Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with T


Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names

Modern Hindu baby boy names beginning with “T” artfully combine tradition and contemporary appeal. Websites like offer a diverse range of options, including names like Tanay, meaning “son,” or Tejas, symbolizing “radiance.” These names maintain a connection to Hindu heritage while accommodating the evolving preferences of today’s parents, making them both meaningful and relevant choices.

List of Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with T

NameMeaningNumerology Value
TakshKing Bharata's Son in Hindu Mythology4
TamishLord of Darkness3
TaneeshAmbition, Desire4
TaneshLord Shiva3
TanmayEngrossed, Absorbed4
TannuLord Shiva5
TanshuStrong, Robust3
TanveerEnlightened, Illuminated2
TanwikNew Moon, Lord Krishna4
TapishHeat, Sun's Rays2
TarankitWinged Star6
TarishThe Sun1
TarshLord of the Stars3
TarunYoung, Youth6
TashuCompassionate, Merciful3
TaureekConqueror, Triumphant1
TeddyDivine Gift, God's Gift5
TejashBrightness, Light5
TejaswinRadiant, Energetic1
TejitBright, Luminous6
TezuDivine Protection6
ThrilokLord Shiva, Lord of the Three Worlds5
TinkuPet Name, Cute2
TrayakshLord Shiva, Three-Eyed7
TrilochanLord Shiva, Three-Eyed8
TrilokeshLord Shiva, Lord of the Three Worlds1
TrishanLord Shiva, Lord of the Three Worlds4
TrivikramaLord Vishnu, Conqueror of the Three Worlds8

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