Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with I

Modern Hindu Boys Name

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Modern Hindu baby boy names beginning with “I” seamlessly combine tradition and contemporary appeal. Websites like offer a wide range of options, including names like Ishan, which means “lord of wealth,” or Ishaan, symbolizing “sun.” These names maintain a connection to Hindu heritage while accommodating the evolving preferences of today’s parents, making them both meaningful and relevant choices.

List of Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with I

IdaantSunrise, Dawn8
IdantGrowing, Advancing3
IdhantLuminous, Bright6
IkeshLord of All2
IkshitSeen, Witnessed7
IlakiyanPoet, Literary Person4
ImaadSupport, Pillar1
IndivarBlue Lotus5
IndrishLord of Indra, Rain God9
IndukamalMoon-Like Lotus7
IndupreetLove for the Moon4
IndushekharLord Shiva, Crescent Moon8
IniyanSweet, Delightful2
IshLord, God4
IshaanSun, Lord Shiva8
IshabhSon of Lord Shiva3
IshanSun, Lord Shiva5
IshankBlessing of Lord Shiva8
IshanyaNorth-East Direction3
IshinPowerful, Strong7
IvaanGod's Grace, Gift of God6
IyanGift of God, Generous5

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