Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with R


Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names

Modern Hindu baby boy names beginning with “R” elegantly combine tradition and contemporary appeal. Websites like offer a diverse array of options, including names like Rohan, meaning “ascending,” or Rajat, symbolizing “silver.” These names maintain a connection to Hindu heritage while accommodating the evolving preferences of today’s parents, making them both meaningful and relevant choices.

List of Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with R

NameMeaningNumerology Value
RaajKing, Monarch4
RachitCreated, Prepared5
RaghuSwift, Quick6
RahiTraveler, Wayfarer3
RaihanHeaven's Flower, Basil6
RaivatWealthy, Prosperous7
RajKing, Ruler1
RajeevLotus Flower7
RajivLotus Flower6
RajnishLord of Night1
RajuProsperity, King6
RajwalKing of Kings3
RakeshLord of the Night5
RakshyanProtector, Guardian3
RamGod Rama, Pleasing2
RameshLord of Rama, Pleasing5
RamisPleasing, Delightful9
RamkiLord Rama, Pleasing1
RanaKing, Warrior2
RanjanEntertaining, Delighting6
RaseshLord Krishna, Delighting7
RatulSweet, Loveable3
RaviSun, Radiant1
RavilochanaLord Shiva, One with Sun Eyes9
RayaanFragrant, Giver of Rest5
RayanFlowing, Sated3
ReyanKing, Little King8
RickyPowerful Ruler4
RiddhishLord Ganesha, Lord of Prosperity4
RidhamProsperity, Success5
RidhanshPart of Prosperity6
RidwanAcceptance, Goodwill7
RihaanFragrant, Giver of Rest2
RikeshLord of Diamonds7
RikkyRich, Powerful Ruler6
RinkuBeautiful, Attractive3
RipuFriend, Companion2
RisayCreative, Artistic9
RishanGood, Admirable9
RishanthAdmirable, Worthy7
RishbhLord Krishna, Name of a Sage1
RishiSage, Saint4
RishivLord Krishna, Sage7
RiteshLord of Truth9
RitijWinner, Conqueror8
RitikMovement of the Stars4
RitwikPriest, Learned5
RiwanKing, Ruler5
RiyaanFragrant, Giver of Rest4
RiyaanshPart of Fragrance7
RiyanLittle King, Kingly2
RiyanshPart of Fragrance6
RochanBright, Shining3
RockySolid, Robust2
RohanAscending, To Rise9
RomikLord of the World4
RomitJoy, Happiness6
RonitJoyful, Happy4
RonyJoyful, Happy4
RookieBeginner, Novice2
RoshitBright, Shining5
RuchitDecorated, Brilliant5
RudhavSon of Rudra, Lord Shiva1
RudrLord Shiva, The Destroyer6
RudraLord Shiva, The Destroyer5
RudranshPart of Lord Shiva7
RuhanSpiritual, Divinely Inspired9
RupamBeautiful, Form3
RushalSweet, Melodious1
RutanshPart of Music3
RuthvikRighteousness, Morality8
RutvijPriest, Holy Man6
RwijuHonest, Truthful4

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