Popular Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with E


Sikh Girl Names

Selecting the perfect name for a child has always held significant importance for parents. This popular collection Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with E is here to aid you in finding the ideal name for your new arrival. This compilation of Sikh names for girls includes a variety of charming, contemporary, unique, and delightful choices. We are confident that you will find the ideal name among these recommendations.

List of Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with E

EkamdeepLamp of the one3
EkamdeepkaurPrincess lamp of the one3
EkamjeetVictorious one1
EkamjeetkaurVictorious Princess of the one7
EkamjeetpreetVictorious love for the one9
EkamleenAbsorbed in the one9
EkamleenpreetLove for the one, Princess of love1
EkamroopEmbodiment of the one4
EkamroopjeetVictorious embodiment of the one2
EkankarThe one creator4
EkankarleenAbsorbed in the one creator5
EkankarpreetLove for the one creator4
EkankarpreetkaurLove for the one creator, Princess of love4
EkdumkaurPrincess of absoluteness7
EkishaOnly one7
EkishaKaurPrincess of only one8
EkishaKaurpreetLove for the only one, Princess of love5
EkjotDivine light2
EkjotkaurPrincess of divine light5
EkjotpreetLove for divine light5
EkjotpreetkaurLove for victorious divine light, Princess6
EknoorOne light6
EknoorkaurPrincess of one light8
EknoorpreetLove for the one light, Princess3
EknoorpreetkaurLove for the one light, Princess of love8
EkpreetLove for the one3
EkpreetkaurLove for the one, Princess9
EkpreetkaurjeetVictorious Princess of love for the one4
EkpremLove for the one2
EkpremjeetVictorious love for the one4
EkroopEmbodiment of one5
EkroopjeetVictorious embodiment of one1
EkrooppreetLove for the embodiment of one5
EktaKiranRay of unity8
EktaKiranpreetLove for the ray of unity6
EktarOne string (as in music)1
EktarjeetVictorious one string (as in music)2
EktarkaurPrincess of one string2
EkveerHeroic one6
EkveerleenAbsorbed in the heroic one1
EkveerpreetLove for the heroic one9
EkveerpreetkaurLove for the heroic one, Princess of love7
EkvirBrave one3

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