Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with M


Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names

Modern Hindu baby boy names beginning with “M” elegantly blend tradition and contemporary appeal. Websites like offer a wide spectrum of options, including names like Manav, meaning “human,” or Milan, symbolizing “unity.” These names maintain a connection to Hindu heritage while accommodating the evolving preferences of today’s parents, making them both meaningful and relevant choices.

List of Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with M

NameMeaningNumerology Value
MaanRespect, Honor2
MadanGod of Love, Cupid3
MaddyStrong in Battle, Mighty6
MadhavAnother Name for Lord Krishna3
MadhavaLord Krishna1
MadhavanLord Krishna8
MadhusudanSlayer of the Demon Madhu4
MahendraLord Indra, God of Rain8
MaheshLord Shiva1
MalayA Mountain Range6
MallikarjunLord Shiva, A Sacred Place1
ManakBead, Gemstone2
MananContemplation, Meditation6
ManayHonorable, Respectful5
ManharLord Krishna8
ManiGem, Jewel1
ManilPrecious Stone6
ManmohanLord Krishna, Pleasing Heart7
MannuGod is with Us4
ManoharBeautiful, Captivating3
ManojBorn of the Mind, Cupid3
ManuMan, Human Being9
ManvikOne Who is Beyond Comparison2
MaulikPrecious, Original4
MauryaKing, Ruler7
MayanCreator, Lord Brahma1
MayankMoon, Lord Krishna8
MayukhRay of Light, Sunshine7
MedhanshBorn with Intelligence9
MehithGod of Rain, Lord Indra7
MehzanA Gentle Rain3
MehzinA Gentle Rain7
MickeyDiminutive of Michael, Who is Like God5
MihirSun, Radiant9
MihiraanSun, Radiant7
MikeshLord Krishna6
MikkuPet Name4
MintuSweet, Cute6
MiranshPart of Lord Krishna7
MivanGod's Gift2
MohanCharming, Fascinating2
MohulAttractive, Enchanting4
MokshLiberation, Salvation6
MoortiImage, Deity4
MrudulGentle, Soft4
MukulBlossom, Flower2
MukundLord Krishna7
MunchieSmall Bite, Snack4
MunchkinSmall Child, Little One3
MunnaBeloved, Dear One2
MunnuBeloved, Dear One4
MuraliFlute of Lord Krishna3
MurlidharLord Krishna, Flute Player1

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