Modern Hindu Baby Girls Names Starting with D

Modern Hindu Boys Name

Modern Hindu Girls Names

Contemporary Hindu baby girl names beginning with “D” elegantly blend tradition and modernity. Websites like provide a diverse array of options, from names like Diya, meaning “lamp,” to Dhara, symbolizing “earth.” These names maintain a connection to Hindu heritage while accommodating the evolving preferences of today’s parents, making them both meaningful and relevant choices.

List of Modern Hindu Baby Girls Names Starting with D

DaanikaOne who is born benevolent or charitable.3
DaayiniAnother name for Goddess Durga.4
DaiviDivine or celestial.5
DakshaSkilled or competent.6
DakshikaSkilled or talented.1
DakshiyaGlorious or radiant.3
DaniaGod is my judge.5
DanviCharitable or generous.4
DarshiOne who sees or perceives.2
DarshikaOne who is a sight or vision.7
DarshnaA religious gathering or vision.2
DeepashiOne who lights the way.9
DeephikaaanaA unique and modern name.6
DeetyaAnswered prayer or worshipped.1
DevanshiDivine or heavenly.6
DeviGoddess or divine.2
DevikaA young goddess.6
DevnaDivine or heavenly.1
DhahijaA unique and modern name.8
DhairyaPatience or courage.9
DhalaAttractive or charming.6
DhaniWealthy or rich.7
DhanushriProsperous and beautiful.4
DhanviWealthy or prosperous.6
DhanvikaWealthy or prosperous.3
DhanyaGrateful or fortunate.5
DharaEarth or constant flow.3
DharaaConstant flow or stream.5
DharikaEarth or nature.2
DhariniEarth or one who sustains.6
DharmiRighteous or religious.9
DharniEarth or foundation.5
DharviNature or earth.9
DhitiThought or intellect.1
DhityaSplendid or glowing.9
DhritiPatience or determination.2
DhrubiOne who is like the earth.8
DhruviFirm or immovable.6
DhuniRiver or melody.8
DhvaniSound or voice.7
DhvijaBorn of a priest.4
DhyumnaSplendid or resplendent.8
DijulA unique and modern name.1
DikshaInitiation or consecration.5
DipaliRow of lamps or festival of lights.8
DiptiBrightness or radiance.1
DishaDirection or path.4
DitiMother of demons in Hindu mythology.2
DityaSplendid or radiant.1
DityaaBright like the sun.1
DivaDivine or heavenly.2
DivishaGoddess of light.4
DivitaDivine or celestial.9
DivyaDivine or heavenly.5
DivyanshiDivine or celestial.5
DiwaLight or lamp.1
DiyaLamp or light.5
DiyuDivine or celestial.3
DnyandaKnowledge or wisdom.4
DrisanaDaughter of the sun.9
DrishnaLustre or splendor.1
DristiVision or sight.6
DritiCourage or resolve.7
DruhiEnemy or foe.1
DrushyaTo be seen or observed.6
DruvaThe pole star or constant.6
DuaPrayer or appeal.7
DuaPrayer or appeal.7
DurgaGoddess Durga, the divine mother.7
DvitiSecond or another.2
DwitiSecond or another.2
DynaA unique and modern name.9
DyuthiRadiance or brightness.6

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