Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with J


Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names

Contemporary Hindu baby boy names starting with “J” effortlessly blend tradition with modernity. Websites like provide a plethora of options, including names like Jayden, meaning “grateful,” or Jai, symbolizing “victory.” These names maintain a connection to Hindu heritage while accommodating the evolving preferences of today’s parents, making them both meaningful and relevant choices.

List of Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with J

NameMeaningNumerology Value
JagadguruTeacher of the World, Spiritual Guru7
JagadishaLord of the Universe9
JagannathLord of the World, Lord Krishna1
JagdishLord of the World3
JagjeetOne Who Conquers the World7
JahanThe World5
JaiwantVictory of the Universe1
JaleshLord of Water5
JanardhanaLord Krishna, Protector of People8
JashankLord Shiva, Moon on the Head2
JatinDisciplined, Firm5
JayVictory, Conqueror3
JayantVictorious, Conqueror1
JayantahVictor, Conqueror2
JaydeepLight of Victory, Triumph6
JayeshVictor, Lord of Victory7
JayeswarLord of Victory9
JeetVictory, Conqueror1
JeevajBorn Alive, Full of Life6
JigeshLord of the Universe1
JinanshPart of Knowledge4
JineshGod of Victory5
JintuCalm, Peaceful2
JishuLord Krishna3
JitendraConqueror of Indra, Victorious7
JituVictorious, Winner5
JivajFull of Life6
JivinFull of Life, Energetic4
JiviteshLord of Life, Vitality8
JoshitLord of Light5
JunnuBeloved, Dear One6
JwalantLuminous, Radiant8
JwalinLuminous, Radiant7
JyotiraadityaRadiant Sun, Light of the Sun9
JyotirdharHolder of the Light3

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