through naam7
NamjasOne who sings praises of naam4
NamjotLight of name1
NamritaUtmost humility4
NamroopOne who becomes the embodiment of naam name11
NarMale; Hero; Husband; Another name for Brahman6
NauhnihalNew branch beginning7
NavdeepNew lamp7
NavjotNew light1
NavkiranNew ray of light6
NavkiranjotNovel light victory9
NavleenAbsorbed in the new2
NavneetFresh butter; GentleSoft; Always new9
NavpreetLove for the new3
NavreetNew tradition8
NavroopEmbodiment of the new4
NavsangatNew congregation9
NihchalImmovable; Firm1
NimraatiHalf night amritvela4
NiranjanaAarti; Name of a river; Goddess Durga; The night of the full Moon1
NishaaNight; Women; Dream7
NishanthiniEnd of dark nightSmile8
NoorLight; Angel8

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