Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with C


Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names

Modern Hindu baby boy names starting with “C” offer a diverse array of options, blending tradition and contemporary appeal. Websites like provide a wealth of choices, including names such as Chirag, Chaitanya, Charan, or Chandra, each carrying a unique cultural significance. These names resonate with both the roots of Hindu heritage and the spirit of the times, allowing parents to make a meaningful choice for their child.

List of Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with C

NameMeaningNumerology Value
ChahanDesire, Longing6
ChaitanyaConsciousness, Divine Knowledge1
ChaityaA Sacred Place, Temple2
ChandrakantBeloved of the Moon6
ChandreshLord of the Moon4
CharanFeet, Steps2
CharvikIntelligent, Wise7
ChatreshLord Shiva4
ChaturbhujFour-Armed, Lord Vishnu7
CherrySweet, Like a Cherry1
ChikkiA Sweet Snack, Candy5
ChikkuA Sweet Fruit, Sapota4
ChikooA Sweet Fruit, Sapota7
ChinnaSmall, Little5
ChinnuCute, Adorable5
ChintuLittle One, Small Child4
ChiragLamp, Light6
ChirushSweet Lord7
ChiteshLord of the Soul5
ChitrakshOne with Beautiful Eyes7
ChitranshPart of the Picture, Artistic9
ChitreshLord of Mind4
ChiveshLord of Immortality6
ChotuSmall, Little2
ChunnuCute, Adorable3
ChunuLoving, Affectionate6
CookieSweet Biscuit, Cookie6
CuckooA Type of Bird, Birdsong1
Cutie PieA Term of Endearment4

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