Popular Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with D


Sikh Girl Names

Selecting the perfect name for a child has always held significant importance for parents. This popular collection Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with D is here to aid you in finding the ideal name for your new arrival. This compilation of Sikh names for girls includes a variety of charming, contemporary, unique, and delightful choices. We are confident that you will find the ideal name among these recommendations.

List of Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with D

DaljeetThe victorious one6
DaljeetkaurThe victorious one, Princess6
DaljinderpreetLove for the victorious one4
DalmeetFriendly victorious5
DalmeetkaurFriendly heart, Princess7
DalmeetpreetLove for the friendly heart
DalroopEmbodiment of gentleness
DalveerpreetLove for the brave ruler9
DalveerpreetkaurLove for the brave ruler, Princess
DalvirpreetLove for the brave3
DalvirpreetkaurLove for the brave, Princess
DamandeepLamp of peace7
DamandeepkaurLamp of peace, Princess5
DamanjeetVictorious peace4
DamanjeetkaurVictorious love for peace, Princess
DamanmeetkaurFriendly love for peace, Princess9
DamanmeetkaurpreetLove for peacefulness, Princess of love
DamanpreetLove for peace3
DamanpreetjeetVictorious love for peace4
DamanpreetkaurLove for peace, Princess2
DamanpreetkaurjeetVictorious love for peace, Princess
DarshandeepkaurLamp of divine vision, Princess3
DarshandeepkaurpreetLove for the lamp of divine vision, Princess of love
DarshanjeetVictorious divine vision1
DarshanjeetkaurVictorious Princess of divine vision
DarshanpreetLove for divine vision4
DarshanpreetjeetVictorious love for divine vision
DarshanpreetkaurLove for divine vision, Princess9
DavinderdeepLamp of the gods8
DavinderdeepkaurLamp of the gods, Princess8
DavinderjeetVictorious king of gods8
DavinderjeetkaurVictorious king of gods, Princess2
DavinderjitVictorious king of gods9
DavinderleenAbsorbed in god's love3
DavinderleenpreetLove for the lamp of the gods
DavinderpreetLove for the king of gods7
DavinderpreetkaurLove for the king of gods, Princess3
DeepinderpreetLove for the lamp of the gods5
DhamanpreetkaurLove for peacefulness, Princess
DhanpreetkaurLove for wealth, Princess8
DhanrajWealthy king1
DhanveerWealthy hero5
DhanveerpreetjeetkaurVictorious love for the wealthy hero, Victorious Princess
DhanveerpreetkaurLove for the wealthy hero, Princess5
DharamjotLight of righteousness4
DharamjotkaurLight of righteousness, Princess
DharamleenAbsorbed in righteousness6
DharamleenjeetVictorious righteousness2
DharamleenjeetkaurVictorious Princess of righteousness
DharamleenkaurAbsorbed in righteousness, Princess4
DharamleenkaurjeetVictorious love for righteousness, Princess2
DharamleenpreetLove for righteousness
DiljaanMelodious heart7
DiljaankaurMelodious heart, Princess7
DilmeetFriendly heart2
DilmeetjeetVictorious friendly heart1
DilmeetjeetkaurVictorious love for friendly heart, Princess1
DilmeetjeetkaurpreetLove for victorious friendly heart, Princess of love
DilpreetLove for the heart9
DilpreetkaurLove for the heart, Princess7
DilpreetkaurjeetVictorious Princess of the heart
DilrajQueen of hearts2
DilrajjeetkaurVictorious Princess of the heart
DilrajkaurQueen of hearts, Princess1
DilsherpreetkaurLove for lion-hearted, Princess6
DishaKiranRay of direction
DishapreetLove for the direction6
DivjotLight of the divine5
DivjotkaurLight of the divine, Princess5
DivjotpreetLove for the divine light
DivleenAbsorbed in divine light8
DivpreetLove for the divine1
DivpreetkaurLove for the divine, Princess

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